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Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  

Here we go! The first ever live episode! This is a live blog so Press F5 to refresh your screen and keep up with all the latest happenings. Feel free to leave to leave comments as the episode progresses. Who’s your money on as the killer of Archie?
DOOF-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof! Show begins with Bradley looking scared. Ronnie says nothing when she’s accused of killing Archie. Now we’re in the Queen Vic and Bianca’s going mad.
So far – lots of short little scenes. We’re moving quickly from one to the other.
Now we’re back to Bradley. I can’t decide if Scott Maslen’s nervous or if Jack Branning’s meant to be stammering and spluttering as he speaks. Scene changes to Ronne and Roxy – this episode is very bitty so far.
Dot is crying about Dotty as Ian tries to comfort her. Phil bursts in and looks at Ian as if he’s dog poo. Ian looks scared. Now we’re back in the Vic for Bianca and Ricky’s reception – classy.
Peggy is ordering Janine to "git owwwwwwwwwt!" Now we’re back to Phil and Ian; Beale is squealing as a red-faced Phil menaces him. 
Bradley is frantically packing while Stacey sits on a bed looking forlorn. Uh-oh, we know where this is heading… Stacey’s got a secret and she doesn’t want to tell Bradley. Back we go to Phil and Ian – Phil’s doing his Incredible Hulk impression. Phil has just threatened to kill Ian: surprise, surprise.
Bradley and Stacey kiss Max goodbye while Jack stands around looking like he wishes he could remember his next line. Sirens blare and shock! It’s the police! Run Bradley, run!!
Back to the reception and Minty’s getting naked. Yuck! They could’ve warned us. A ‘merry’ Pat’s trying to get everyone to dance. "Come on Peggy! 60s style" she says. Ooo-er missus! Back to Max and he’s trying to hold the police off but he looks about as convincing as a £13 note.
Ian’s talking to Dot and he mentions Kelvin (Carpenter), Sharon (Watts/Mitchell/Rickman) and Michelle (Fowler). He talks about the year 1985 – subtle writers. Very subtle.
Phil’s telling Peggy that he didn’t kill Archie just as a drunk Ricky tells Phil that he’s got to give his speech. Bradley and his pregnant wife are trying to run away. Over we go the Mitchell sisters and Ronnie’s talking about Archie abusing her. I knew he’d done something like that! There had to be a reason she hated him that much. Roxy thinks this gives her a motive for killing Archie. "Is that why you did it?" she asks.
All that running can’t be good for Stacey’s bump. Bradley flags down a black cab (when it’s needed – people can always get a cab in Albert Square. That never happens for me). Bradley’s forgotten the passports and he’s got to go back. Stacey’s having a fit. What’s the secret Stacey? Come on!
Back to Ronnie and Roxy – all this time and this pair still bore me. Roxy’s telling Peggy that Ronnie killed Archie. She says she wants the truth. "You want the truth?" Peggy says. "Fine. I’ll tell you…" And just when we think it’s going to be Peggy…. it isn’t. She saw him on the floor and walked out. It’s not Phil and it’s not Peggy: who is it?
Ian’s playing an old VHS home video for Dot (that don’t look like no home video!) – the old Fowlers! Arthur, Pauline, Michelle – even poor David Scarboro RIP, the original Mark Fowler who sadly killed himself. The Vic! Angie! Sharon! Wow a real trip down memory lane but a clumsy insert. As if he’d remember to dig it up! I can’t find last week’s Heat and he’s remembered to dig around for some old VHS tape?
Over we go to Stacey looking worried. Bradley’s emerged just as the police have. Stacey sees some coppers and runs. Bradley’s phone goes off and alerts the Old Bill: "Stop him!" DCI Marsden cries. Bradley goes up a roof to try and escape. I don’t like where this is going!
"STAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!" he cries. "STAAAAAACE RUN!" he shouts… and falls off the roof!!!! Oh no!!!!!
OH. MY. GOD!!!!! Bradley’s getting killed off!! Everybody’s screaming his name!! Max is going hysterical!! Jack’s in shock (probably cos he doesn’t have to remember his lines anymore). Blood’s pouring from Bradley’s head!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Stacey is going made with grief and makes a tearful confession: STACEY KILLED ARCHIE!!!!!  DOOF-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof-doof!
That was a strange episode, some parts moved along better than others. You can tell who’s not good under pressure (Scott Maslen; never sign up for MI5). Typical of them to extract the most drama from Charlie Clements’ decision to leave; Stacey revealing that she’d killed Archie was a gasp-out-loud moment because of how they did it.
That’s the end of Bradley Branning. He can never come back now (unless they decide that he faked his death, just like Dirty Den). We’ll miss you Charlie Clements. What did you think of the show? Let me know by leaving a comment and please keep it clean or I will have to delete.

