Corrie’s teen lesbians share a kiss

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  What’s going on in the news? Well…
Coronation Street viewers will be aware that young Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent), who has expressed an interest in Christianity, is falling for her friend Sian Power (Sacha Parkinson). Much has been made of Corrie’s first lesbian teen storyline – although Brookside did it eons ago with Beth Jordache (actress Anna Friel) as the teen that fell for her mate Margaret (Nicola Stephenson).
Anyway The Sun has got the picture of "the moment" as you can see here:
Brooke Vincent has spoken about the storyline. She said: "It’s going to be implicit, not explicit, and we want that to come across. It’s emotional and more about the feelings." She added: "Sacha and I were friends long before Corrie and I’m so glad it’s her. We’ve been to drama school together and known each other since we were six or seven."
Personally, I don’t mind watching any storyline in a soap – as long as it’s relatively convincing and not too obviously a ratings ploy. That’s something I hope the writers here are bearing in mind. Remember Corrie’s awful baby swap drama with Michelle Connor? That was just terribly done; I hope Coronation Street does this one better. 
But what do you Corrie fans think? Is this going to be a good storyline? Do you like it? Share your views by leaving a comment.
That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me again on  for the result of the week’s  caption competition on Friday 9 April. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me but PLEASE keep it clean or your comment will be deleted.

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37 Responses to Corrie’s teen lesbians share a kiss

  1. Sandra says:

    Typical I thought when they brough the christain view into Corrie at last someone is writing a story line that for once upholdsour christain heritage but no thye have to spoil it with Christain and Gay just to make beef up the story line that\’s allscript writers can write now incapable of writing a story that\’s funny always has to be about gay rights I for one will not be watching corrie again I have watched if for the last 50 years and I\’m finished Blanch is gone the fun has gone Life is depressingenough living in Britain without subjecting myself to this trash.

  2. Damien says:

    well to be honest Sandra i quite like lesbians 😀 i shall be watching coronation street on that particular night

  3. Jonathan says:

    i concur! what up to the lesbians! and Sandra, i just love how you\’ve had enough subjecting yourself to \’this trash\’ when you\’ve watched the godawful show for 50 years- bless your heart having to put up with it for 50 years, i only have to endure when my nanna comes over. forcing yourself to watch night after night of \’gay rights\’ stories, i mean you must have thought you were watching a horror movie, you lovable homophobic you!

  4. Lee says:

    Boring, boring boring!!! Further proof, if any were needed from Damien, that lesbianism ONLY exists for male titilation (fnarr fnarr)

  5. Nadine says:

    I hate Corrie but will tune in to watch the kiss.. just like I did when Brookie did it.. Being only 13 at the time I didnt know what I was watching and some people have even said it might have caused me being a lesbian!!! Hmm I guess Manchester will be full of gays now after this corrie storyline! Oh and Sandra.. if only you knew the amount of christians that are gay but too afraid to admit it because of people like you

  6. Katie says:

    haha!! xD jonathan i love ur sarcasm =D lol!! and lee, i hope you mean \’soap lesbianism\’ right? cos im a lesbian that feels sick at the thought that men watch us for fun…

  7. Mal says:

    @sandra\’Blanche has gone, the fun has gone\’. If Blanche was your idea of fun or a good time, then I pity you. Maybe you should have watched the mini-series \’Orange\’s are Not the Only Fruit\’, repeated on BBC 4 recently. There were plenty of Northern, Christian bible-bashers in that, so perhaps more suitable to you than Corrie. You might be able to see it on BBC I Player still, (if you don\’t believe such inventions are the \’devil\’s work\’ and an \’abonimation in the eyes of the Lord\’, that is).

  8. Hazel says:

    Not necessary, don\’t need it.

  9. Sarah says:

    It was sort of *obvious* that something like this would happen, what with all the "i\’m fed up of boys" and "we are such *good friends*" stuff.Well they never said it quite like that, but you know what I mean!Anyhoo, I just wonder how the writers are going to keep it up – usually storylines like these go on and on and on … and then suddenly fizzle out – a bit like the Michelle/Ryan baby swap thing.

