Sonia returns to EastEnders

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out (spoilers ahead).

EastEnders w/e Friday Feb 12

First Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) and now… well, The Sunday Mirror says that Shane Richie may be back in EastEnders as loveable, cheeky chappy Alfie Moon. He left in 2005 and some of you may have seen him play Archie Daley in Five’s revamp of Minder. But the paper says he’ll be back later in the year. I can’t wait but I hope Jessie Wallace, as Kat Moon, turns up too!
The clock is ticking down on the live episode and Charlie Clements’ departure. Talking of Bradley, he tells Max that Archie’s the father of Stacey’s baby.
Bianca prepares for her hen night and Sonia turns up! Sonia’s back! Whitney tries to dump Todd and there’s a chemistry developing between her and Billie. Janine’s fussing is getting on Pat’s nerves. Marsden has a fresh lead in Archie’s murder investigation. Dotty schemes to get Jim sent back into the care home.
Darren and Libby bump into each other. Ronnie’s home after her run-in with DCI Marsden. Manda’s adamant that Minty’s having an affair. Heather and Shirley find Zsa Zsa waiting on their doorstep.
Bianca finds Tiffany’s missing bridesmaid dress. Dotty hatches a plan to get Jim taken back into the care home. Darren and Libby bump into each other. Jack tells Max that the police have a potential new eyewitness. Zainab tells Ricky about Bianca’s liaison with Leon. Minty admits to Manda that he still has feelings for Sam. Ronnie asks Phil for help fleeing the country. DCI Marsden turns up in The Vic and makes a shock announcement to the locals… Manda packs her belongings.
Also on EastEnders this week:
Ronnie starts drinking heavily
Bianca breaks Ricky’s heart
Bradley disappoints Becca
Emmerdale w/e Friday Feb 12
Is anyone else missing Mark Wylde (Maxwell Caulfield) or is it just me? He had the potential to develop into one of those sleazy characters you just can’t help hating but it’s too late now. In the aftermath of all her family’s problems, Maisie Wylde (Alice Coulthard) is spiralling out of control. Matters have worsened since she discovered that her one-time squeeze Ryan Lamb (James Sutton) is actually her half-brother.
Expect quite a bit of action from that storyline. In the meantime, Carl stuns Chas with some terrible news. Nathan’s not happy about Ryan’s appearance at Home Farm. Gennie and Jamie end up kissing on the sofa. Paddy agrees to let some of the Dingles stay with him. Lisa and Zak survey the ruins of their house, and they’re not insured. Sam’s clearly missing living with Olena. Carl’s alarmed to see that Anya and Thomas have the same rash and immediately races them to hospital.
Nathan and Natasha are at their wits’ end with Maisie as she continues to binge drink. How long can Maisie continue to live so recklessly? John’s concerned when another of his sheep has collapsed. Carl’s upset that his children are in danger because of his neglect… will Tom and Anya pull through? Natasha reveals the truth about Maisie and Ryan. Carl suggests that the Sharmas have been dumping factory waste into the stream. Val’s concerned that Pollard’s about to give himself another heart attack by taking on too much.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Ryan is desperate to stop Katie discovering the truth about Maisie 
Paddy’s awaiting blood test results of the lambs
Pollard agrees to hiring Olena
Coronation Street w/e Friday Feb 12
As you all probably know, this is the week we say goodbye to Gail Platt’s troubled hubby Joe (Reece Dinsdale). He will sadly drown after falling overboard on his boat when his  planned insurance scam goes terribly wrong.
Gail, who’s unaware of Joe’s misfortune, then turns to her son for support but faces a moral dilemma… should she go to the police and tell them about Joe’s attempted insurance scam or keep quiet and cover for Joe’s absence? Of course, that’s the kind of dilemma people find themselves in every day of the week; just ask the canoe man John Darwin.
So Gail tries to talk Joe out of his crazy idea of faking his own death. Tina’s worried about her father and is deeply troubled by their last conversation. Peter’s on the road to self-destruction and turns up at George’s house in a drunken state. Following a row with Gail, Joe sets out onto the lake in his boat, but his plan goes a bit wrong when he’s pushed overboard. A concerned Ken, Deirdre, George and Leanne regroup to discuss Peter’s drink problem.
When Sunita’s aged aunts Grishma and Upma arrive early, she’s forced to pretend she’s still married to Dev. I can’t wait to see that – I love Dev! Peter’s determined to turn over a new leaf (again). Meanwhile, in the Lakes, David and Gail pack the car ready to leave without Joe. Gail and David return to the cobbles, having concocted a story about Joe’s whereabouts. Tina’s surprised when Jason tells her that his divorce has finally come through. Then he shocks her by proposing.
George offers to pay for Peter to go into rehab but Peter tells him that he doesn’t want his charity. Dev and Sunita panic about how they’re going to maintain the pretence of being happily married in front of Grishma and Upma.
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Leanne’s concerned about Peter
A police officer questions Gail
Peter’s determined to turn over a new leaf
Hollyoaks w/e Friday Feb 12

Who’s been watching our very own Ste (Kieron Richardson) on Dancing On Ice? Jason Gardiner’s given him a bit of a hard time but Kieron is quite philosophical about it all. He told the Daily Mirror: "He’s the Simon Cowell of Dancing on Ice and he has a role to play." I still think Jason Gardiner’s a bit of a bitch but that’s my view. 

In the show this week, Hannah wakes in Jamie’s arms and they’re both thrilled to be back together again. At The Dog, Rhys tries to explain how dangerous Jamie is to Neville and Suzanne. Nancy congratulates Hannah and Jamie on their adventure but Hannah’s leaving only highlights Nancy’s loneliness. At The Loft, Calvin asks Mercedes for help in convincing Carmel to move back in with him.
Theresa’s unhappy that the Valentine’s Ball is a ’70s-themed event. Hannah’s feeling a mixture of excitement and sadness as she prepares to leave Hollyoaks. Back at The Dog, a gutted Rhys is freaked out when he receives a call from Blue. Elsewhere, with Cindy paying her no attention, Holly’s fed up practising her talent show routine. Back at The Dog, Darren begins to panic when Rhys tells him just how mental Blue is. It’s the day of the talent show and competition’s still rife between Steph and Cindy as they prepare Holly and Tom to win. Gaz breaks into Lauren’s locker and steals her outfit for the Valentine’s ball. Darren encourages Hannah to follow her dream of travelling and suggests that they could go together…
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Jamie stabs Blue
Calvin’s backed into a corner
Mercedes tries to hide her feelings about Carmel and Calvin
That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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