EastEnders’ Archie Mitchell Gets His Comeuppance

EastEnders w/e Friday December 25

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.

 Well soapsters, it’s the beginning of an intense week of drama on EastEnders, as we gear up for another Albert Square ‘whodunnit.’ Yes, this is the week that we say goodbye (or good riddance) to Archie Mitchell as he gets his final comeuppance for all the trouble he’s caused since arriving in Walford. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly gonna miss him; there’s no getting away from it, Larry Lamb’s character has brought some much needed drama to EastEnders and his departure – along with that  of the legendary Barbara Windsor – will leave a gaping big hole in the show. I wonder who they’ll get to fill it? Maybe X factor runner up Olly Murs?  Apparently he’s got dreams of appearing on EastEnders with the Mitchell family. In a recent interview with Metro he stated:"I’d confront Phil over something in the bar that would be real fun."  Yeah, that would be real fun Olly, but the only problem is that the Mitchells no longer own The Vic…Let’s find out what’s happening on Albert Square this week…

Archie turns up at The Vic in an attempt to mediate with his daughters. Elsewhere, Mo struggles with the kids at the nativity rehearsals. Pat receives a mystery call. Bradley and Stacey return from their holiday and discuss their future together. The Mitchells are on the verge of losing The Vic to Archie; Phil holds Ian responsible. Meanwhile, Ronnie heads upstairs for an early night but as she does, she doubles over in agony. Will her baby survive? Elsewhere, Bradley searches for a job. Peggy continues selling raffle tickets. Christian reveals all about his affair with Syed. The adults replace the kids in the nativity and it’s an awkward moment when Heather and Darren are cast as Mary and Joseph. Elsewhere, Christian says goodbye to Jane. The Mitchells wake on Christmas Day in various houses across Walford while Janine and Archie celebrate. Peggy’s enraged by what Archie’s done to her and her family…Archie’s manipulative conduct catches up with him as he receives numerous visitors and one ends his calculating ways forever…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Stacey collapses
The Mitchells are forced out of The Vic
The Square comes to terms with Archie’s murder

Coronation Street w/e Friday

Ever wondered what happened to ex Corrie star Sean Wilson who played Gail’s ex hubby Martin Platt? Well, apparently he’s launched a new career as a cheese maker. In a recent interview with This Is Nottingham, Wilson hinted that he still hasn’t forgiven the soap bosses over the storyline dispute which led to him bowing out as Martin Platt in 2005. Wilson explained:"I didn’t think they gave me as much respect as my 21 years on the show deserved. They would have to be very persuasive if they wanted me back."  Wilson hasn’t ruled out an acting comeback for the future, so who knows, perhaps someday we’ll see him back on the cobbles.

On with the show…Joe tells Tina that he and Gail have finally set a wedding date. Tina’s  wonders if Jason still has feelings for Sarah. Meanwhile, Sally and Kevin return from Paris. Sophie discoveres that Ben made a pass at Michelle. Elsewhere, Tina’s angry when Jason confesses that he’s not divorced. Meanwhile, Ashley realises that he can’t commit to the panto and pulls out. Becky and Claire bully Steve into taking the part of Prince Charming. Molly finds herself sidelined for Kevin’s family. Meanwhile, the dress rehearsals for the panto take place and Becky’s not best pleased with the scene where Steve has to kiss Claire. Elsewhere, Sophie’s baptism takes place and she’s touched when Sian says that she’ll be her baptism partner after what happened with Ben. Gail’s delighted when Nick returns home. Meanwhile, Kevin and Molly are about to tell their partners about their affair but Sally drops a shock bombshell on Kevin.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Tina’s furious by Jason’s admission
Kevin’s stunned by Sally’s shock revelation
Tina kisses Nick Tilsley in a bar

Emmerdale w/e Friday December 25

Soaps wouldn’t be soaps without the unbelievable occurring from time to time, and Emmerdale promises to provide us with  just that this week with a forthcoming twist which will see the warring Cain and Charity Dingle become engaged…yes, I said engaged! Now, how on earth did that happen I hear you all asking? Haven’t they been at each others throats over the last few weeks over that stolen money? Well, yes they have, but stranger romantic pairings have happened in the soaps, (Corrie’s Kevin and Molly for example) whether the passionate pair will make it down the aisle, however, remains to be seen…back to the rest of the weeks action…

Sally’s discovers that Laurel used to organise the church carol service…a plan forms in her mind. Meanwhile, Ashley thanks Sally for her kindness and apologises for pushing her away. Has Sally managed to reel Ashley back in? Elsewhere, Ryan’s delighted when Maisie offers to help him buy a Christmas present for Katie. Terry rises to the challenge and prepares a dinner party for Val and Pollard. Meanwhile, Jamie hides his disappointment when he arrives at the pub to find that Gennie isn’t there. Debbie’s shocked to see that Cain’s back. Elsewhere, Sally continues to tend to Ashley. Cain learns of Carl’s attack on Debbie. Meanwhile, Natasha’s suspicious of Mark’s obsession with making Christmas perfect. Ashley’s filled with sadness as Doug picks up Gabby to take her to be with Laurel for Christmas Day. Meanwhile at the garage, Debbie pulls out the holdall of money and pours petrol over it. Elsewhere, Mark’s clearly over-indulged on Christmas presents for his family. Nicola and Jimmy enjoy a quiet family Christmas. Paddy and Aaron head to the Barns’ for the rest of Christmas day after the drama at the Dingle’s. Meanwhile, Adam’s uncomfortable when Aaron arrives at Butlers.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Ashley’s grateful for Sally’s kindness
Lisa decides to pose for the life class
Charity casually proposes to Cain

Hollyoaks w/e Friday December 23

Ricky Whittle’s character Calvin Valentine is to be shot dead at the end of the Hollyoaks ‘flash-forward’ episode, which is set in May 2010. The 28-year-old actor and runner up  of Strictly Come Dancing 2009, has announced that he’s hoping to secure roles in the US after he completes work on Hollyoaks. Meanwhile, on the decision to kill Calvin off, the Hollyoaks star commented: "It wasn’t my idea to die, though – as an actor you always want that safety net of being able to come back to it! I joked, ‘Could he not just upset someone, go on holiday for a while or move away?’ Then he could come back in a year’s time if Ricky’s not working!" 

On with the show…Malachy’s angry after discovering Mercedes and Calvin’s affair. Josh tries to talk Hannah into coming home for Christmas. Myra accosts Duncan and Ricky, wanting to know where her luxury hamper is. Hannah’s on a keep fit drive. A frantic Mercedes knocks at Calvin’s door and tells him she thinks Malachy knows about their affair. Newt and Leila are puzzled by Rae’s non arrival at Relish. Meanwhile, when Anita mentions that she heard about Hannah being sick, Hannah panics that her secret’s out. Elsewhere, Duncan leads Ricky to the shack where he’s confronted with the stolen gifts from under the Secret Santa tree at the Dog. Hannah’s apprehensive when Anita calls round. Mercedes and Calvin are awkward but desperate to talk to each other. Rae and Newt’s animosity towards each other continues. Theresa’s anticipating the arrival of her mum after she’s released from prison. Although Hannah’s returned for Christmas, all’s not well in the Ashworth house. Meanwhile, having told Hannah to leave, Darren’s left on his own for Christmas.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Malachy struggles with Mercedes’ betrayal
Anita confronts Hannah
Darren throws Hannah out

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