Corrie’s ‘Clurrrrrrrrrrr’ Collapses!

Coronation Street w/e Friday July 17

Hey soapsters, it’s touch-and-go for Corrie’s Cluurrrrrrr Peacock this week as she collapses and is rushed to hospital suffering from a pulmonary embolism (or in other words, a blood clot). Now that’s pretty serious stuff. As another week on the cobbles begins, Cluuuuuuurrrrr and boring hubby Ashley find themselves arguing about everything – from holidays to the garden.

But unbeknown to Claire, she’s pregnant. Anyway, to escape the arguments, Ashley goes for a few drinks with the lads which results in a furious Clurrrrrrrrr locking him out of the house. The following day, Clurrrrrr’s found by Lloyd, and later, a guilt-ridden Ashley learns that she’s lost her unborn child and could die herself! So, will Cluuuurrrrrr pull through, or is this the beginning of the end for Coronation Street’s ‘dynamic’ couple, the Peacocks?   

Tyrone surprises Molly with a holiday in Tenerife, but she’d rather be with Kevin. Yuck. Fiz is thrilled when John sends her his grandmother’s engagement ring. Elsewhere, Pam regrets setting Bill up and conning him into a date. Molly tries to feign excitement over the holiday Tyrone’s booked but she’s gutted that Kevin wants her out of the way.

Sophie’s worried Ben won’t speak to her again. Fiz asks Hayley to be her witness at her wedding. Pam lets slip that she was the woman in the ad… how will Bill react?  Ashley and Clurrrrrrr continue to row over the holiday and the backyard. Fiz is shocked to discover she and John are the talk of the prison. Jack’s fretting about his missing pigeon. Sophie rows with Ben accusing him of fancying Rosie. Norris complains to Rita about his bunion – lovely. Connie finally takes Jack round to her house. Norris is delighted with his surgical shoes, but he suspects Ramsay might be behind them, Slug tells Becky that they should be together… what’s he up to?  Dev’s furious with Umed when he finds out he’s been ripping off the customers. 

Also on Coronation Street:
Molly tries to get excited over the holiday
Jack discovers Connie’s worth a small fortune
Molly’s gutted by Kevin’s actions

EastEnders w/e Friday July 17 

EastEnders’ star Kara Tointon has said that she cried real tears when she recorded her last scenes for the soap. According to the Daily Star Sunday, the actress, who plays Dawn Swann, said: "I did not want to leave but it’s a case of moving on. They are real tears though and I won’t spoil the ending but it will shock fans." It’s well known that she’s not happy about her character being written out. She has spoken of being "heartbroken" – let’s hope she can move on quickly to other roles. On with the show…

Phil returns to the Square with Ben. Christian’s attempts to make Syed jealous begin to work – really not sure what to make of this storyline. It just feels like a ratings-grabber rather than character development on Syed’s part. Max tries to persuade Tanya that they should be together. Bianca’s furious with Janine’s plans to enter Tiffany into the talent contest. Christian continues in his attempts to coax Syed into admitting that he’s gay. Peggy’s unimpressed to find Phil drinking again.

Phil receives a package from an unknown man… it’s a gun! Meanwhile, Zainab’s furious that Syed’s painting has been damaged. Elsewhere, Stacey asks Whitney to go out for the night with her. Janine goads Ian about the kids’ talent competition, so Ian plans to bribe chief judge Charlie. Meanwhile, Ian piles the pressure on Bobby to win the talent contest. Stacey attempts to reignite her romance with Max and Roxy tries to stop Ronnie from returning to Walford.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Roxy meets up with Ronnie out of Walford
Dotty ruins Bobby’s performance
Jane’s fuming with Ian

Hollyoaks w/e Friday July 17

Last week, Hollyoaks unveiled the winner of their Desperately Seeking competition and Beth Kingston from Bournemouth won the role of the show’s new lead female student, India. The 22-year-old faced competition from two other wannabe Hollyoaks stars – Sophie Louise Craig and Brooke India Burfitt-Dons. Speaking of her win, she said: "I was really excited and elated to get down to the last 25, never mind the last six, then three then go on to win." Beth Kingston makes her screen debut in Hollyoaks in September. Well done Beth, can’t wait to see you on Hollyoaks!   

Back to this week’s action and Dominic decides to help Steph decorate, much to the annoyance of Cindy and Ste who are busy working. Sasha’s still reeling after Warren’s death. Lonely and depressed, she stays up all night drinking. Steph’s worried about dishonouring Max’s memory by decorating the flat. Zak’s feeling more cramped than ever at the McQueens’ and decides he needs his own space.

Ste struggles to look after himself and baby Lucas on his own. Darren’s still in pursuit of Hannah, trying to win her over and move in on her family. Ste’s feeling down and Tony can’t believe it when Cindy says that she fired Ste. Zak’s keen to repair his relationship with Michaela, while Elliot is tired of having no space to himself. Dom’s still missing Loretta, but Steph has a plan to get them back together.

Zak, Elliot, Kris and Archie are ecstatic after discovering £100,000 in Warren’s flat. Theresa decides to introduce Newt to the family as her boyfriend. Ash offers  Calvin £1000 to compete in his illegal fight. Ricky’s in tears at Tan & Tumble and clearly all is not well.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Ste learns the truth about Natty
Newt officially meets the McQueen clan
Ravi and Calvin fight

Emmerdale w/e Friday July 17

Actress Deena Payne, better know to most as Emmerdale’s Viv Hope, returns to the show this week after a one-year break, which is good news for Tony Audenshaw, who plays her screen husband Bob. Speaking to the Daily Record, he recently admitted that he struggled without his soap co-star: "Deena not being on set did feel like a hole," he said. "It was as if my right arm was missing. It’s a special relationship between them on screen. It’s a bit like Morecambe and Wise. Once you get a partnership it’s never quite the same when you’re working on your own." Well, soapsters Viv is well and truly back.

So what can we expect this week? Well, Bob’s not moved by Terry and Jamie’s appeals that he should visit Viv. Meanwhile, relations are sour between Val and Pollard. Viv’s released from prison and on returning home, she’s attacked by Brenda who’s later shocked to learn Viv’s identity. Debbie meets a mystery man in the café. Elsewhere, Eddy continues to charm the village ladies. Viv finds village life difficult to relax into and later accuses her husband of playing away… Will she sift through the lies and uncover Bob’s infidelity? 

Cain gloats as he tells Michael about Sarah, convinced it will scare him off… will Debbie see Michael again? Bob visits Gennie and clears the air. Meanwhile, she’s alarmed to learn that a row over Brenda has caused a rift between Bob and Viv. Debbie agrees to let Andy see Sarah… Cain’s not happy. Jimmy raises the question of substitute birthing partners to Nicola. Bob’s confused when Viv avoids a proper reintroduction to village life. Elsewhere, Natasha hands Mark the reins of the shop in preparation for her holiday. Mark’s upset when Natasha belittles him in front of the farm shop staff. How will Mark cope without Natasha?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Viv returns to the village
Viv doubts Bob’s fidelity
The Bartons move into Home Farm

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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3 Responses to Corrie’s ‘Clurrrrrrrrrrr’ Collapses!

  1. Alan says:

    "Hey soapsters, it\’s touch-and-go for Corrie\’s \’Cluurrrrrrr\’ Peacock"You touch. I\’ll go! 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    once is ok but overuse of "Cluurrrrr" is ridiculous & boring!!

  3. Soap Blogger says:

    No name – I couldn\’t agree with you more! Think Corrie will cut down on their screen time? 😉

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