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Monday for a full preview of your favourite soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me. Don’t forget to enter this week’s caption competition Get scribbling and make us all laugh.  

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50 Responses to EastEnders live blog

  1. SaffronTaylor says:

    please let him fake the death. it wont be the same without bradderz. 😦 r.i.p (L)

  2. hannah says:

    i agree with the comment below , eastenders won\’t be the same anymore!i am not really liking Becca at the moment too :S

  3. Charis says:

    Hi everyone!! -Just to say all of us at the rowls ghetto made bets and i won i knew it was Stacey!! However i do want to query why wasn\’t Stacey interviewed on Eastenders the aftermath on BBC3. Surely she should have been one of the top on the list to be interviewed. Anyone know why not?? Please get in touch, thankyou charis.hawkins@hotmail.com xXxxx

  4. Lainey says:

    Charis – the producer was on at the end of the BBC3 show and said Lacey Turner is ill and couldn\’t come on, as she\’s totally lost her voice.

  5. mark says:

    he aint dead…… did no-one see him move when they ran up to him.. his hand moves.. he\’ll be whisked off to hospital and patched up just like the humpty dumpty he is….

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Yes… she was sent home yesterday as she was ill… they were thinking of re-writing the script if she couldn\’t make it or using some of the filmed rehearsal scenes… glad she managed to get through the live show! Really enjoyed the show but sad that Bradley won\’t return in the future…..

  7. jenny says:

    I will miss Bradley,i will be miffed if he\’s been killed off.He was one of my favourite characters.Big congatulations to all the cast and crew at Eastenders!!!! I thought you all did a brilliant with the live episode!!! It was so good,I\’d forgotten it was live!!! Happy 25th Anniversary!!!!

  8. Samantha says:

    I\’ll also sadly miss Bradley, I loved his character from the very begining, also how sad the way he went, poor "Stace". I knew Stacey Slater killed Archie Mitchell, I was going to put a bet on today, but went into town and completely forgot….shame I\’d be picking up winnings tomorrow, oh well. Great episode, brilliant acting, I absolutley love Lacey Turner as an actress and awww now she has no Bradley, how sad…Happy 25th EASTENDERS !!!!<:

  9. Pr3 no.2 says:

    y does bradly hve too goo every single person luvs him he was proberly 1 of many ppl who r legends and stacy killed archie well ………………………………………………………………..i dnt blame her and da whole thing was live omg , ye and i can tell stacy lost her voice lol and still she went on like a pro and d.c.i marsden wateva her name is, i hope she feels happy its all her fault and the stuck up cow becca , y is she soooooo jealous,callin da police wen everythin was goin great ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv eastenders by da way great great great and i meen great show ……not just any show a LIVE SHOW how hard is dat to put off :\'( miss yh bradly) and lacey turner & charlie clements (L) foreva A.K.A (stacy slater & bradley branning)

  10. rebecca says:

    lol jacked splutter his lines im sure he said radley oh my days

  11. Maureen says:

    OMG!! my head was spinning by the end of EE tonight>>>>>what a load of rubbish!! couldnt believe it !! each scene was soooooo predictable!! >>>>wouldnt think they were professional actors!!>>>>maybe they should stick to scripts!!

  12. david says:

    why did you have to make it sooooooooo sad!! I been in tears for hours!! I just wanted Bradley and Stacey to get away. I never really considered Stace as a real suspect although now I know it is obvious !! Why Bradley he one of the nicest charaters. wish it had been Roxy she a real PAIN in capitals!!!!!

