Barbara Windsor films last EastEnders scenes

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead).

EastEnders w/e Friday 23 July
A big week in EastEnders as Denise’s funeral is held. But before that, anyone not quite believing that Barbara Windsor’s leaving will have to believe it now; she’s filmed her final scenes.
The Mirror reports that Barbara told the cast: "I have had the most wonderful time on EastEnders and I will miss you all. The show has changed my life and I want you all to continue the good work, because I’ll be at home watching you."
Barbara has played Peggy Mitchell since 1994. It’s been widely reported that a fire at the Queen Vic is linked to Peggy Mitchell’s exit. EastEnders bosses are keeping tight-lipped as to whether anyone dies. Ooooh!
So this week, Ronnie’s busy planning for her big day. Ben assures Phil that life’s okay in prison, but is he telling the truth? Meanwhile, Ronnie has an unwelcome reminder from the past. Libby finds out some unsavoury truths about Adam.
Ronnie inadvertently reveals all about her father’s abuse. Elsewhere, a paranoid Syed hides his relationship with Christian in public and Tamwar starts to question his own feelings towards his brother’s sexuality.
Patrick’s finding it hard to grieve for Denise. The Mitchells struggle to take on board Ronnie’s news. Darren’s attempts to seduce Jodie turn sour thanks to Abi. Patrick goes off the rails, but is pulled back by Lucas. Roxy and Ronnie finally let Glenda into their lives. Tamwar makes small steps towards accepting his brother’s new life. It’s the day of Denise’s funeral… will Lucas confess his sins?
Also on EastEnders this week:
Kim tries to comfort Libby
Masood’s stunned when he sees Christian at the mosque
Darren cooks a romantic meal for Jodie
Hollyoaks w/e Friday 23 July
Rhys Ashworth, played by Hollyoaks star Andy Moss, is on his own now that his family Neville, Suzanne and Josh have moved to Spain. Actor Andy Moss said: "It’s really strange. We all started together. It was brilliant to come to a show like this as part of a family unit. You don’t feel like you’re on your own. Now I feel like a little orphan at Hollyoaks." It’s constant change at Hollyoaks as show bosses try to find the right formula with the cast – let’s see how they do.
This week in Hollyoaks, Carmel asks Theresa if she’s Calvin’s killer. Sasha and Leo try and deal with what’s happened to Lauren. Carmel tells Malachy the truth about Calvin’s killer. Cheryl’s looking forward to being the new owner of The Dog. Jack and Gilly are in awe of Premier League hero Carl. Tension builds between Ravi and Jem.
Jake’s uneasy about a mystery offer – is this another one of Loretta’s schemes? Jem confronts her dad, Carl Costello, about his move to Hollyoaks – why is he following her? Jem doesn’t want to tell Ravi the truth about Carl. Anita’s happy she and Eva are becoming firm friends. Eva manages to worm her way into the Roys’ – what’s she up to? Rhys tries to lay down the law about living in his flat; Darren and Duncan are unimpressed.
Elsewhere, Jem’s still doing her best to avoid Carl. Steph and Frankie seek advice on Jake from Nancy. Lauren feels suffocated by all Leo and Val’s pampering. Glamour model Mitzeee’s in town to promote a larger at The Loft. Carl gets a mysterious text message and sneaks out to meet an old acquaintance. What’s he hiding?
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Steph’s fearful that Jake’s having a breakdown
The Costello’s cause a stir in the Village
Darren enjoys putting Rhys in his place
Coronation Street w/e Friday 23 July
Before we find out the latest on’t cobbles, a bit of news about a storyline in the future. With regard to the much reported tram disaster hitting the airwaves in December, I’m a little uneasy at the news that Coronation Street favourite Jack Duckworth is odds-on to go. What’s more, Rita Sullivan is also a favourite to go. Nooooooooooo! Not Rita!

In Jack’s case, he’s simply not the same without Vera, and he’s already on his way out – but I like Rita. Her partnership with Norris is hilarious. The other characters thought to be destined to perish include Ashley Peacock (pity it’s not Claire) and Molly Dobbs. Not really bothered about those two – they’re expendable now…
So this week, there’s a nasty shock coming for Sophie and Sian. John’s desperate to put Colin off going back into teaching. Sophie’s emotionally distraught when Sian’s rushed to hospital and Lloyd struggles to accept Cheryl’s choice of work.
John’s carefully laid plan starts to go Pete Tong… will he end up having to reveal all to the real Colin Fishwick? Meanwhile, Natasha risks Audrey’s wrath by arranging an unwelcome birthday bash for her 70th. Charlotte exploits a desperate John… can he resist her advances?
Cheryl has some good news from Lloyd. Gail receives an unpleasant shock at Audrey’s birthday. Fiz urges John to write his resignation letter. Eileen hits back when Lloyd and Steve fail to take her seriously. Meanwhile, John begins to struggles with his lies. Gail learns the truth about Lewis… how will she react? Eileen’s property ambitions cause problems for Molly and Tyrone. Hayley’s wedding preparations spark friction between her and Mary. Meanwhile, Ryan catches Sophie and Sian – will he keep their secret?
Also on Coronation Street this week:
John learns about Colin’s affair
Eileen plays hardball with Steve and Lloyd
Dev and Sunita clash over babysitting 
Emmerdale w/e Friday 23 July
Good and bad news as we learn that Emmerdale legend Frazer Hines, who played farmer Joe Sugden for 22 years until 1994, has been fighting cancer for the past 11 years. Thankfully, the 65-year-old has been given the all-clear and is speaking out about his illness to encourage other sufferers. We wish him the best for the future.
So this week in Emmerdale, Shadrach opens up to Marlon. Nathan decides to take matters into his own hands. Jai thinks he can help Nikhil with his “problem.” Meanwhile, Maisie’s put out when Nikhil’s at Holdgate with a scantily clad woman. Diane calls ‘time’ on the Woolpack and prepares to leave. Marlon decides to help Shadrach, whether he likes it or not. Diane bids farewell to her life in the village and introduces the new landlords of the Woolpack.
Nicola’s elated when Scarlett offers to loan them cash for the pub… will they be the new landlords or will someone else beat them to it? Elsewhere, the Dingles decide to throw Shadrach a party. Nikhil reveals the truth to a stunned Maisie. The villagers struggle to come to terms with the new Woolpack landlords.
Shadrach resists a drink on his birthday. Nathan persuades Natasha that he can handle things and Shadrach takes his last drink. Diane’s a bit upset that her and Charlie’s new life together isn’t going to plan and Nathan continues to plot while Natasha’s away…
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Declan won’t give up on Natasha
Nikhil’s past catches up with him
Diane and Charlie prepare to leave the village

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more news and gossip and don’t forget to enter this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me (but keep it clean!).

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