Enders’ Sam cheats on Ricky with Jack

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Friday October 16

We’re counting down to the departure of Danniella Westbrook as Sam Mitchell. And it looks like it won’t be a happy ending for her and Ricky. I’m honestly beginnning to wonder what was the point of bringing the character back.

It looks like she’s just intended to be some kind of roadblock to the eventual reunion of Ricky and Bianca.

But any old slapper could’ve done that – so why bother with Sam?

I guess it’s a cheap device because that’s all Sam Mitchell’s become now – just a plot device. They could never do that to Grant Mitchell. Anyway, she’s only been around five minutes and already Sam’s got herself entangled with someone else; Jack’s the (un)lucky man. Janine and Archie begin plotting Sam’s downfall.

Sam is touched when Janine offers support. But she keeps quiet about the fact that she is planning to persuade Sam to jump bail so the Mitchells lose everything – and Archie can swoop in and pick up the Vic. Darren drives into the Square in his new business venture – an ice cream van.

Tamwar tries to persuade his parents to resolve their differences. Stacey refuses to see Jean at the hospital. Patrick confronts Owen and gives him an ultimatum. Heather and Mo come up with a new business plan. Patrick’s forced to come clean about Owen’s return. Someone takes a photo of Christian and Syed. Janine and Ryan discuss their plan to double-cross Archie, unaware that he’s listening in.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Liz deals with Owen’s return
Charlie’s upset. It’s the anniversary of his late wife Viv’s death
Shirley’s still looking for a job

Emmerdale w/e Friday October 16 

Sian Reeves has revealed that her partner wishes she was more like her Dales character Sally Spode. Unhinged Sally will do anything to try and lure her old flame, married vicar Ashley Thomas, into her clutches. Sian told Inside Soap magazine: "My other half would love me to be more like Sally! Who wouldn’t want to be waited on hand and foot? I think she’d go to the extreme of putting Ashley’s socks on for him if he wanted."

Talking of which, Laurel airs her concerns to Ashley about Sally, who continues to play the woeful housewife. Gennie sparks Faye’s curiosity about Katie’s past. Chas heads off for her first day of work at the factory. Jai goes above Nikhil’s head by offering the haulage contract to the Kings. Faye tells Ryan to invite Katie round for dinner so that she can get to know her better.

Vincent arrives in the village for his meeting with Laurel. Natasha’s livid with Mark for showing too much interest in Katie’s meal with Ryan and Faye. Nikhil’s furious at Jai’s underhand buy-out of their father’s business and hands in his notice. Mark and Faye get awfully close…

Also on Emmerdale this week:
The Bishop pays Ashley a visit
Charity and Debbie scam Maisie
Holly continues to toy with Aaron

Coronation Street w/e Friday October 16 

I do like a bit of Corrie, but even I have to admit that the old soap has been treading water lately. Maybe Alison King’s return will bring some life on’t cobbles again. The actress makes her return as Carla Connor next week. Such a shame that Rob James-Collier left – the spark between those two was fantastic.

What do we have instead – Kevin and Molly. No where near being the same thing.

Lloyd regrets spending the night with Teresa. Well – duh! Why are the writers hooking him up with all the mashed-up women? No offence to them – but Kelly Crabtree is the way to go! I want to see more of her and Lloyd is the perfect way to do it. Sigh.

Anyway Tyrone’s upset with Molly. News of exactly where Leanne and Peter are planning to open their bar causes concern. Liz is furious about Lloyd and Teresa’s one night stand and takes it out on Teresa. Tyrone confides in Kevin that he thinks Molly’s having an affair – sigh.

Tony proposes to Maria on the first anniversary of her husband’s death. Not only that, but he does it at Liam’s graveside! The man has no shame. Liam’s mother Helen makes it clear that she disapproves of Tony and Maria’s relationship. Luke’s devastated when he hears that his deal with Carla has gone sour. In desperation, he tries to rekindle his relationship with Rosie. The Connors get a huge shock. Dev’s furious with Umed for getting involved with Teresa. Leanne gets a call from Carla wanting to know if it’s true that Tony and Maria are now an item.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Luke’s a worried man
Tony proposes to Maria
Helen and Barry arrive to see baby Liam

Hollyoaks w/e Friday October 16

In Strictly Come Dancing Ricky Whittle-watch this week, if you didn’t see the show, Oaks’ hunk danced a salsa to the Jackson 5’s Dancing Machine. He’s been top dog over the past couple of shows, but not this time. The routine was still good, but it wasn’t the showstopper we’ve become accustomed to. I think that next week, Ricky will be even more determined to get back on top of the leader board so I expect him to dance his heart out.

What did you make of the suicide storylines? There’s been discussion about this in the papers. Like it or not, it’s a valid subject – teenagers do go through with this for a variety of reasons. Soaps just have to make sure that they don’t cheapen issues for the sake of ratings. There – that’s my tuppence.

This week, Ravi and Leila realise running a house and looking after Anita’s not as easy as they initially thought. Newt’s recovering in hospital after his attempted suicide. Zak takes great delight in telling Sheila that Elliot’s fallen in love with her. Nancy’s adamant that she’s through with Hannah. Elsewhere, while Jake is interviewed by the police and protests his innocence, Nancy frets about Charlie’s safety. With her guilt over Newt’s attempted suicide mounting, Anita doesn’t want to return to school.

It’s the first anniversary of Tina’s death but the McQueens are all dealing with their grief separately. Anita wants to be friends with Theresa and apologises for kissing Newt. Sheila’s planned a team bonding, fancy dress event at The Loft. Sasha isn’t impressed with Mercedes’ new drinks order for The Loft. Hannah returns to find Charlie living back in the flat with Nancy. Dave’s bumps into Anita who’s lonely and looking for a mate. Leila’s struggling to keep the Roy household together.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Leila, Ravi and Anita throw a house party
Mercedes inadvertently attacks Sheila
Elliot and Sheila go public

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition 

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