  13. david says:

    by the way that last comment by "dave Fearnley" is actually by me and my name is Ruthie i just dont know how to change the name

  14. errol says:

    so disappointed to find out it was stacey, me and my wife was so excited to watch it and we were gutted that bradley died, the build up was so brill but the live show was crap

  15. peter says:

    Why don\’t people get a life and stop watching this type of rubbish.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry Peter… but if you felt that negatively towards it then why are you bothering to waste your life by reading people\’s views on the matter?? One mans rubbish is another mans treasure as they say…

  17. wayne says:

    Cracking show and pleasing that the \’ginner\’ has been bumped off. However, why do Eastenders always have to have depressing story lines? Bradders had a chance to leave the show on a positive, a couple of months back, but returned from Canada to get killed off!And if Charlie had decided enough was enough, why couldn\’t the scriptwriters have wrote that HE was the killer? One final point. I have read next week\’s "headlines" and it appears Max hasn\’t reported Stace for her confession. How stupid is that? Stace has just contrinuted to the death of her husband, Max\’s son. Wouldn\’t you be so grief stricken that you would want to exact some revenge????Poor script writing again Enders!

  18. Christie says:

    That Becka is such a B*tch!!!!! I hope stacey finds out it was her wot made the phone call n kills her anall coz she deserves it lol!! cant believe Bradleys dead 😦 he woz so sweet!! Not gona be same wivout im!!

  19. mike says:

    i think lacey played an amazing role, my heart goes out to her as she was feeling poorly. charlie was brilliant he has always been a top part in enders. i hope he does well in the future. all the cast and crew did amazingly well last night and all credit is due….well done all….go lacey …xxxxx mike and manda

  20. Niki says:

    omg.. best episode ever!! i cant believe it was stacey and cant believe bradely dead!! i lov eeastenders and stacey and bradley are my favoruite couple!! i cant wait tils mondays episode!! all the cast and crew where amazing and who cares if somepeople did slip up abit it was still amazing!!! beats all the rest of garbage on at night!! lacey and charlie are amazing and cant believ they had such emotion as it was live.. watching it 20 times since last night.. now if off by heart! LOVE IT! CARRY ON EASTENDERSS!! xxxxx

  21. Jo says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a little bitty compared to what it is usually like, but it must have been hard trying not to fluff their lines with so little rehearsal time. It wasn\’t only the actor who plays Jack Branning that fluffed some of his lines, I heard a few of them mumble some out including Barbara Windsor at one point in the scene with Janine in the cellar of the Queen Vic, but they can be forgiven for that. I am shocked that it was Stacy. Obviously, she had motive, but I thought it would be one of the newer characters, who would not be missed.I am sorry Bradley has been killed off, but I knew he was leaving, I saw it reported weeks ago on MSN homepage so it wasn\’t a shock and no, he will not be saved, he is definitely gone.As for Peter\’s comment above. Why, if you have a life and we do not, have you bothered to read this article and all the comments about East Enders, let alone bother to write something yourself? If your life is so full, then bugger off and live it and get out of our faces, you moron!

  22. Karla says:

    I enjoyd it …. i was sohocked when poor bradley died, i mean he had only just re-married stacey and becca phones the police on him. Also I thought at the end Max was going to say he killed archie beacuse he said i know he didn\’t.. the stacey said it wow!but you could tell it was live because of sound and stuttering of some characters. Also there was a point where ronnie and roxere near the lampost and they looked like they were going to laugh.

  23. emily says:

    last nights live show was mint it will go down as a classic…..and i said stacey killed archie xmas day nearly put a bet on but with the twist and turns i decided not too.. 😦 anyway fantastic acting from lacey and charlie aka (stacey and bradley). Will miss bradley loads so sad they didn\’t get away out of everyone on the square those two deserved a happy ending. Rock On Eastenders best soap on telly xx

  24. Joe says:

    Oh My God I can\’t believe I missed it!!!!!!!!!!Actually I can, what a load of old rubbish. If this is the best this so called drama can come up with after 25 years it deserves to be shelved. Real life? You get more realism in Star Trek (with capt. Kirk)

  25. ANNE says:

    Anne, only EVER watched ,when under pressure when visiting family,not a soap watcher of any kind,… But on reading your scripted version of what happened, my ancient bones ached with laughter.You should be writing the scripts,not describing them, probably finish up as COMEDY WRITERS of the year……………thank you for a good old fashioned laugh

  26. Alexandra says:

    Hmm, the writer of this article is a bit too negative… try to be more positive please? The actors did an AMAZING job considering the circumstances (it being live and only having TWO WEEKS!). So what if Scott messed up his lines? It made it sort of realistic, as you would be stammering in that situation. Charlie and Lacey\’s performances were fantastic 🙂 I\’m going to miss Bradley, what a lovely geek he was. ❤

  27. sarah says:

    thought it was brilliant eastenders last night!!! great bit of acting , especially by lacy ! great entertainment!! i thought well done you eastenders lot!! 🙂 to those who wrote cynical comments , what do you expect? it is eastenders after!! ….