  10. janet says:

    YUK!!! Have loved watching Corrie for years and years. Even the not so good story lines that went on and on. This however is to much. Bad enough that it\’s in the papers and everywhere you look without tainting corrie with it. Please please let it be a very short storyline.

  11. Jake says:

    Seems like a sweet enough storyline to me, not unrealistic, yet interesting. I like! ;D

  12. Mel says:

    Has Rita got a Job at ASDA? Her new green jacket Suggests she might have!!

  13. em says:

    "Typical I thought when they brough the christain view into Corrie at last someone is writing a story line that for once upholdsour christain heritage but no thye have to spoil it with Christain and Gay just to make beef up the story line"** original spelling mistakes left intact**Just because one wishes to live by Rules written 1000s of years ago, that should be their preference only.If God is a loving being who made mankind in his own image, then why have a problem with someone who happens to Love someone who is the same gender as themselves? Do you then follow the Rules in the bible that strictly that you know which foods are "forbidden" and you know which day of the week your roast dinner was slaughtered? Yes, this is in the Christian bible, should one care to look…

  14. em says:

    …and also, do you not think that a young person has enough emotional turmoil already (or has it been that long you have forgotten?) without the fact that their religious teachings and their feelings are in constant conflict?Read again the teachings of Jesus, please? then feel free to comment further.And no, i am not gay, and I follow no organised religion :)If this is what Christians are like toward their fellow man then I\’m fortunate not to belong to any part of it.

  15. Chrissy says:

    This will be the first time I ever tune in to watch Corrie… ^_^

  16. Jude says:

    Same sex attraction is as much a part of life as being anything else. I don\’t see how people are calling this aspect of the soap "unnecessary" and "trash" before it has even been aired. Entrenched in your own prejudices, much?

  17. margaret says:

    Watched corrie since it started in Dec 1960 Its had some really bad storey lines during that time and Ive stuck with it, however I wont be watching this story at all, dont feel the need to. Characters to get rid of quickly Dev (bad actor) Lloyd (even worse) Becky (overacts) Jackie (loud) Tony ( not again) Tina (sick of her whinging) and Jason (boring)

  18. margaret says:

    Just wondered Has Sally been locked in her room?

  19. Esther says:

    i think perhaps what sandra was getting at was not the issue of lesbianism but that she is disappointed that they had to turn the christian girl into one. christianity is a religion whch in our culture seems to be dying- on tv anyway, and it was nice to show the world that christians have the same struggles as eveyone else. i supose this is also true from the storyline. christians are not perfect and most of us will not claim to be. we all make mistakes and struggle through different feelings and emotions, even more so because there are certain things we believe we should or should not do. as for the things in the bible that were mentioned below such as forbidden foods. these rules were intended to be followed by jews and not Christians

  20. Kenneth says:

    how come you are on pretending to be a soap expert. it was ashley and claire peacock who were involved in the baby swap storyline and nothing to do with michelle connor

  21. Esther says:

    kenneth i think u mustive missed it

  22. Kenneth says:

    hi esther could you remind me what happened ?

  23. Kenneth says:

    hi esther, i remember now! it must have been the fact that michelle\’s son ryan was 15 when they found out and by that time i\’d forgotten they were babies at one time last century

  24. Joe says:

    Here we go again. Ratings drop, do an Eastenders. Why do soaps think that we are all obsessed with lesbians and gays? Personally I find gay/lesbian storylines totally boring. If you can\’t find a storyline, turn someones sexuality on its head or murder someone. This is why soaps have become completely rediculous and unbelievable. There is more realism in Dr. Who.

