Enders’ Bianca and Sam In Catfight

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition
so get scribbling and make us all laugh. What’s happening in the soaps this week? Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Friday September 11

Well, I feel sorry for you if you chose a certain time to go and put the kettle on last Friday. Chances are, you would’ve missed Danniella Westbrook’s first teaser of an entrance as Sam Mitchell. Well, this week is our first real chance to assess her impact. 

Naturally, she isn’t welcomed back with open arms by everyone. It isn’t long before trouble, and a big catfight, breaks out between her and Bianca – they’re fighting over a Ricky-shaped bone. Poor Ricky.

It’s another EastEnders love triangle and this one looks like it will run and run. Or at least, it will for as long as Ms Westbrook’s playing Sam. I would’ve given anything for Ross Kemp’s return instead though. Oh well.

Bianca’s stunned after discovering that Sam Mitchell’s back and Phil’s furious with Ricky, convinced that the police will still want to speak with Sam. Roxy returns but Sam’s reappearance is kept hidden from her. Minty sees Sam and they share a hug. Lucas is forced to hide Trina’s bracelet but it ends up with the Masoods and Syed gives it to Amira. Pat realises that Bianca still has feelings for Ricky when she spots her cooking a nice dinner for him.

Peggy announces that Ricky and Sam are engaged; Bianca hears and busts into tears. Manda’s son Adam turns up. Sam shows Bianca her engagement ring and a catfight quickly breaks out between them. Lucas is concerned when the police turn up but they’ve come to arrest Sam. Ryan walks in on a naked Janine.

Also on EastEnders this week:
The Masoods are having problems with their electrics
Ronnie walks in on Joel with his arms around Sam
Janine and Ryan make a bet about Chelsea

Emmerdale w/e Friday September 11

So former Coronation Street actor Chris Bisson is back in soapland, almost seven years after playing Vikram Desai. He’s part of a new Emmerdale family, debuting later this week. Bisson is playing Jai Sharma, actor Rik Makarem is his brother Nikhil and actress Effie Woods is their sister Priya. The trio will operate a family run sweet factory. Question is, will they be the Dales’ equivalent of EastEnders’ Masoods or EastEnders’ much-maligned Ferreiras? We’ll all be able to judge on Friday.

Faye continues to make her presence felt – now she’s feeling up Cain! Mark suggests a family holiday as a cure for all the problems he’s caused. Debbie’s gutted about what Michael’s done and Cain is furious at the way she’s been treated. So he beats Michael up. Chas feels guilty about her one-night stand with Carl. Mark’s not happy about Faye and Cain’s flirtation. Carl confronts Paddy, leaving him crushed and Paddy has it out with Chas.

Will and Belle meet the new owners of Holdgate Farm; Jai and Nikhil Sharma are about to open the new factory. The new bosses cause a stir when they arrive in the village with music blaring from their flashy car. How will they adapt to life in Emmerdale?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Laurel and Ashley go to dinner at Sally and Vincent’s
Bob does his best to keep Gennie and Jamie apart.
Aaron leaves for Ibiza

Coronation Street w/e Friday September 11

What’s it say about Corrie at the moment when the most exciting thing I can see are stupid rumours about Kerry Katona possibly being lined up for a role? Nobody believed that for a second (and Granada bosses were quick to rubbish the rumour). But there’s not much else to get the blood pumping.

The old soap is definitely treading water story-wise at the moment. Molly and Kevin? Puhleeeeeeeeez. Hooch’s revenge? <shrugs shoulders> Oh well

Lloyd spots Slug outside a pub and Jack’s checking the paper for flats. Tyrone’s not happy that Molly’s encouraging Jack to leave. Kevin concocts a scheme in order to find more time for his vomit-inducing fling with Molly. Becky demands the truth from Slug.

Guess what? Slug spills the beans on Hooch. Steve and Slug confront the bent copper. Jack assures Tyrone that Connie will never replace Vera. Peter’s eager for Naomi to accept Simon but she’s not overwhelmed with him (how is that possible? Simon’s cute as a button). Joe’s sentenced to community service. 

Peter takes Simon to a restaurant in Leeds and their waitress is an old friend – Leanne. Jesse auditions potential assistants for his act and Julie volunteers her services. Jason is still unaware that Leon thinks he’s gay. Sean finds them both, and the football team, in a gay club. Knowing that his joke’s gone on for too long, he tells Leon and Jason the truth.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Simon’s rabbit Leanne dies
Pam’s got a new business plan
Darryl’s feeling insecure about his future with Amber

Hollyoaks w/e Friday September 11

Former Hollyoaks star Sarah Jane Buckley, who played twisted mum Kathy Barnes, has said that the older actors on the show have a bigger challenge than the younger stars because they get a shorter amount of time allotted to their storylines. This is very interesting news in the wake of the Strictly Come Dancing ‘ageism’ row over Alesha Dixon replacing Arlene Phillips. I can see where she’s coming from though – if I was a Hollyoaks writer, I’d probably find it easier to write for the youngsters too.

This week, the Roys are anxious as they wait for news of Ravi’s condition. Ash reveals a shocking family secret to a stunned Anita. Nancy and Kris put their mutual bad feelings aside to support Ravi. Hayley makes things worse for Cheryl. Rhys prepares a music quiz for The Dog. Hayley and Josh share a kiss but Cheryl sees them. Anita and Theresa end up in detention and Anita wrecks the classroom. Loretta’s gutted when Darren reveals that they both owe money for the boiler repair. Jack and Frankie prepare for their anniversary meal. Gilly finds a stressed Steph at Mobs and tries to help her but ends up making things worse.

Hannah and Nancy get irritated by Loretta’s bathroom hogging. Leila confronts Bel about the family secret. Ash is kicked out. Elliot and Leila end their relationship. Anita decides to go away with her friends and a lonely Ash heads out of the village for good. Rhys almost tells Hayley that he loves her. Calvin’s concerned about Cheryl. Lauren heads out to meet Newt and Anita. Bags packed, the trio jump on a bus and head out of the village.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Jack and Frankie get ready for their anniversary meal
Darren makes Loretta cry
Gov prepares to resign

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip and don’t forget to try this week’s caption competition.

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