EastEnders’ Pat suffers a heart attack

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out.
We’ll start with some good news. EastEnders actress Jo Joyner is "thrilled" after giving birth to twins. she’s had a baby girl and boy. The 31-year-old actress, who plays Tanya Branning, struggled to conceive naturally and underwent IVF treatment. Congratulations on the birth of your son and daughter Jo!
EastEnders w/e Friday Jan 22
With the news that Barbara Windsor is going to be leaving EastEnders, you do wonder who Pat Evans will spar with. She’s had some right old ding dongs with Peggy Mitchell over the years and I shall definitely miss the comedy value. They remind me of a far less glamorous Krystle and Alexis in Dynasty and their annual fights which were just ridiculously camp. But don’t underestimate the value of a double act. Phil Mitchell’s never been the same since he lost his ‘bruv’ thanks to Ross Kemp’s depature.
This week, it’s not a great week for fans of Pat – she’s got yet more trials and tribulations with her health. Peggy announces that The Vic’s back in business. She has a gossip with Pat as to who the murderer might be. Ian tries to talk to Jane and Janine continues to blackmail Ian. Bianca tells Ricky that Martin and Sonia will be attending the wedding. Denise isn’t happy about flirty Loretta and Lucas. The police search the Beales’ for evidence.
Janine tries to get jiggy with Ryan but he tells her that she makes him sick. Ian’s charged with the murder of Archie Mitchell (which obviously means he didn’t do it).
Ronnie goes to visit her mother. It’s long-lost brother time! Ronnie demands a photo of Daniel. Janine lashes out and slaps Pat across the face. Pat is clearly unwell as she leans over the kitchen sink. She suddenly collapses… Roxy doesn’t want Tracey working at the Vic any more. Roxy asks Chelsea if she’s free to do a shift at The Vic.
Also on EastEnders this week:
Becca takes a shine to Bradley
Denise decides to expose Loretta
Pat has shocking news
Emmerdale w/e Friday Jan 22
And so that’s the end of Mark Wylde played by Maxwell Caulfield. Am I the only person a little sorry to see him go? The slimy, oily bigamist got what he deserved – no question about that. We all knew he’d be killed off but I dismissed the notion that it would be at Natasha’s hands. She shot him in the back. End of story. But I see this as a bit of a missed opportunity – I wanted a bit more from Mark.
He was one of the few characters on Emmerdale that could make me laugh without saying a word. One look at Mark’s expression, which often resembled a combination of that feeling of constipation and then that moment before relief, and I’d be cracking up. Oh well. Goodbye Mark.
The villagers start to wonder what’s happened to Mark. Faye pleads with Ryan to return home. Debbie’s convinced that Charity’s stalling over getting married. Ashley knocks Sally down in his car as he attempts to leave. Distraught, Sally tells a whopping lie to Edna. Will Edna believe Sally’s claims?
Bishop George arrives but Ashley insists that Sally needs help. It’s the day of the christening and Nicola’s frantic when neither Jimmy nor the cake arrive in time. Will Jimmy make it back in time for Angelica’s big day? Ashley’s suspended from duty. Nikhil is forced into a business transction with Cain.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Carl’s surprised when his ex-wife Coleen turns up
Edna visits Sally in hospital
Charity’s glad to be out of the factory
Coronation Street w/e Friday Jan 22
Good news as Craig Gazey, who plays quirky butcher Graeme Proctor, has signed up for another 12 months on Corrie. Good news for the show as he brings a much-need comic moment or two to his role (who could forget the ‘Fred’s hat’ storyline?). The 27-year-old has also been nominated for Best Newcomer at this year’s National Television Awards.
He’s up against Emmerdale’s James Sutton (Ryan Lamb), EastEnders’ Neil McDermott (Ryan Malloy) and Hollyoaks’ Bronagh Waugh (Cheryl Brady). If he doesn’t win (as the legendary Fred Elliot probably would have said it) I’ll eat my hat. Ah say I’ll eat my hat!
So the storyline with about as much credibility as an honest MP rolls on. Molly picks a bad day to tell Tyrone that she’s leaving him: it’s two years since Vera died. Tyrone tries to get her to stay but Molly drops some shocking news. Ryan, Sian and Michelle have to deal with her angry dad. David does his best to put potential buyers off buying his mum’s home. Becky and Steve’s marriage problems continue. Kevin’s trying not to think about what’s going on with Molly and Tyrone.
Tyrone jumps to the wrong conclusion when Molly moves in with Dev. Convinced they’re having an affair – it’s a bout of fisticuffs. Sophie’s horrified that Rosie’s still considering a boob job. Joe’s desperate for money, something Bill Webster notices. Joe walks straight into Rick and his heavy.Can he give them the slip?
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Anna proudly shows off photos of Gary in uniform
The factory workers set up a collection for Sally
Sian leaves Weatherfield

