Enders’ Owen and Ronnie share a smooch

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out…

EastEnders w/e Friday 13 November

Before we come to the little matter of Owen and Ronnie’s kiss, a small spoiler Alert! It’s about Lucas so if you don’t want to know, stop reading now.

Apparently, man of the cloth Lucas Johnson is gonna commit another murder at the end of the month. This time, it’s Denise’s ex Owen Turner.

In a one-hour episode, Lucas – played by Babyfather actor Don Gilet – reaches boiling point with Owen on his wedding day to Denise. Soaps and serial killers, eh? And yet another wedding that just isn’t going to go smoothly. Can’t think of the last one that did…

Back to this week’s action and Janine confronts Archie. Ronnie questions Owen about his feelings for Denise and one thing leads to another and then the pair share a kiss, before heading to the bedroom… Roxy warns Owen to stay away from Ronnie. Max takes an ominous phone call. Lucas tells Owen that he has a week to leave Walford. Denise confronts Ronnie about Owen. Jay takes Lucy to a self-defence lesson with Owen. Abi and Jordan continue to raise money for ‘A Tree for Trina’.

Lucy tries to work out who attacked her.  Max tells Peggy that Ray believes the fire was an inside job. Lucy and Jay share a kiss – and who didn’t see this coming? Lucy thinks that her father’s having a breakdown. Sam catches Ricky and Bianca in a compromising position in the back of a van. Libby tells Darren that she doesn’t think she’s clever enough to be at Oxford. Bianca sees Sam flirting with Jack. Lucas reports Owen to the police.  Sam tries to end her relationship with Jack. 

Also on EastEnders this week:
Pat finds out about Peggy and Archie
Ian tries to arrange a boys night out
Owen’s arrested for breaching his licence

Emmerdale w/e Friday 13 November

Rumours say that former Emmerdale actress Hayley Tamaddon has signed up for Dancing On Ice in 2010. The 32-year-old, who played Delilah Dingle, is said to have agreed to pull on her skating boots. It’s not her first stint on a talent show – she finished in second place on Soapstar Superstar (remember that?) in 2007. I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starts this Sunday and you just know there’ll be an ex soap star there too.

On Emmerdale this week, David starts to get suspicious when he sees Leyla with Nathan. Laurel has the hangover from hell but is unsure how she managed to get so drunk. Debbie pops round to see Chas; they have a bit of a natter about how well Charity and Cain are getting on. Meanwhile, Leyla confesses all to David who decides to go to Home Farm and confront Nathan. He rescues Leyla and then punches Nathan.

Will and Belle discover a scared Ukrainian woman hiding inside the barn. She’s going to stick out like a sore thumb in the Village – that’s for sure. A bruised Nathan returns home to an interrogation from mum and dad. Meanwhile, Sally menacingly positions the heater closer to the vestry curtain and locks the door… Laurel’s trapped inside the church! Yikes! Priya’s made up when newly-single David takes up her offer to go out for a drink. Laurel’s stunned to see that the church is on fire but when she tries to escape, the door’s locked…

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Doug tries to persuade Leyla not to quit
Brenda and Val are at loggerheads
Terry finds Val and Pollard in bed

Coronation Street w/e Friday 13 November

So I’m still digesting the news that Coronation Street actress Tupele Dorgu is quitting after five years. I think it’s a real shame that the writers squandered a chance to do more with her, instead writing junk like Molly and Kevin’s vomit-inducing affair. Some say that she wasn’t a very good actress but I don’t think she was given much of a chance to show what she really could do. Let’s hope that if she comes back, they correct that.

The Tony Gordon storyline is edging closer to its climax. Hayley takes over the relief manager’s job at the factory and the gossip about Tony continues.

Meanwhile, Roy’s also feeling the heat and is unable to stop thinking about Tony’s hospital confession. David’s not very impressed when he overhears Joe and Gail discussing their engagement. Joe gets a knock on the door from a mean-looking debt-collector. Fiz skives off work to clean the house in readiness for John’s home-coming. Jack confronts Connie about the fact that he keeps hearing her at his bedroom door. 

Sally’s furious when she spots John carrying his new wife across the threshold. Molly tells Kevin that she’s fed-up of pretending there’s nothing between them – she wants him to leave Sally. Fiz and John wake up to discover that someone’s painted all their windows black. Jesse and Julie meet in secret for another kids’ party. Steve arrives back from his honeymoon. Eileen’s gutted when Eddie tells her that Jesse has been secretly meeting up with Julie.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Maria demands answers from Roy
John’s released from prison
Tyrone tells Kirk that it’s time he found somewhere else to live

Hollyoaks w/e Friday 13 November

As you may have heard, Hollyoaks co-stars Ricky Whittle and Carley Stenson have ended their two-year relationship. They’d been dating since October 2007. A Hollyoaks spokesperson confirmed: "Carley Stenson and Ricky Whittle have announced their decision to separate. The pair remain good friends but do not wish to comment any further." Ricky’s currently competing in Strictly Come Dancing… let’s hope he proves luckier on the dance floor than he’s been with love…

So this week in Hollywoodoaks – something that’s happened to me! Zak spills coffee all over Michaela’s laptop. In my case, it was fatal but Michaela tells him to buy a new one, or he’s dumped. Jake pesters Loretta to meet up again. Kris plans a responsibility free day and joins Zak for some fun in the SU Bar. Theresa gets a rejection letter from a modelling agency. Jacqui makes up with Des and hopes things will work out between them. Michaela’s sick of being skint; she tries to think of ways to double her income. Suzanne’s concerned about Hannah. Michaela’s still convinced that Zak’s a gigolo after seeing him take money from Frankie Osborne.

Elsewhere, Rhys is surprised when Anita calls round, wanting to speak to them about Hannah. Leila’s still angry after discovering that Anita’s made the whole thing up about having an eating disorder. Nancy, Hannah, Kris and Darren are caught up in the disaster re-enactment at HCC and are increasingly uncomfortable as they await rescue. Hannah turns up on Darren’s doorstep and announces that she’s moving in. Anita’s ashamed now her anorexia lie is out and Nancy’s out of her mind with worry as Charlie goes missing.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Jacqui’s on the lookout for another job
Theresa makes amends with Anita
Kris wants to prove himself to Nancy

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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1 Response to Enders’ Owen and Ronnie share a smooch

  1. susan says:

    i feel ronni and jack should be together as they made a lovely couple at least jack said he would have a babe

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