EastEnders actress to wed Moroccan toyboy?

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead).

EastEnders w/e 16 July
Before I look at the goings on with Denise in Albert Square this week (such a great character – but lousy taste in men), some news about Cheryl Fergison, who plays Heather Trott.
Various reports in the tabloids suggest that she is reportedly planning to marry a 25-year-old penniless goatherder from Morocco that she met on the internet. He’s over 20 years her junior.
I don’t know why, but images of Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow and her toyboy Samir Rachid keep popping into my head… I hope there’s a better ending for Cheryl than there was for Deirdre and Samir.
So this week in Albert Square DI Kelly reveals that Denise’s phone has been found in the canal… along with a body. Is she really dead? Phil decides that he wants to leave Walford with Ben. Peggy lets it out that Ronnie and Jack are engaged. Darren’s still living at the Car Lot. The Beales and Masoods argue over who’ll buy Christian’s shares in Masala Queen.
Lucas tells the Masoods that the police believe it was Denise that killed Owen, before she killed herself. Shirley senses Ben’s anxiety and suggests that she could teach him a thing or two about ‘prison life’. Syed reveals to Christian that he’s been seeing a therapist.
Billy tells Jay about his new job at the local supermarket. Meanwhile, Syed’s still struggling with life and blames his parents for all his problems (as you do). Elsewhere, Shirley and Phil struggle to come to terms with the outcome of Ben’s trial.
Ian lets Phil know how he feels about Ben’s sentence. Zainab excitedly tries to plan a party in the hope of finding Syed a nice girl. Go ahead Zainab – but the girl needs to have a package down below as that’s what Syed’s apparently into, OK? Ronnie tells Jack that the miscarriage she had was Owen’s baby. Meanwhile, Syed makes a surprise declaration to Christian.
Also on EastEnders this week:
Lucas identifies Denise’s body
Heather attempts to lift Shirley’s spirits
Ian punishes Lucy for giving away free food
Hollyoaks w/e 16 July
The cast revolving door is spinning yet again in this soap; four more actors are set to leave Hollyoaks, including John Pickard and Ashley Slanina Davies. John – the brother of co-star Nick – plays Dom Reilly and will leave towards the end of the year. Glen Wallace (Malachy Fisher) and Garnon Davies (Elliot Bevan) are also due to exit Oaks. Is it a case of rats deserting a sinking ship? Hollyoaks has been in a bit of rut for a while now… We shall see.
So this week, Steph wakes and panics when she finds herself at Loretta’s B&B. Suzanne wakes up in Darren’s flat and realises she’s made a mistake. Pregnant Theresa jumps out of her skin when Kyle tracks her down. Cheryl wakes up and finds herself snuggled into Charlotte and assumes something went on… but did it? Jacqui and Theresa try to convince Myra that Kyle was causing trouble because he’s in denial about being a dad.
Josh is over the moon when he lands a job interview to work in a record shop. Wow – do those jobs even exist anymore? Outside of HMV, that is. Not exactly a job to fill you wth confidence – he’d be better off at a local Greggs. Anita’s angry with Theresa; she knows she saw a gun in Evissa, no matter what anyone says. Meanwhile, Lauren wakes in hospital with Leo by her bedside.
Josh is stunned that the Ashworths plan to move to Spain without him. Tony’s convinced that he’ll have an amicable divorce from Cindy. It’s the day of Calvin’s funeral and Carmel refuses to let Mercedes attend. Cheryl’s certain that she’ll soon see her name over the door of The Dog. Rhys gets a visitor who threatens to eat him out of house and home. Theresa’s terrified; she’s told Kyle that she shot Calvin with Kyle’s gun.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Cheryl thinks Jack’s after her
The Ashworths leave the village
Carmel visits Lauren in hospital
Coronation Street w/e 16 July
I am absolutely loving all the press about Snoop Dogg wanting a cameo in Corrie alongside David Beckham. Can you imagine if that actually happened? It’s not the first time I’ve read about the US rapper’s love for the cobbles – but it’s the first time I’ve been convinced that there might actually be something to this. Could the writers pen a cameo for Snoop Dogg that works within the world of Weatherfield? I do hope so!
Back to the soap this week and Tina and Graeme are still trying to work things out with all the tension around them. A jealous Natasha tells Nick that Leanne was once on the game, but how will Nick react to her news? Meanwhile, seeking comfort in Leanne, Nick drops a bombshell. OK so maybe it’s just me – but it’s been a long time since Leanne actually worked for me as a character.
I enjoyed her back in her hooker days, but since she’s cleaned up her act and got with Peter – not so much.
Elsewhere, an old friend heightens Audrey’s insecurities about Lewis. Sally returns to Weatherfield to spend her birthday with her family. However, she’s in for a shock. Can John stop the Windasses from discovering that he’s lied about his job? Or will Eddie’s plan reveal John’s double identity? Meanwhile, Nick and Carla battle it out for control of Underworld.
David continues with his plot to split Tina and Graeme up – hmmm. Not so sure he’ll succeed. I think the writers are going to go with this pairing for a while. John and Fiz receive some shocking news from Charlotte. Meanwhile, Ryan eyes an opportunity to get back with Sian. Backed into a corner, John’s forced to come clean with Chesney about his job working at a school. Sian collapses on the way to meet Sophie at the prom…
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Bill and Izzy aren’t happy about Owen
Graeme tries to smooth things over with David
Liz is pleased to see more of Owen
Emmerdale w/e 16 July
Actor Andy Devine has filmed his last scenes as scruffy alcoholic Shadrach Dingle, who first appeared in the show a decade ago. The forthcoming exit will be "very poignant" show insiders have said. Viewers have recently seen Shadrach get a stern warning from doctors to give up drinking. Doesn’t sound like we’re heading for a happy ending, does it?
This week, Natasha finally buckles when Cain targets Will. Diane’s determined to hurry through the sale of the pub. Maisie can’t figure out where she’s going wrong with Nikhil. Natasha pays off Cain… but has she truly put an end to his threats? Nikhil doesn’t like being the topic of conversation – if so, he’s moved to the worst place. Carl struggles to resist Eve’s flirting. Jai’s thrown when Nikhil confesses a secret. Aaron hates lying to Adam about Holly’s drug taking.
Natasha’s determined to confess to her crime. Holly steals Scarlett’s purse to buy drugs… but will she get away with it? Natasha gets her affairs in order before she comes clean. Nikhil’s determined to deal with his ‘problem’ alone. Nathan fights to stop Natasha confessing, but will she listen?
Adam insists that Holly should tell John and Moira the truth. Diane finds a way to get to France sooner rather than later. Diane’s determined to look to the future with Charlie. Marlon’s upset to discover that Shadrach’s been drinking again. Holly’s furious when Aaron and Adam take matters into their own hands…
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Diane’s keen to sell The Woolpack
Adam refuses to have sympathy for Holly.
Nathan makes a surprise suggestion

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more news and gossip and don’t forget to enter this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me (but keep it clean!).

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3 Responses to EastEnders actress to wed Moroccan toyboy?

  1. Christine says:

    Lets hope that someone views the body in the coffin before the funeral takes place… know it is going to go ahead have already read it… but it would be nice for the body not to be Denise\’s but maybe the prostitute girl he has locked up in the flat. Does Eastenders story writers know they have plotted a serial killer now on the show. Are Eastenders police so stupid… no the story writers think the viewers are stupid enough to think that they can get away with writing such unbelievable trash.

  2. Christine says:

    And thank God mouth almighty Barbra Windsor is leaving, she spoilt the show the minute she walked in to it. Make like a carry on from the carry on films.

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