w/e Friday Jan 22
So – who watched Kieron Richardson on Dancing On Ice? Best known as Ste Hay, he’s said the glitz of his ice-skating outfits is rather "refreshing". On the night he skated to Beat Again – he nailed his routine and was given 17.5 points. As usual, Jason Gardiner was a bitch but that’s what he’s there for.
Life goes on and in Hollyoaks. Zoe prepares to film Hannah in hospital, but she can’t bring herself to eat. Lauren and Gaz kiss. Gilly makes a romantic gesture and proposes to Cheryl. Tony’s convinced that Cindy will get bored of the boutique. Cindy has a go at him over his attitude. Leo and Carmel are convinced that she’s pregnant. Rhys tries to make things up with Hannah. Cheryl wants to know what Neville and Suzanne will say about the wedding.
Steph is struggling with all the changes in her life. The Ashworths head home and Rhys finally reconciles with Hannah. Steph’s left reeling when she discovers that Cheryl’s apparently pregnant. Malachy has doubts about his relationship with Mercedes. Cheryl makes a devastating decision… and so does Fernando. The graduate have a serious think about going travelling. Calvin gets a big shock – divorce papers. He sees Cheryl and the two sad friends share a kiss.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Malachy encourages Mercedes to throw a sickie
Elliot’s frustrations towards Sheila grow
Carmel surprises Calvin

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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30 Responses to EastEnders’ Pat suffers a heart attack

  1. Christine says:

    Well I can\’t wait to watch the soaps this week going by what is written above, there should be some good laughs. And what you said about Mark Wylde on Emmerdale above I have been saying for weeks that he seems to be suffering from constipation – of the mouth more like. Terrible acting. but this week should turn up some hilarious moments. Hope Sian isn\’t leaving for Corrie good.And that woman, (never any good at names) thats after Ashley cor didn\’t she look evil when she threatened Ashley that she wasn\’t leaving the village when he said she needs to move on. I say she must be the next one to commit murder in Emmerdale but will she get away with it. Or maybe she will kidnap Ashley and make him her sex slave. Yes I think she is so frustrated that could be a story line and keep him in the belfry in the church.

  2. liz says:


  3. Ishan says:

    yukkkkk oughhhh

  4. kira says:

    you the are really good in eastenders i love it its better then emmerdale my sisiter things to it so amazing can i ask a queseston who killed arcie

  5. kira says:

    why is eastenders so good

  6. kira says:

    i just like it

  7. - βяσɢαи Яιℓɛʏ says:

    who thinks killed archie in eastenders ????

  8. harpreet. says:

    no one knows who killed archie yet\’but i think it was Jack, cos i dont think it showed that he was interviewd by the police.

  9. hannah says:

    I\’m glad roxy got the pub, but i love tracey..dont want her to get fired

  10. Lois says:

    im glad that roy got the pub… i bet sam murdered archie coz she was missing one of her fake finger nails when ronnie found were she was hiding, janine should be locked up any way coz of all her blackmailing and shes always planning something devious!

  11. Erin says:

    it wasnt sam cos u saw her scrappring the nail varnish of her nail with her finger at the end of that programme so it wasnt her obviously

  12. Minzy says:

    ughhhhhhhh omg i just h8 janine she annoys me so much! :@ yay! roxy got the pub fi janine got it it would hav bn so sad :\'(

  13. Robert says:

    Well iam sorry but what is the point in watching the soaps now when we know what is going to happen!!?? Totally pointless in watching once you know whats going to happen next!!!!!! p.s Glad roxy got the vic i agree with you Ameena!! 🙂

  14. Holliiee says:

    Apparenlty, Though – Peggys ment to be leaving, before summer… ? – how will she go? – Death?! – Hope she stays untill she is 100! – she is amazing, and im happy, Roxy got the Pub aand Janine DIDNT! WOO. 😀 – hope that got you informed! – It was me. 😀

  15. Paige says:

    she dies peggy dose janine kills her

  16. Holliiee says:

    You find out who Killed Archie – 25th January. – or 25th Febuary. – Most likley – January, 25th. – hopw that lets you know.

  17. zobia says:

    omg eastendrs is finagettin excting but there drathe mrder thing on oo long i thinkthey hould just tell us plus i cant ait till ronn roxys bro comes i hope hes good looking LOL

  18. Safiiyah says:

    nope you find out who killed archie on the 25th of February the live episode for the 25th aniversary

  19. june says:

    it could be his wife but there again pat was dodgy tonight wasnt she

  20. Ellis says:

    im glad natsha killed him. its only right. she has her dignity to protect!! i would do the same thing!

  21. Hanz says:

    everybody knows that it was Ben who killed Archie!

  22. Sylvia says:

    i was sorry to see mark killed of and as for archie he deserved what he got and i think peggy done him in from Sylvie Robertson

  23. Lorne says:

    Well well the mitchells have the vic back again how predictable, proving that Eastenders is getting dull, boring and lack originality. Once peggy leaves get rid of the mitchells and let a new family have the vic.

  24. andrew says:

    peggy doesnt die she laves in charlis cab saw it on alan car she leavesbecause she finds out phil AND GRANT killed archie and grant is hiding in the sqaure and then rozy and ronnie go and live with thier mum and billi runs the pup and messes it up sells it and janine gets it in the end

  25. Tom says:

    i killed archie you fools

  26. vincent says:

    Don\’t be daft, it\’s obvious who killed Archie…………………it was Darren….he gets the blame for everything!

  27. Kevin says:

    it was all a dream and archie comes walkin into the vic

  28. Hanz says:

    lol at kevin

  29. Gillian says:

    It was a stupid story line anway. It was so good i can\’t remeber who killed him anymore. That\’s all Eastenders is about people having affairs and killing each other whilst stealing money and stuff.

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