Ryan kisses Stacey in EastEnders

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead).
EastEnders w/e Friday 18 June
Before we take a look at what the writers have cooked up for us in Walford this week (Stacey and Ryan!), a question. How do you feel about Phil Mitchell’s imminent crack addiction? It feels like a bit of a desperate move for ratings to me.
I remember when Jimmy Corkhill developed a heroin addiction in Brookside – that was genuinely shocking and really well done. I hope Phil’s descent is handled similarly…
In the Square this week, Glenda’s been thrown out of her flat and needs somewhere to stay. Danny’s furious that he’s been backed into a corner. Lucas and Denise turn up at a grotty flat and Denise is concerned about what she’ll find.
Darren asks Max about Vanessa. Glenda tells Ronnie and Roxy that there’s something they need to know about Danny. Stacey’s determined to leave her baby shower. Danny’s furious when Roxy reveals that she’s had second thoughts about setting up a joint account. Glenda tells Ronnie and Roxy that Danny’s been lying to them.
Janine encourages Ryan to get his kiss and win the bet. Abi meets with Jordan after school for a picnic, where they hold hands and kiss. Meanwhile, Pat and Peggy fondly reminisce about their holiday.
Shirley urges Phil to come clean with Peggy about Ben’s court appearance. Liz and Dot plot to persuade Patrick to attend the over 60s dance. Ryan concedes the bet, despite having kissed Stacey.
Also on EastEnders this week:
Patrick dances the night away
Janine steals Charlie’s betting slip
Ronnie and Roxy confront Danny

Emmerdale w/e Friday 18 June

So what lies ahead for Nicola King? Actress Nicola Wheeler has been talking to Channel Five’s Holy Soap website. Amongst other things, she said that Nicola and Jimmy move out of Mill Brook Cottage. "There’s a temporary move somewhere and it turns disastrous," she revealed. Why doesn’t that surprise me?
Don’t forget that the World Cup is going to play havoc with the transmission times for most of the soaps. In Emmerdale, Charlie shows Diane and Victoria around his unfinished chateaux. Later, Diane returns from France on a high, but Charlie seems unsure that their relationship can last. Meanwhile, Declan learns how low Nathan’s prepared to go. Carl tells Eve they can only be friends, but will he be able to stick to it? Nathan’s not happy that Declan didn’t take his part of the bargain seriously.
Charlie tells Diane that he’ll be leaving soon. Eve enjoys teasing a guilty Carl over Edna’s accident. Aaron’s in danger when Wayne wants payback. Declan refuses to give Nathan the upper hand. Diane admits that she doesn’t want Charlie to leave. Val’s furious when Charlie reveals that he’s returning to France. Meanwhile, Eve offers to take Edna’s place at Pear Tree. Paddy encourages Marlon to make a move on Rhona and Jackson steps in to save Aaron from Wayne. Aaron asks Jackson to stay the night.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Natasha confronts Nathan
Carl’s not happy with Chas
Edna has an accident

Coronation Street w/e Friday 18 June

Good news for fans of actor Antony Cotton (and I am one); he has signed a new 12-month contract. Hooray! So we’ll see more of Sean Tully in the coming year after all; the rumours that Antony Cotton was leaving to join Benidorm will remain just that – rumours. Apparently, Antony Cotton is very happy on’t cobbles and wouldn’t mind sticking around for a long time.
Natasha’s uneasy about Nick’s business dealings with ex-wife Leanne. Probably with reason too – there’s never any smoke without fire in soapland and they are soooooo going there at some point in the future. Chesney’s got to explain his secret cash stash to Fiz. Ciaran attempts to sell romance at the Rovers. Nick tries to recover the Paul Stokes contract. John Stape’s recognised by an old work colleague… will he finally be rumbled?
Peter learns of Leanne’s deal with Nick… will Jealous Peter get between them? Lloyd tries to get Cheryl out of his system by going on the Rover’s speed date night. Meanwhile, John’s ex-colleague Charlotte turns up on the Street with some news for him. Peter finds Leanne and lets rip about the deal she’s made with Nick, before attempting to derail it. There’s more bad news for John when he hears the latest about Colin….   
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Tina returns to work in the Kabin
Is it over between Jason and Tina?
Roy and Hayley have a secret
Hollyoaks w/e Friday 18 June
As fans will know, Ricky Whittle’s Oaks days are well behind him now. He has landed a new role in a BBC comedy called Candy Cabs. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, he said: "It is a hilarious script but I did not realise how good it was until I got to the read-through." We’ll have an opportunity to judge his post-Hollyoaks career soon.
Back to the soap he used to grace and Carmel tries to persuade Theresa not to terminate her pregnancy. Eva turns up to see Ravi and Anita. Steph’s distressed about finding Gilly and Jem together. Still reeling from the news that Steph has cancer, Gilly turns up at her door and begs her not to shut him out. Loretta’s jealousy rises as Jake insists on helping Steph in MOBS. It’s Carmel’s first day back at Evissa after Calvin’s shooting and the day of Steph’s dreaded hysterectomy operation arrives.
Elsewhere, Steph lies to her family. Newt tells Rae she’s got nothing to fear. Michaela is thrilled that her exclusive interview with grieving widow Carmel has made The Herald’s front page. Loretta’s lie quickly spirals out of hand when she learns that Charlie had leukaemia too. Michaela decides that she’s the right journalist to infiltrate a dangerous gang, but her day soon takes a turn for the worst. Tony wonders why Cindy’s acting suspicious. When Rae’s viciously attacked, Newt realises just how real her curse fears are.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Anita agrees to talk to Eva
Steph receives more tragic news
Anita learns some shocking truths

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more news and gossip and don’t forget to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us laugh. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me (but keep it clean!).

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