Corrie Star For The X Factor?

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.

Corrie star and former Hear’Say singer, Kym Marsh, has revealed that she’d love to be a judge on ‘The X Factor."

Apparently, Marsh, who shot to fame after winning the talent show ‘Popstars’, has asked Louis Walsh to put in a good word for her to appear on the show as a guest judge. 

In her new! magazine column, Kym said: "I read that Simon Cowell is thinking about having a guest judge to sit in for Dannii Minogue at each regional audition for ‘The X Factor’. I would really love to be considered as a stand-in at the Manchester rounds!  "In fact, I bumped into Louis Walsh – who I get on very well with – at the Fashion Kicks show, and told him I’d jump at the chance to be involved in the show. So I’m hoping he’ll put in a good word for me!"

Well, it looks as though the Corrie star may have a bit of competition on her hands because apparently Peter Andre has also hinted that he wouldn’t mind standing in to cover for Dannii Minogue either. Although Andre’s had more of an enduring pop career than the former Hear’Say singer (in fact, so have half of the X Factor rejects for that matter), I wouldn’t be at all surprised if by some strange twist of fate, that Kym Marsh did indeed end up as one of the show’s new judges. Let’s face it, how many of us ever expected to see a member of one of Britain’s worst ever pop groups pulling pints in the Rovers Return?  Yes, Kym Marsh is an ambitious young lady and tends to achieve what  ever she puts her mind to. So, all I can say is watch your back Cheryl Cole…. 

So, do you think Kym Marsh would make a good ‘X Factor’ judge? Tell, us what you think by leaving a comment. 

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Friday  for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me (but keep it clean!).

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3 Responses to Corrie Star For The X Factor?

  1. Ceri says:

    Kym Marsh is ever so slightly better qualified than Danni Minogue, but can\’t we have judges who know what they\’re talking about?

  2. Ellie says:

    OMGG! cannot belive that lacey turner is leavibg eastenders cause she is perfect for the part but fairplay she has been there for 5 years i will miss her 4ever

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