Tracy Barlow’s returning to Corrie!

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  
Big news – breaking news! Actress Kate Ford, better known as Tracy Barlow, is set to return to Coronation Street! This coming spring, viewers will see Tracy in prison where she’ll tangle with another well-loved Corrie character.
Tracy is the biological daughter of Deirdre and Ray Langton. She is Ken Barlow’s adopted daughter and is currently serving a jail sentence for murdering her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs. ITV’s Coronation Street site reports that after this initial first stint, which will last a couple of months, Tracy will be back in Weatherfield again at the end of the year.
It’s a pity that we’ve lost the wonderful Maggie Jones, who so brilliantly played Tracy’s grandmother Blanche Hunt. But knowing that we’ll be seeing this soap bitch again is a bit of a consolation. How do you feel about Tracy Barlow’s imminent return? Do you think it’s good for the show? Have your say by leaving a comment.
Don’t forget to enter this week’s caption competition – can you make us all laugh? I’ll be back again on January 13.

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34 Responses to Tracy Barlow’s returning to Corrie!

  1. carol and steve says:

    How on earth can she come out of jail yet, she`s in for murder.

  2. Sheila says:

    Hey, of course she can come out of prison! This is Britain, don\’t you know. Life only means a short time, a few years! Most lifers don\’t spend a whole life in prison these days.

  3. Unknown says:

    thats about right let her out send her on holiday give her a playstation 3 thats what the goverment does with chriminals after all and yes i do know its only soap but its true thats what they do

  4. spangle says:

    She was never a convincing character to start off with and she\’s not much of an actress to be honest. We could do with a few new characters instead of regurgitating the old boring ones. Get rid of Rosie Webster too – they\’re both from the same school of poor actresses….. *sigh* Corrie\’s best for it\’s humour so give us a few laughs instead of the impending groans – please!

  5. mark says:

    Another stupid storyline ,non of the soaps know how the prison system works anyway ,all the writers live in LA-LA land and never research anything .

  6. ann says:

    corrie must be scrapeing the pub for the dregs never liked her and they must be desparate to have to bring her back, thought we had seen the last of her, thought she had been put away for life

  7. Judi says:

    BORING … BORING … BORING … Why, oh why do the script writers think we want soap characters being brought back when we were SOOOOO pleased to see the back of them in the first place? So, Tracy Barlow is going to have a fight with another character in prison. Normally that would mean a \’ black mark\’ against her and she would have \’time\’ added for bad behaviour. Not in soapland though. She is back in Coronation Street by the end of the year. HOW RIDICULOUS!PLEASE … can someone more savvy with computers than me start a facebook or twitter campaign to stop this and any future \’repeat\’ story lines in soaps. I live in hope.

  8. wendy says:

    Oh no, don\’t bring Tracey back. Not a convincing actress. Why spoil corrie, keep it real, she\’s in prison for murder. Please, let her stay there.

  9. allknowingsunset88 says:

    I agree bringing tracey back in my opinon serves no purpose, possible story lines may include what? fighting in the street with becky? wanting to get her daughter back? if steve and becky do have a baby possibly telling amy her dad doesn\’t want her? and of course her sleeping with someone but whom? Nothing against Kate Ford as the problem is with the character and the soap in general bringing back several character and a lack of gripping story lines (I was not impressed by kevin and molly or the joe and gail storyline). They really need to do a major rethink of what they are trying to achieve with the soap, considering it was the first and made way for more surely it should not be relying on bringing in new characters and using horrible storylines with several characters as they are doing at the moment.

  10. allknowingsunset88 says:

    sorry I mean bringing in old characters and using horrid storylines

  11. Rachel says:


  12. a says:

    O.M.G who the hell likes corrie? Tracy or whoever is an ugly looking chick to say the least BOAK.

  13. john says:

    there are enough ugly cows in the programme as it stands. deidre,liz, michelle. what a pathetic bunch of script writers.