  28. Emma says:

    Liked the fact u could tell episode was live an I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time, kinda guessed Bradley was goin 2 die esp from reports few wks ago but so disappointed that it ended that way an with Stace the killer 2. Another depressing ending 2 a fab couple makes me hate the show when they do stuff like this, i\’d have rather Brad been the killer at least then he could have come back in loads of yrs – it\’s just like the Danielle ending. Only thing that will keep me watchin now is Ricky an Stace but she can\’t b around 2 long now after that confession, can\’t wait till Kat an Alfie return to cheer it up hope they don\’t get split apart again thou 2!

  29. Kels Trubie says:

    Roxy and ronnie in the bedroom, when ronnie goes to say about archie abusing her, she stops dead like she forgot what she was supposed to say and we see just a hint of a laugh on roxys face…classic. It wasnt just jack that made a cock up…..but thats part of a live ep

  30. LOUISE says:

    Oh right, so Bradley was suspossed to have FALLEN off the roof? Looked more like he was leaping off the roof, or was it just such a poorly acted stunt that it didn\’t appear to be a fall? Oh dear, at least we didn\’t see the trampoline that he was leaping onto!And what was it with Max? Why did he appear to be making himself throw up by putting his fingers in his mouth?

  31. Stephanie says:

    Dont know whos wrote the above blog but they,ve told everyone who the killer is and they shouldnt have done. The Daily Mail T V Magazine specifially left that out because of the people who watch the Omnibus edition on a Sunday!The Live episode was brilliant and kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through, the only thing was I felt bit let down on the killer, Stacey didnt seem right as the killer and I thought it would be Peggy as shes leaving Eastenders. The acting was very good I thought and its a shame Bradley got killed off, he and Stacey made a lovely couple.

  32. Emily says:

    I\’m glad I\’m not the only viewer who thought Scott Maslen was fluffing his lines at the beginning. I\’m just really sad that yet another one of my favourite characters is getting killed off. First Dennis Rickman and now Bradley Branning. All in all I thought it was a very entertaining episode (albeit a little disjointed at times) really glad I watched it.

  33. angie says:

    well i didnt think it was stacey but poor bradley .gets married and then jumps cos hes scared of the police.wat the next eposide gona bring?.only in soapland. in real life it wouldnt happen,we would have smelt a rat.long before. only watched that last night as dont normally, so what will happen . that nasty mate who rang police must have a consience, get her out!.and pack all the women in mitchell land on a desert island .

  34. Sylvia says:

    thought it was a bit of a shock that stacey admitted to archies murder she wasnt even a suspect according to all the newspapers,but it never is the most obvious is it

  35. howard says:

    eastenders went down hill years ago they should end the series because its now crap.

  36. rachel says:

    did anyone else notice that when bradley fell off the roof his head was away from the vic, yet when you see him on the floor he is laying head towards the vic! must\’ve flipped around, still a great episode though!

  37. maz says:

    I\’m not a great fan of eastenders, but there were a lot of twists and turns, and I thought it was well thought out and well acted

  38. mark says:

    sorry guys i have it from the mouth of a cast member that it is not stacey …and i know who done it marty

  39. Jordan says:

    last night was so cool but im sad that bradley left how do you think peggy will leave????????

  40. Mark says:

    Looks like the reviewer missed a large plot point… Ian DIDN\’T just happen to have an old VHS Tape to hand. In the previous week he was seen digging up a old box from the allotments. What was it? It was a time capsual – this was explained in the scene with Dot. He, Sharon, Michelle and some of the other original "kids" in Eastenders had apparantly buried the box containing photo\’s, letters, family things etc so that "it might be dug up in hundreds of years time and people will see how we lived our lives". He then explained to Dot that his son Bobby is doing a family history project for school, so he dug it up – the contents of the box would help his project. And the VHS tape was in the box. Its been in a rusty, damp box for 25 years so the picture was terrible. And the tape got chewed by the machine. But a nice and clever way of incorporating the flashbacks to the original cast. Maybe I could write a review in the future. The eye is in the detail… and the ability to follow a plot! BRILLIANT episode. Even the fluffs. Doing it live was a bold thing to do and the whole cast and production team pulled it off fantastically!Mark.x

