Jack Duckworth Leaves Coronation Street

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Coronation Street w/e Friday September 18

It’s such a sad week for Coronation Street fans. Bill Tarmey, who plays Jack Duckworth, is heading out of the cobbles. He has been a regular fixture on Coronation Street for over 30 years.

Ill health forced Liz Dawn (who played his on screen wife Vera) to leave and now Bill Tarmey is also cutting down his working hours due to health issues. We wish him the best.

Am I the only person that watched the Jason Grimshaw-in-the-gay-club scenes from behind the sofa? Corrie has always been the most camp of all our soaps, but in an understated way – what I witnessed was a crass and cringeworthy attempt at ‘humour’ – awful. Pull your socks up Corrie writers.

This week, Leanne’s back on the Street. Eileen’s horrified to discover that she’s been burgled. Sean blames himself cos he brought a guy home.

Looks like there’s a love triangle brewing; just as Leanne and Peter get close, Michelle returns home. Molly’s worried that Kevin will end their affair as he and Sally get ready for a holiday. It’s the day of Ramsay’s funeral and Norris has decided that he can’t attend. Kevin nearly misses his flight cos he’s having nookie with Molly – yuck.

Elsewhere, Dev says an emotional goodbye to Amber as she leaves for university. Ramsay’s funeral has a profound effect and Rita announces that she intends to retire. There’s tension between Molly and Tyrone as they see Jack off to his new life with Connie.

Also on Coronation Street this week: 
Amber and Darryl have a row
Lloyd, Claire and Steve join forces to play a trick on Eileen
Blanch acts as Cupid

Emmerdale w/e Friday September 18

So Emmerdale fans, what do you make of the new Sharma family? Ex Corrie actor Chris Bisson is playing Jai and yes it’s early days but I tell you what, Jai’s brother Nikhil (played by actor Rik Makarem) is a bit of a heartthrob isn’t he? He’s definitely going to up the hunk-o-meter stakes. Well this week, we’ll see their sister Priya in the Dales and in the best tradition of soaps, she’ll cause havoc and definitely make a splash. Priya arrives wearing the clothes she went clubbing in.

Meanwhile, Scarlett furious to learn that Carl’s back and he’s moved Chas into Mill Cottage, too. Jamie finally asks Gennie out on a date. Nikhil and Jai have a disagreement about the interviews. Bob tells Gennie that he doesn’t want her seeing Jamie. Nicola makes it clear that Chas is not welcome.

Mark’s annoyed when he sees Cain and Faye together in the pub. Faye tries to make Mark jealous but Cain is one step ahead of her. Aaron moves in with the Dingles. Bob asks Jamie if he’s going to tell Viv about his fling with Gennie. Cain warns Faye never to use him again, leaving her humiliated. Jamie tells Gennie that they’re never going to be together.

Also on Emmerdale this week: 
Debbie’s disappointed that Michael doesn’t want to commit
Chas begs Zak and Lisa to let him stay with them
Bob’s left in a state of panic

EastEnders w/e Friday September 18

It’s not enough that the writers of EastEnders inflicted Phil Mitchell and Dawn Swann on us. Or that the writers of Coronation Street can’t see why Kevin and Molly’s affair is a real low in a soap that previously had standards. Now we have to brace ourselves for… Ian Beale and Tanya Branning! The Sunday Mirror printed a picture of the two of them in bed! Even if it’s just EastEnders’ attempt to do ‘humour’ – it’s still pretty gross.

In the meantime, Lucas is still running around like a headless chicken over Trina’s body. Janine’s happy that she went to bed with Ryan but he’s indifferent. Syd and Amira arrange a bon voyage party.

Ricky visits Sam in prison and then accuses Bianca of grassing her to the police. Abi and Jordan stumble across a dead body in Charlie’s summerhouse. The police ask Jordan questions about what he saw. Ricky’s surprised when he discovers the identity of the person that called the police on Sam.

Bradley tells Stacey that he’s moving to Toronto with Syd and is shocked when he finds out that Stacey is bipolar. Amira sets up Christian but Syed isn’t happy about it. Abi suggests that the Brannings and Beales do a wife swap. Lauren tells Peter that she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. Syed realises he’s got feelings for Christian but can’t bring himself to call things off with Amira just yet.

Also on EastEnders this week: 
Jean tells Stacey not to dwell on her past
Bradley receives his decree absolute
Lucas is questioned by the police

Hollyoaks w/e Friday September 18

Zoe Lister says she’s ready for a fresh challenge after deciding to quit Hollyoaks. Three years of playing wannabe filmmaker Zoe Carpenter is enough apparently. Her decision to quit was announced not long after co-star Loui Batley (Sarah Barnes) revealed that she too was leaving the soap. It’s just a revolving door, isn’t it? One or two go and one or two join (or rejoin, in some instances). This week, Hollyoaks is doing something ‘special’ and fans will have to watch closely as there’s loads going on…

Newt, Lauren and Anita arrive at the cottage – unbeknown to them, a hooded figure is watching the cottage. Gaz sexually blackmails Anita – luckily the others return. Gaz suggests that a game of truth or dare – forcing Newt and Anita to kiss. Events take a turn for the worse and Newt’s literally left with blood on his hands. Meanwhile, Mercedes has her hands full with Lucas.

Gaz is critically ill in hospital and the frightened gang give statements to the police. Mercedes gets mugged. Malachy’s on a high after hearing about a job offer. Archie asks Leila out to make Elliot admit his true feelings for her. Newt protests his innocence and Gaz flatines. After rows and recriminations, the true culprit confesses to hitting Gaz.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Malachy and Mercedes go to the fertility clinic
Archie tells Leila off
Ste confronts Gaz

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition.

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