Stacey Goes Off The Deep End In Enders

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s going on in the soaps this week? Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Friday October 9

Before we get on to poor Stacey’s problems, I still can’t get over Boris Johnson’s EastEnders cameo.

Talk about a load of hype over nothing. Typical politician; promise much, deliver little.

Apparently BoJo defended his appearance, claiming it was a worthwhile opportunity to promote arts and culture in the capital. I’ve heard it all now.

BoJo told BBC news: "To those who say it is not much of a matter to appear with Barbara Windsor, she is a landmark of our culture." Sounds like Boris is a bit star struck to me.

Back to the real business of the soap and Syed tells Zainab that Masood’s the bad boy. Jean finds a concerned Stacey watching Ryan’s every move out of the window. Sam realises that she needs a job. Max receives a stash of bills and final demands but work’s slow. Ronnie’s frustrated by Sam’s criticisms. Sam’s got Ronnie by the short and curlies; she tells her that she knows about the pregnancy plot.

Elsewhere, Archie watches a slightly disturbed Stacey in the café. Later, she threatens to cut him and accuses Ryan and Syd of attempting to drug her. Jean tries to calm her daughter down, but Stacey claims that her mum’s also working against her. Sam manages to get Phil to agree to give Ricky his job back at the Arches. Ronnie tells Peggy that she thinks she’s
pregnant. Stacey shakes and cries hysterically – she spirals out of control just as Bradley’s leaving for Canada. Elsewhere, a shock revelation stuns Ronnie to the core.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Zainab accuses Masood of having an affair
Syd tries to find someone to look after Sugar the dog
Sam sees an advert for a dance contest

Emmerdale w/e Friday October 9

And so Charity Tate’s back. The wedding was a typical soap wedding in that it didn’t go smoothly. If a wedding ever does in any soap from now on, that alone should make headlines. Charity Tate’s return to the Dales was seen by nearly eight million viewers, the soap’s highest audience since February. How cool is that? Bringing Charity Tate back might just turn out to be a shrewd move. Talking of Charity, Cain’s not impressed when he discovers a new lodger. Tension grows between Ashley and Laurel as Sally makes herself at home.

Weary of Marlon’s relentless moaning, Moira casually hands in her notice to an irritated Diane. Aaron attempts to make amends with the Bartons. Leyla starts to warm to Nathan, much to David’s dismay. Charity’s forced to make a major decision when the hostility with Cain reaches breaking point. Debbie’s forced to choose between her parents.

Chas and Carl’s return to the village is met with hostility from Aaron. Leyla’s got an extra £100 in her pay packet… does Nathan have another agenda? Aaron confesses to meddling with the brakes on Carl’s car, much to Adam’s horror. Mark returns from his golf trip and is surprised to learn that Ryan and Katie are an item.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Cain and Charity have a heart-to-heart
Diane makes Marlon suffer 
Aaron’s crushed by Chas’s rejection

Coronation Street w/e Friday October 9

I haven’t come across many fans of the Kevin/Molly bed-hopping. Not only does it test the bounds of human logic, but it’s pretty gross to watch too. However actress Vicky Binns, who plays Molly Dobbs, claims that she has some female viewers supporting the storyline. Speaking to the Coronation Street website, she said: "There re actually quite a few women who say ‘go for it’ – people are really taken by it." Taken ill? Yes, I’d believe that.

This week, our stomachs will be tested yet further. Not only are Kevin and Molly still doing the nasty, but Lloyd and Teresa have a moment too! Omigod!!! The residents get a surprise letter from John Stape saying that he and Fiz intend to live on the street. Kevin’s off with Molly again and lies to Sally. Roy and Hayley receive an invitation to Frankie Baldwin’s wedding in Romania (eh??!). Ashley’s frustrated because Claire still insists that he must have a vasectomy. Emily and Ken decide to throw a joint birthday party in the Rovers (where else?).

Sally’s in full flow at the ‘anti-John Stape meeting’. Graeme washes the windows at the corner shop and breaks the doorbell on purpose. Norris’s new member of staff Sheila is starting to get on his nerves. Darryl rows with Teresa and locks her out of the flat. Kevin and Molly are starting to feel guilty about their affair. Peter has a business proposition for Leanne. Tony, Maria and baby Liam arrive back from Paris.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Fiz speaks out at the anti-Stape meeting
Leanne misses Simon’s recorder recital
Lloyd and Teresa share a kiss

Hollyoaks w/e Friday Octorber 9

It’s Ricky Whittle watch here on A Slice Of Soap. I am doing the live blogging for Strictly Come Dancing and our Calvin has been brilliant so far. It’s not just my opinion; apparently Chris Fountain’s revealed that he’s been teasing his former Oaks co-star over the dancing outfits. He told What’s On TV: "I have been giving Ricky some abuse about his costumes, only because he did it to me when I did Dancing On Ice." Boys will be boys.

This week, Elliot, Nancy and Kris sadly watch old home footage of Sarah and mourn the death of their best friend. A tired and confused Newt is on the run with Eli. Everyone’s reeling from the news that Zoe’s been charged for Sarah’s murder. Newt’s happy to make a new friend in the mysterious Rae. Furious to hear about Jake’s imminent release, Nancy decides to go and visit him.

Lydia’s still hospitalised after trying to take her own life following Sarah’s death. Eli continues to taunt Newt, making it harder and harder for him to be close to Rae. Frankie and Jack’s search for Newt continues. A sombre Jake’s surprised to find Loretta on his doorstep and listens with disbelief when she admits that she’s been writing to him. Suicide is the big thing this week as Rae plans out how she and Newt will end their lives. Darren’s petrified after seeing Jake lose it. Jack and Lauren look on in disbelief as Newt throws himself into the freezing cold dockland water.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Jake’s psychiatrist informs Steph that he wants her to visit
Eli’s desperate to stop Newt
Nancy falls to pieces in front of Loretta

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition     

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