  14. Richard says:

    There are too many bitches in Corrie already. Liz McDonald, Michelle (please get rid of her especially) and that son of Frankenstein of hers – he only wants a bolt through his neck to be the part, Janice Battersby with the voice of sandpaper – the whole thing is degrading into a Whitehall farce. The scriptwriters REALLY want to take a good look at their storyline. Bringing Tracey Barlow back is just another utterly ridiculous scenario. Has she got out of a life sentence with a couple of years good behaviour or what ?? Are they so desperate that they cannot breathe new life into Corrie and bring some new blood in without dragging all the old stuff up – like bringing Dev\’s wife back again ????? There should be a rule – once your out – you\’re OUT and don\’t come back. I rarely watch Corrie nowadays. You can miss it for weeks and come back and have missed nothing. The only good true to life situation now is with Sally\’s cancer situation and how it is affecting the Webster family.

  15. lesley says:

    It\’s time all the soaps stopped these long running bits of rubbish; we are thoroughly sick of em. And as for bringing back has beens: PLEASE DO NOT. WE DON\’T NEED EM; what we need is new fodder, not rehashed scrap.

  16. Richard says:

    I\’ve already commented about Tracy coming back (see below) but one other gripe I MUST air here. Please get rid of Janice Battersby. She has a voice like a foghorn and a mouth as big as the Mersey Tunnel. Someone would have put her character\’s lights out in real life by now in the real world. But then again – what has Corrie to do with the real world anyway these days ?

  17. Storm says:

    sounds…like FUN

  18. David says:

    I hope she doesn\’t come back : she is a bad actress playing an unbelieveable character.

  19. Vicky says:

    Well, at least they are keeping with reality – letting murderers out of prison left, right, and centre.

  20. cathy says:

    all i can say is… OH MY GOD!!! I cant stand her, sorry but she is just 1 person i want to jump into the programme to and give a right good pasteing, please dont bring her back!!

  21. Mel says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!! I LOVE IT. im glad shez cumin bac, shes a GREAT ACTRESS!!!

  22. Jenny says:

    glad to have you back tracy,to get some life back into the street again ,honestly, we\’ve missed you , you are a damned good actress, to other comments by readers,dont forget this is only drama ,and not real life,if an actress can make you this angry,then she can only be a good one…….WELCOME BACK TRACY

  23. Jenny says:

    i wish they would write out/off ken barlowe, he is so boring and conceited and brings no spark into the street whatsoever…PLEASE GET RID OF HIM AND DO US ALL A FAVOUR..

  24. alan says:

    It will be great to see Tracy back, but Blanche will take some replacing. A big part of Corries success is the humour.. Please find a good character. We will miss Blanches great one liners Norris cant do it all… Alan blackburn

  25. Rach says:

    omg i love Tracy! Her character brought lif to the street and I was gutted when she went to prison. I was really hoping she would come back 🙂

  26. gilly says:

    Kate Ford often comes to the health spa where l work with her mother to be pampered and l miss her in Corrie….she in real life is a lovely girl very polite and sweet ………. so therefore a great actress…………..l have met her several times over the last few years…….. and yes l am thrilled to see her again in Corrie………………………..

  27. marie says:

    yep! we are all so pleased at tracy\’s return, shes an epic actress, thats a nice bit of new year news, we were all gutted when she left the street,as we were when her love rival karen mcdonald went, i can honestly say that they were 2 of the greatest actresses to EVER set foot on those cobbled streets.WELCOME BACK< LONG MAY YOU REMAIN WE SAY<ALL 5 of

  28. marie says:

    shame we cant have that GORGEOUS EYE CANDY CHARLIE STILL ON< TUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.NEVER MIND<LOVED HIM >NOW HE WAS EASY ON THE EYE! lmao.

  29. jackie says:

    i think its a brilliant idea!! loved her!! can\’t wait she was fab!!

  30. sylvia says:

    I think that it would be good to see tracy back in the street for her daughter and her mum and it will spice up the street to.

  31. Teri says:

    omg i spy fireworks when tracy meets becky cant wait this shall be about asfun as when charity came back to emerdale =D

  32. Beverley says:

    It is so unfortunate that Blanche will not be there to welcome Tracey home. I can just imagine the kind of comments that would rolling off that razor sharp tounge, she is such a loss. If your going to be insulted, it always helps if it can be done with style and wisdom. She is totally irreplaceable! God rest her cantankerous soul!! But, we always have the showdown between Tracy and Becky to look forward to. Now that will be an episode not to be missed!

  33. Rubii says:

    cant wait. shes such a laugh lol . 😉 But i feel sorry for steve x LOL x she\’ll cause trouble somehow!!!! x Congrats beckkyy x

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