Coronation Street Legend To Be Written Out

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   In the news today, it’s reported that Coronation Street veteran Barbara Knox will be written out of the soap for up to six weeks. She has apparently told bosses that she urgently needs time off. There are no explanations as to the reason behind the request.

A friend of the actress told The People: "Barbara is never off work so it’s worrying to hear she’s away so long. It’s unusual and we all hope she’s OK." Another insider claimed: "Scriptwriters will now work out a way of explaining her absence on screen."

The 75-year-old first appeared on’t cobbles way back in 1964 – that was only for one episode. She returned on a more permanent basis in 1972 as Rita Littlewood, a woman who earned a living as a cabaret singer. Rita had an on-off relationship with builder Len Fairclough before they eventually married in 1977. Len died in 1983 and Rita would go on to have an abusive relationship with Alan Bradley before marrying Ted Sullivan.

Barbara Knox’s decision to take a break comes just weeks after it was reported that her character would quit running The Kabin for a little while. Let’s hope that Barbara Knox will be back in Coronation Street soon.

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17 Responses to Coronation Street Legend To Be Written Out

  1. Sara says:

    She\’s hardly facing the axe then as the msn headline reads. She\’s just asking for time off.

  2. cazzy says:

    Take care of yourself barbara,you put quality into the street.

  3. Geri says:

    Very misleading headline! As Sara said…She\’s taking time out not being axed. Good luck Barbara and take care.

  4. Gina Rocks Out says:

    misleading i thought she was actually being written out!!

  5. Liz says:

    not a brilliant suggests barbara is to be written out when in fact she is just taking a break.

  6. Alan says:

    I\’m glad she is not going. She certainly brings class to the show.May I PLEASE suggest thatthe increasingly awful Rosie Webster (and her ghastly mother) and wezly rat faced David Platt are given a permanent holiday?. These characters truly are repulsive. Surely even the most devoted mother would have kicked Platt out by now? Or are they planning for "Gail" and "David" to take on the main roles in the Jimmy Cagney film "White Heat" (1949)? -all about a psychopathic criminal with an Oedipus complex. he gets blown up at the end "Made it, ma – top of the world!"

  7. Bunny says:

    75!!! she deserves a break working with norris.what a great comedy partnership.Bunny

  8. chuckles says:

    she deserves a break at her age she should retire but she could get a bad flu or something be ill for a wee while then go rest to get right over it at mavis\’s ? i have to agree with alan i would love to smack david a good one he is a very nice guy in real life and when people hate him so much that just shows what a good actor he is

  9. chuckles says:

    they put it like that so they catch your attention then explain it right when they have caught your attention

  10. Doris says:

    Why should she explain that she is taking a \’long holiday\’ at 75 years young – maybe a world cruise and why not? Please, please get rid of David Platt, he is a nasty, nasty piece of work and I can only see that his bad ways are feeding the minds of young unstable viewers!! As for Fizz, she has played the role of Mother to Chesney and got no thanks for it, why shouldn\’t she choose what she wants to do with her life. If Rosie W has so much money and Mummy wants the best for her, why did Mummy not advise her to save some and spend some – would have been a good example to viewers!!PS MSN got the result they wanted ….. us to read it and add comments – hey ho!!

  11. Alan says:

    Actually if I were Fizz, and Chesney kept getting in such a strop with me I would thrteaten – and carry out the threat – to ship him over to hios dreadful mother Cilla in the USA – that should shut him up. I really don\’t see why John Stape is painted as such a monster – after the way Rosie behaved she was very lucky to get herself in her current position of high living.I suppose, seriously, that David Platt and Rosie Webster might be warnings to doting mothers who think their kids can do no wrong that if they indulge them too much all you end up with is a monster.Considering the trauma in his young life it is amazing Ryan is as stable as he is, but why is it that after playing the doting mum for a few weeks Michelle never even mentions her "real" son Alex any more. Surely you wouldn\’t forget that quickly?

  12. mick says:

    You can come and stay at mine Barbara Len use to live near me.You have a good break.x

  13. barbara says:

    good luck barbara enjoy your rest from a wellwisher b s

  14. John says:

    for Gods sake do something about that stupid Becky, team her up with David platt and let them both ride off into the sunset, preferably Afghanistan.

  15. Alan says:

    Yes Becky gets me down, too. Too gobby by half. Also, her loutish behaviour seems to be accepted as "normal" acceptable behaviour – last time she was too drunken to get married this time she gets arrested. Dare I say also I think the actress tends to overact somewhat?

  16. doreen says:

    I feel Barbra is a good actress. If she wants a break and a rest why not?. I am 63 and just decided to semi-retire( I am not that lucky to retire full time.) Have a good rest. Doreen.

  17. Sarah says:

    No name – only an idiot would wish someone off to Afganistan – soap character or otherwise. As someone with friend and ex colleagues dying out there i find that comment truly offensive!

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