Corrie’s on screen goodbye to Blanche

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead). 

Coronation Street w/e Friday 7 May 

Before I talk about Blanche Hunt – a quick bit of news. Apparently Kym Marsh and Keith Duffy are filming "steamy" scenes involving their characters… there goes my lunch. I can’t think of a twosome I care less about.
It’s a big week for Coronation Street fans – specifically fans of Blanche Hunt (played by the late Maggie Jones). I can’t tell you how much I loved the Barlows when she was there; Blanche tormenting "Kenneth" was always a highlight.
She did the impossible – she made Ken and Deirdre interesting again. Now, without her, it’s a different story. The Street misses Blanche the battleaxe; she was one of a kind. In the show, Deirdre finds out that her mother has died.

A crippled Norris is left virtually blind when Mary ‘accidentally’ stands on his glasses. Becky and Steve begin to worry about their suitability as adoptive parents. Jason’s frustrated that the locks have been changed on the flat. Ken finds a letter in Blanche’s room, titled: ‘In the event of my death’. Norris panics when he hears that Mary’s been released without charge.

Tracy calls home to say that she’s asked for a day release to attend the funeral… How will Steve and Becky react to her arrival? Sean decides to track down Violet, Jamie and his biological son Dylan.
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Kirk arranges another date with Izzy
Blanche’s friend May arrives in Weatherfield
Peter and Tyrone join Trevor’s secret World Cup party
Emmerdale w/e Friday 7 May 
Emmerdale’s Lyndon Ogbourne, who plays Nathan Wylde, has told Inside Soap that he loves the reaction of the fans to his character. Well, everybody loves a baddie but when it comes to young soap villains, give me Corrie’s David Platt any day. Nathan’s set to return to torment his family further following some time away. I’m not the only person that sort of misses Maxwell Caulfield as his dad Mark am I? Mark was so over-the-top – it was too funny.
This week, Natasha’s thrown by Nathan’s return. Aaron clocks that Paddy’s growing fond of having Chas around. Nikhil learns that Maisie likes him. Nathan visits Declan and attempts to force him into selling his share of Home Farm. Nicola takes it upon herself to discipline Cathy. Ryan’s angered to hear about Nathan visiting Faye. Eve makes her intentions clear to John. Viv wants answers over what happened to Cathy. Nathan hopes giving the
money back will win Natasha’s trust. Eve continues to flirt with John. Nicola’s apologies fall flat with Viv. Declan makes sure Nathan knows his place. Bob warns Viv she’s gone too far. Nicola’s devastated to learn she could be facing a prison sentence. Chas worries about Aaron returning to work.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Nathan’s unnerved by Declan
John struggles to ignore Eve
The police arrive to arrest Nicola
EastEnders w/e Friday 7 May 
Ex-EastEnders actress Kara Tointon has been speaking to Bang Showbiz: she admitted to feeling envious when she saw the live episode of Enders. Apparently, it was something she would’ve loved to have been a part of. She left the role of Dawn Swann last year, but admits the live episode aired in February looked like a good deal of fun. Apart from the fact that she was eye candy, I never really grasped Dawn Swann’s appeal. Oh well…
This week, there’s more, oh so much more, of the Syed/Christian drama. Harvey continues to play Pat and Peggy against each other (I have nothing to say about this storyline). Meanwhile, Billy steals another load of post but guiltily reposts most of it.
Leon, Fatboy and Zsa Zsa are amused when they discover that Peter is Zsa Zsa’s secret admirer. Peggy and Pat agree that their friendship’s worth more than any man. Ronnie lies to Jack and tells him that the club’s doing well. Meanwhile, Lucy’s mind goes into overdrive as she begins to think of ways to show Zsa Zsa what kind of a guy Leon really is.
Zainab and Syed arrive at the house to meet with Masood and Tamwar. A furious Masood throws Zainab out for keeping such a big secret from him. Ronnie agrees to let Fatboy DJ at the club. Syed learns that Qadim was responsible for Christian’s attack.
Lucy breaks the news to Zsa Zsa that Leon was the father of her baby. Syed visits Christian, much to his parents’ disappointment. Peter’s shocked when he discovers that his dad knew about Lucy’s abortion.
Also on EastEnders this week:
Heather makes an interesting offer
Billy’s cash crisis continues
Ronnie’s thoughts turn to fraud
Hollyoaks w/e Friday 7 May
The revolving door at this soap – well, not just this soap, continues to turn. Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Sasha Valentine, is one of those on the way out. You name it, Sasha’s been there and for that reason Nathalie wants her character to leave with a happy ending. Speaking to Bang Showbiz she said: "I just want her to have a happy ending. I know it would be more dramatic if she got killed off but I’d feel better if I knew she was content with her life.” Happy endings in soapland? Is there such a thing?
This week, Mercedes can’t stand the fact that Carmel and Calvin are so loved up. Zak’s determined to make things right with Michaela. Theresa mopes around Relish after her break-up with Kyle. Michaela’s full of excitement as she begins her journalistic career. Lauren and Gaz fleece Spencer for more money. Jake tells Steph that he’s missing Loretta. Steph overhears Jem’s phone conversation and is convinced she’s cheating on Gilly.
Meanwhile, Gaz is impressed as Lauren continues to fool Spencer about her pregnancy. Meriel and Michaela are still at loggerheads and Ravi’s preoccupied by his date with the mysterious Kate. Calvin’s reeling after Lauren’s shock pregnancy revelation and Carmel’s heartbroken when she discovers that her wedding’s somehow been cancelled. Meanwhile, the hatred between Gaz and Sasha intensifies as Sasha feels her sister drifting further away. Steph’s feeling guilty after making a pass at Gilly.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Malachy and Cheryl share a kiss
Zak attacks Tariq
Kyle and his gang attack Calvin

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me (but keep it clean!).

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2 Responses to Corrie’s on screen goodbye to Blanche

  1. Dot says:

    I read that Natasha will be written out of Corrie via suicide – I think this is very bad taste and very unwise, for many reasons. Hope the scriptwriters decide on a different exit as this idea is appalling. Anyone who has lost somebody close this way I think, will be of the same view., Not be watching corrie if this goes ahead.

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