EastEnders’ Lucus Johnson Strikes Again!

EastEnders w/e Friday November 27

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out…

Hey guys here’s a bit of good news. According to reports in The Sun, Peggy Mitchell will not be killed off when Babs Windsor leaves EastEnders. A source told the newspaper: "Barbara has such a fondness for Peggy that she genuinely wants to play her again. She doesn’t want the character killed off. Producers understand that." The source claims that the veteran actress is keen to reprise the role in 2012,stating that Windsor may return full-time, but is more likely to come back for "special storylines".

So, if the reports in The Sun are true, we’ll definitely be seeing more of Peggy Mitchell in the future. Great news! But sadly the same can’t be said for EastEnders’ ex con Owen Turner, cos this is the week he meets his maker (with a little bit of help from murderous man-of- the-cloth, Lucus Johnson, of course). And can I say that this storyline is completely ridiculous? Honestly, talk about a lack of credibility. 

It’s the week of Lucus and Denise’s wedding. A wedding – we all know the unwritten soap rule about them, don’t we? The drama unfolds as Owen finds out that Lucus murdered Trina. Intent on stopping Lucus and Denise from saying "I do", Owen tries to disrupt the proceedings. But when Lucus eventually catches up with him, let’s just say that there are ‘grave’ consequences… Sigh.

Also on ‘Enders this week… fretting over Sam’s whereabouts, Peggy leaves a panicky message on Grant’s phone (if only Ross Kemp would come back!). Meanwhile, a mystery man arrives on the Square in search of Phil. Jordan’s upset that everyone’s forgotten about Trina.

Masood’s intrigued when Amira receives a letter demanding rent, and another from HM Prison Service. Amira’s forced to look for another flatmate. Jordan’s upset when the council denies permission to plant ‘A Tree for Trina’. Also, Libby begs Owen to leave Lucas and Denise alone so that they can enjoy their wedding. Phil admits that he went to a loan shark. Peggy’s fuming when she discovers that Phil’s sold the Arches to Pat. Masood’s furious with Ian and his hot tub. Owen storms Denise’s hen night and screams at her not to marry Lucas. Later, Owen confronts Lucas and informs him that he knows about Trina’s bracelet…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Libby visits Owen in prison
Phil realises he’s in over his head
Roxy asks Dr Al on a date

Emmerdale w/e Friday November 27

I’m a bit upset to pass on the news that resident love rat Mark Wylde, played by Maxwell Caulfield, is set to leave Emmerdale in an explosive storyline in the New Year. Series Producer Gavin Blyth said: "The highly anticipated departure of Mark Wylde has given us scope for a fantastic exit storyline over the winter months that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats." Blyth added: "This is the final act to be played out for Mark Wylde and it’s guaranteed to be as unpredictable and explosive as when any major character leaves Emmerdale." Such a shame – Mark’s so cheesy that I got a perverted enjoyment out of him.

While we wait for Mark’s departure, this week Charity successfully steals the swipe card from Cain’s wallet and heads to the storage unit. Meanwhile Cain uncovers Charity’s plan. Marlon chickens out of telling Paddy about his feelings for Moira… will he continue to hide his feelings? Debbie’s gutted when she comes home to find a furious Cain throwing Charity and Noah’s belongings into the street… has Charity blown it for good this time? Nikhil and Jai wonder whether Laurel’s fit enough to return to work.  

Cain’s furious when he finds out Charity’s been staying at Marlon’s. Infuriated by the way he’s been treated by Charity, Cain forces the money on her, before leaving the village. again in the pub. Meanwhile, Charity stuns Marlon and Chas when she reveals that she wants Cain and not the money… is Charity finally being truthful? Priya’s finding it hard being supervisor… will she live up to her brothers’ expectations? Mark tells Faye that he wants her and that he loves her.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Cain’s seething by Charity’s betrayal
Marlon confesses his feelings for Moira
Mark’s annoyed when he sees Jai and Faye together

Coronation Street w/e Friday November 27

Hey soapsters, just a little bit of an update on Maggie Jones’ condition. If you recall, last month the actress (who plays Blanche Hunt) was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery following a recent health scare. According to show boss Kim Crowther: "Maggie is making a slow and steady recovery…" As to when she’ll be returning, Ms Crowther added: "Hopefully Maggie will be with us when she can be." Here on A Slice Of Soap we wish Maggie a speedy recovery. I hope she knows that the show isn’t half as entertaining when she’s not in it.

Back to this week’s drama and Maria tells Carla that Tony confessed to Liam’s murder. Carla feigns ignorance. Sally’s furious as the garage books appear to show miscellaneous expense claims. Steve realises that Dev’s having secret golf lessons. The police question Carla about Tony: does he plan to take her down with him?

The factory girls are stunned to see Carla back at the helm at Underworld. Claire accuses Amy of teaching Joshua swear words. Tony’s charged with Liam’s murder. Sally nearly catches Kevin and Molly (when will this storyline be over? When will we be free of it?). Michelle wants to know if Carla knew that Tony killed Liam. At The Rovers, Becky’s stunned when Claire calls a truce.

Lloyd begs Teresa to try and get on with Liz for his sake. John’s pleased when Rosie tells him that she’s thinking of returning to college… does Rosie have an ulterior motive? Well, of course she does. Michelle and Ryan prepare to face Liam’s killer. Gail and Audrey sit down for a heart-to-heart. 

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Audrey’s invited to the Weatherfield Council Xmas party
Aunty Pam urges Molly to keep trying with Tyrone
Tony appears in court

Hollyoaks w/e Friday November 27

If, by any chance, you were expecting to see Stone Cold Sober singer Paloma Faith in Hollyoaks, don’t hold your breath. Apparently she has revealed that she would never appear on the show because she thinks it’s "rubbish". In a recent interview, she said: "I was on their music show – had I been offered a part on Hollyoaks, I would have firmly declined it because it’s rubbish." Oh dear. Paloma won’t be making a cameo appearance on Hollyoaks any time soon. Ricky Whittle, on the other hand, continues to do well in Strictly Come Dancing. He finished top of the leader board again. Can he do it?

Back to Hollyoaks and this week, Mercedes has her forthcoming routine HIV check-up, but she tells Malachy that she wants to go alone. Newt finds himself the unwanted centre of attention at school. Darren receives a frosty reception from Jack after his involvement in Tom’s drunken encounter. Steph and Frankie bump into a slightly scruffy-looking Loretta as they walk through the village. Holly’s kicked out of after school club; Cindy’s fuming. The atmosphere between Malachy and Mercedes is tense; he continues to reassure her that the results will be fine.

Dominic appears with a live goat dressed as Rudolph, Tony’s less than impressed. Jake’s finding it hard to come to terms with his break-up. Amy’s reluctant to spend time with her children, despite Ste trying to persuade her. Dominic’s out for revenge after the incident with the goat. Lydia’s terrified when she hears that Mike’s going to visit Zoe in prison. Hannah tries to encourage Darren to apologise to Cindy and tell her that it was him who saved Holly’s life. Meanwhile, as Mercedes and Malachy celebrate in The Loft, a heartbroken Calvin watches from a distance…

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Newt and Gaz come to blows
Holly’s electrocuted
Loretta walks out on Jake

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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