The Return Of EastEnders Steve Owen?

There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.  Hey soapsters, how would you like to see Martin Kemp return to EastEnders as the infamous Steve Owen? That’s not possible, I hear you all saying, cos Steve died in a car explosion back in 2002.  Well, that may be true, but apparently the Spandau Ballet star has admitted that he’s eager to return to the show.

In an interview with Closer magazine, Martin Kemp recently stated: "Working on EastEnders was the best job I ever had. I want the producers to ring me up and get me back on the show…Steve was blown up, but I could come back as his evil twin!"

Can you believe that guys…Kemp hankering for a return to the set of EastEnders. You’d think that the recent success of Spandau Ballet’s reunion would be enough to keep the ex Walford star busy, but it would appear that he’s slowly changing his tune about the possibility of a return to the show.

Back in 2006 the Spandau star said that Steve should never rise from the dead, saying: "You can’t come back after dying in a explosion. I couldn’t go back like that." 

But should Kemp consider going back to EastEnders? Well, Dirty Den returned to Albert Square after we’d all been led to believe that he’d kicked the bucket, and how about that classic moment in the hit 1980s soap, Dallas, when the supposedly dead Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower alive and well…It just goes to show that anything’s possible in soap land.

But I tell you what, if Martin Kemp were to ever appear in EastEnders (even as Steve Owen’s evil twin), I think that his return would certainly go down in soap history as ‘the’ most unbelievable soap comeback of all time.

So, what do you think guys, should Martin Kemp consider a return to Albert Square? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

That’s all for now, the results of the  caption competition will be announced on Friday. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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4 Responses to The Return Of EastEnders Steve Owen?

  1. dorothy says:

    i would love to see Martin Kemp back in Eastenders again…..but not to be evil, he is too gorgeous for that.give him a good story line, people can be nice and not bad all the time.

  2. Ellen says:

    yer i would like to see him back in eastenders but not evil, they dont all have to be evil .

  3. joe says:

    I probably have a plan how the character could return from the dead. Let\’s say that after Phil saved baby louise from the car, Steve starts shouting for help, Phil runs back for him, and even though we don\’t see it, there could have been a trap door underneath where Steve was calling for Phil, and then a road drain hole. Steve could have opened the trap door, climb down the pipe and escape from the car and before it explodes. After that, you could say there was a man stuck in the shop next to the car and everyone would think it was Steve. That\’s one way of doing it.

  4. joe says:

    I currently have 6 theories how Steve Owen could have escaped from the car without us seeing it. I\’ll try and set up a page on the internet and place my theories in. Anyone who wants to add there theories, your more than welcome.

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