EastEnders’ Sam returns pregnant

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead).
EastEnders w/e Friday 20 August
This week, you may have noticed a storm about the crackers Phil-on-crack storyline. Hundreds of viewers have complained to Ofcom and the BBC (because they say it’s unsuitable for pre-watershed viewing) and the media are openly laughing at this plot twist.
To be honest, I don’t quite buy it either – it smacks too much of sensationalism; crack for crack’s sake. Oh well – let’s see how it plays out.
In the Square itself, the club’s back in business, but when Peggy hears Glenda’s secret, will this scupper Ronnie’s happiness?
Meanwhile, Whitney and Bianca take a miserable Carol out… well if they wait for her to be happy, they’d be stuck in the house forever. Glenda drops herself in it and reveals the truth to Ronnie, who’s sickened by what she hears.
Shirley discovers that Phil’s taking drugs and wants to help. Heather’s left out in the cold. Vanessa lands unexpectedly on Max’s doorstep. Peggy tries to paper over the cracks when she’s given some home truths. Jodie realises Darren hasn’t been completely honest with her. Abi cares for Darren after his ordeal, but does she have romance on her mind?
Bianca tries to boost her mum’s spirits after her failed date. Peggy’s shocked to the core when she finds out about Phil’s drug problem. Peggy goes to see Sam, but Sam rejects her and as she gets up to leave, Peggy realises that her daughter heavily pregnant…
Also on EastEnders this week:
Darren takes extreme measures for Jodie
Shirley’s loyalty to Heather is tested
Glenda tries to reason with Ronnie
Hollyoaks w/e Friday 20 August
I’m so used to hearing about soap stars wanting to make it in Hollywood that when I hear something different – it’s a surprise. Hollyoaks’ Hollie-Jay Bowes has revealed that she is launching a pop career. The 21-year-old – who plays Michaela McQueen – will leave soon. She’s in a band called Jeanie In The Radiator. Well – good luck to her!
Back to the soap itself and Tony gets the shock of his life when Gabby turns up in Il Gnosh. Carl tries to apologise to an unforgiving Jem for his treatment of Liam in the past. Ravi and Eva bicker and wind each other up about their love lives. Following another discussion with Tony, Gabby decides that she’s going to leave Phil. Steph anxiously arrives at the hospital for another round of chemotherapy.
Heidi turns up to view the SU bar as a possible venue for the charity fashion show. Anita comes home to learn the news that Jem’s moved out; Ravi won’t admit why. Heidi and Mitzeee come to blows with Cindy as they check out outfits for the fashion show at Cincerity. Steph enthusiastically gets to work on her film with Louis. Heidi and Mitzeee check in with Cindy and are relieved to find that her collection isn’t as good as theirs. After being rejected by Carl once again, Mitzeee puts in a phone call to the Chester Herald… what’s she up to?
Meanwhile, it’s the day of the charity catwalk showdown and Cindy’s brimming with confidence that her Vintage collection will win. Trying to be a ‘good’ mother, Eva presents Anita with a dress from Cincerity – what she doesn’t tell her is that she stole it! On the day of Heidi and Cindy’s catwalk showdown, Mitzeee gets her sweet revenge.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Brendan issues a threat to Ste
Tony and Gabby grow closer
Heidi makes Riley hit the runway in his boxers
Coronation Street w/e Friday 20 August
Our entire house erupted in laughter on Friday night. Corrie fans – you know why. Gail giving Deirdre a caking was the funniest thing I’ve seen on a soap in ages. I nearly laughed at Steve McFadden trying to act like a crack addict in EastEnders, but this was different. There’s hope for the Barlows yet – but how many feuds is Gail gonna have? She’s already got a foe in Eileen Grimshaw – surely she doesn’t need another one?
Back on’t cobbles, Nick and Peter’s rivalry leads to a punch up in the Rovers. I must admit, I prefer the David/Nick clashes. Their sibling rivalry is very believable and it soooo reminds me of Bobby and JR Ewing in Dallas. Anyway, Natasha struggles to keep it together following her break-up.
Will Bill retire and sell up to Owen? If so, what will that mean for Jason? Elsewhere, Natasha interrupts a moment between Nick and Leanne with a shocking announcement. Nick tries to persuade Leanne that she’s making a mistake with Peter. Natasha has to make a heartbreaking decision… but will she tell Nick?
Fiz has a huge announcement… but an ultimatum for John. Following a discussion with Leanne, Nick pledges his future to Natasha, but has he left it too late? Natasha’s trapped as her terrible lie spirals out of control. Sophie and Sian find a way to meet up, away from their disapproving parents – forget Romeo and Juliet; they’re Juliet and Juliet.
Peter and Leanne’s relationship shows the strain when they row at work. Fiz’s news means John’s determined to be rid of his double life. How will Audrey behave as she faces the Rovers for the first time since Lewis left? When Fiz and John make an important announcement in the Rovers, Nick decides to follow suit.
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Deirdre and Ken are in turmoil
Nick does a U-turn over his love life
Gail’s scathing of Nick’s news
Emmerdale w/e Friday 20 August
If you’ve been keeping an eye on the ratings, you’ll know that Emmerdale has been doing really well recently. Funnily enough, their drug storyline about Holly Barton hasn’t attracted anywhere near the level of criticism that EastEnders is currently facing. Maybe the EastEnders writers should study a coule of episodes of Emmerdale.
In the Dales, Andy’s possessiveness becomes too much for Adele. Leyla makes contact with Justin. Rhona battles her feelings, but Paddy worries he’s upset her. Andy vents his frustrations over Adele. Holly steals to fund her habit. Rhona arranges a break to take her mind off Paddy. Andy reaches breaking point. Moira gives Holly the benefit of the doubt.
Scarlett refuses to be Carl’s skivvy. Holly babysits for Laurel and Ashley, but is Gabby in a safe pair of hands? Meanwhile, Andy seeks out help with his anger. Scarlett decides enough is enough. Holly’s busted when Ashley finds her drugs. Scarlett decides to start her own business.
Nicola feels abandoned by Jimmy. Moira’s troubled to discover Holly’s missing. Viv’s jealous when she sees Lizzie with the twins and Carl enjoys having Eve around the office. Holly’s disowned by her father when she defiantly refuses to stop taking drugs. Meanwhile, when Moira discusses Holly’s problems with Nicola and Val, Nicola fails to keep the matter a secret. She dashes off to open her big mouth to anyone that will listen. 
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Adele decides to be straight with Andy
Andy crashes his car after being dumped
Holly takes cocaine while babysitting
That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more news and gossip and don’t forget to enter this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me (but keep it clean!).
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