  41. Janice says:

    it was a blunder by Eastenders to kill off Bradley because the chemistry between lacey and charlie as bradley and stacey has been superb. Stacey and Bradley should have been the future of that show. They are brilliant actors! Stacey should have confessed to Bradley during the live episode and he should have gone nuts for a change, smashed the place up, thrown becca out and then left her for a few years. The stuff between dot and Ian should have been put either at the beginning or left it for another show. I watched BBC 3 after and charlie was very emotional but it was good to see how they did the stunts. I am not convinced that Kat and Alfie coming back will be any good. Alfie best scenes were with nanna moon rather than Kat. I will miss the scenes between dot and bradley aswell. Good luck charlie clements!

  42. lynne says:

    Shame Bradley, s left, a normalish and likeable character, be missed, but think stacey a gt character, probably confessing to save bradley,s memory, could be still who did it. Two of the best characters being bradley and peggy going will be a big loss, hence bringing back kat and alfie, can they fill their loss, l personally was never mad about kat or alfie, bit cliche`d, now if Grant or letitia came back they could fill thier places, the rox-ron sisters wont and be a miserable vic if theyre in charge.

  43. Nadine says:

    Charlie n Lacey !First they get married n she has an affair wif max then ….they get married agen n bradley dies like 20 mins or so later i may never watch it agen now Charlie has bin killed off n Lacey\’s leavin as she is running away!!!EASTENDERS WILL NOT B THE SAME WITHOUT BRADLEY AND STACEY !!!they should have just ran instead of going back for passports n lived happily until the archie thing blows over then return to the square ….see that would have been better coz we would have know charlie was coming back to eastenders now we no he not and ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. eilish says:

    When Bradley fell off the roof and died i just coud\’nt belive it. i screamed braaadleyy nooooooooooo!!!! i was in tears after that he\’s such a lovely charecter. he will be terribly missed

  45. Elise says:

    I think the episode was good but they should have made it a complete surprise they could of had some new how hated archie cus the people in the sqaure could not have been the only ones achie did that it could have been and old lover or something and Scott Maslen i think did really well cus he had alot to say and you can\’t always get all your worlds out when you are in a situation like thatand thay shouldn\’t have killed bradly i don\’t think i\’ll watch it agian for a while cus they seem to kill off most of the ones we wouldn\’t mind returning in the future it is like Danielle agian she was my favoute charter till she wqas killed and bradly was close behind can\’t the writers give any of the nice people a happy ending cus not that much happens in real life and it gets boring i don\’t get why none of them seem to move i would

  46. big dave says:

    who cares

  47. kelly louise says:

    can\’t belive bradley is dead how can they do it to a lovely person like bradley they have only just got married again plus stacey was having a baby they could have been a family its not fair why bradley i feel for stacey what is she going to do without him will she be able to cope or will she break down i think the live episode was ok but i didn\’t think they would kill bradley off i thought stacey and bradley would have got away and everything would have been fine at least they would have been together i will miss bradley very much he will be miss in eastenders very very much

  48. sharon says:

    it was a good live show i really enjoyed it even tho i was on tender hooks all the time i cant beleive bradley wont b in it no more i really will miss him stacy and bradley was always going to b together and its a shame it ended this way i wonder wats instore for stacy now i didnt think it was stacy who killed him i thought it was sam or janine as she known for a killer got to watch it next week and see wat happens to stacy good luck to charlie clements in wat ever he decides to do now and u will b sadly missed i dont think they shud have killed bradly off it would have been nice for him to come back in a few yrs or so i just wish bradley and stacy had a happy ending for a change but i guess thats soaps for ya well like i say charlie will b missed and we will always remember him as bradly branning good luck charlie x

  49. Emma says:

    i dint evenn think it was a live show becausee they weree all so good ! poor bradley, i wunderr wat max & stacey are going to do how are they going to tell people that STACEY KILLE ARCHIE ? you neva know in easties !! charlie clements was a fab actor all the storylines between him & lacy turner were all cliff-hangers and all acted amazingly we\’ll miss u charliee clements/bradley branning xx

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