  25. Kirsty says:

    i can\’t wait for this when is it going to be shown on air?? i usuallly watch eastenders and hollyoaks so this is going to be totally new to me!!! (coranation street lesbian smooch)

  26. Tony says:

    Once again The TV promoting the Gay syndrome. but I\’m abnormal if I don\’t like gays. oh the Government tells me what to likeAnyway people who watch soaps are simple minded ,who have shallow and boring lives

  27. Melly-bee says:

    I think its a great idea becuase it was unexpected!! When was the last time there was gay\’s in corrie?? I thnk its uterly fabulous and was totally unexpected as i said before. THANK GOD SOMETHING INTERESTING!!

  28. em says:

    "as for the things in the bible that were mentioned below such as forbidden foods. these rules were intended to be followed by jews and not Christians"classic case of people who pick and choose which aspects to follow – oh well ^o)Christians follow teachings in the Christian Bible – but only teachings which they feel are appropriate to their lives?So it should be with christians who also happen to be gay – no?Or are only Jews not allowed to be gay? If it\’s only Jews who the "food rules" apply to? It\’s in the same book, same teachings, by same people.Each to their own, at the end of the day, is my motto – but like I said, I do not follow any organised religion 🙂

  29. joe says:

    "its something thats going to implicit not explicit"- thats why its on the cover of soft core porn/gore newspaper The Sun as a \’lesbian smoochie\’, and sensationalized by msn news as \’teen lesbian kiss\’, you media people are weird you all need to check yourself.

  30. sianna says:

    I think its great that Coronation Street is doing a story like this. I hope they\’ll be able to reach out to teenagers who are confused and terrified by their sexuality. Coronation Street should get an award for this. As for the Christians who choose to ridicule and mock this fantastic story, don\’t think you\’re all so special. Think about the perverted priests and ministers in your so called \’holy\’ religion that moleste innocent children! I will be very excited to watch this story and am sure that Sian and Sophie will become a favourite of my couples!!!!!

  31. sharon says:

    It proves one thing that the storylines are keeping up to date with what\’s happening in the real world. Keep it up we want more of the same.

  32. elisha says:

    I think its an excellent storyline because many teenagers in todays society are confused with their sexuality. For an example, they start to grow attraction towards the opposite sex

  33. Sarah says:

    Yay, yet more soap airtime being filled with shock sex-related storylines masquerading as an attempt at addressing serious issues. I wonder how many teenage boys with their boxes of Kleenex at the ready will be watching Corie tonight. Although having said that, I\’m guessing it\’s an increase in ratings regardless so I\’ve just whacked that nail clean on the head =/

  34. stacey says:

    why does a gay story line have to still be sensational headline news???? why cant it just be a normal part of the story. Why do us gay and lesbian people have to be mental health patients or psycos or some other massive issue. or oo i\’m gay,oh.. wait.. no i\’m not, oh hang on i am again. once we stop being headline news anare allowed to get along with everyone else like its normal (which it is!!) then we can live safer, happier , NON standing out, able to walk down street without being abused lives.

  35. Esther says:

    m, check out Mark 7v14-19. Jesus himself says that every kind of food is acceptable in Gods eyes. however i will agree that that is a widely debated topic and i will not say that i am 100%correct. as i stated earlier christians r not perfect and it is imposible for any human to follow EVERYthing which is written in the bible. the debate of such topics , in my opinion distracts from the message of christianity and are therefore unimportant. i think perhaps because u have no faith that this is why u are so keen to kick itdown. that is of course ur own choice. it doesnt offend me in the slightest. the gay thing- i believe that it is wrong but i have nothing against ppl who are. i have several gay friends.

  36. christine says:

    i think its great! i "came out" to family 10 years ago, however not my gran! she worked it out for herself and 2yr ago we spoke about it and she said "i watch the tv i understand that gays can be married etc thesedays". As much as we slag soaps, they keep up with the times and address issues within our society that perhap someone fo my grans age would skip in the newspaper! i just hope this is well done thats all! nice to see some lesbians wother than gay men all the time, i hope this lasts and shows that yes, lesbians can have relationships that last!xxx

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