Enders’ Shirley Rumbles Heather’s Secret

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

EastEnders w/e Friday July 10

A plaque in memory of EastEnders’ Wendy Richard will be unveiled at a London pub her parents used to run. The actress died in February after a long battle with cancer. Her parents were landlord and landlady at the Shepherds Tavern, in Shepherd Market, Mayfair, when she was a child. Such a shame – we seem to be losing too many stars this year. On to the soap itself and it’s a big week for the relationship of Shirley and Heather. I do like those two – what a great double act.

Minty’s still reeling after walking in on Phil and Dawn. He tries to find the right moment to break the devastating news to Garry. Jack’s adamant that Roxy’s trying it on with him again. Shirley’s becoming more concerned about Heather’s strange behaviour. Following her to the hospital, Shirley overhears a nurse talking about his patient who’s a George Michael fan. She’s gobsmacked to be led to the antenatal unit.

Amira turns up on Syd’s doorstep after being kicked out by Janine. Heather admits that she’s five months gone with a baby girl to Shirley. The burglar alarm goes off in the Vic; Peggy’s stunned to turn around and find Archie on the stairs. Janine turns up on Pat’s doorstep hoping to stay for a while, but Pat turns her down. Peggy’s aghast at Archie’s sudden return and throws him out of the pub. Peggy has a heart-to-heart with Pat about Archie. Shirley tries to find out who’s Heather’s baby’s father. Jane’s disgusted to see that Ian’s dressed Bobby up as a cowboy for the talent show. Jordan prepares to leave home to live with Trina.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Mo gatecrashes Peggy, Pat and Patrick’s evening
Bradley’s on the hunt for a new job
Minty and Manda get intimate

Emmerdale w/e Friday July 10

The old rural soap will welcome a sci fi legend to the fold; Paul Darrow has joined the cast. He used to be in Blake’s 7 and will play Eddy Fox, an old friend of Alan Turner’s. He’ll turn up in style on a trike on July 13. I wonder how many fans of his Blake’s 7 character Kerr Avon will tune in? They’ll get a big surprise to see two Hollywood stars – Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donohoe – making a living in the Dales. But, I have a soft spot for Mark and Natasha because their family is so ridiculous. Talking of those two, Mark says Natasha should divorce him if they can’t resolve their marital problems. Lexi receives devastating news from the doctor. Natasha and Mark confront Faye. Pollard gets planning permission for his funeral parlour and stuns the factory girls with the announcement that the factory will close with immediate effect.

The Dingles break into the factory as planned – but David and Leyla arrive for a late-night session. Jimmy urges Carl to tell Lexi the truth about his feelings before it’s too late. Bob doesn’t know what to do about Gennie. Jamie gives Bob a letter from Viv but he refuses to open it. Nicola does her best to avoid going to the antenatal class. Natasha opens to the Home Farm shop and creates a buzz among the locals.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Gennie’s been put off internet dating
David has strong words for Pollard
Ryan is angry with Mark

Coronation Street w/e Friday July 10

I think it’s only fair that I warn any viewers with sensitive stomachs to hold onto them as tight as possible this week. The
(non)romance between Kevin Webster and Molly Dobbs will go to the next level – yuck. I honestly do not understand what the writers are thinking because this is just one of the worst pairings I have ever seen on Coronation Street. At least Jason and Tina make more sense; they tell Eileen about their plans to buy a property and do it up. ‘Damien’ David’s horns start showing; he boasts to Jason that he put Gary behind bars to ensure that he couldn’t be with Tina. A desperate Joe asks Graeme if he can obtain some painkillers for him until his back is better. Rosie tells Luke and Tony about her ideas for a new, sexier lingerie range.

Sean is delighted when Leon climbs into the Jacuzzi with him. Maria’s touched that Tony’s made everything nice for her and baby Liam. As Sally plans her birthday party, Kevin’s mind is on Molly. Rosie corners her sister’s boyfriend Ben and tries to talk to him about sex. Kevin and Molly have sex on the sofa – class. Barry and Helen fuss over Maria and their grandson Liam. Helen thinks that Tony must fancy Maria to be living at the house and doing so much for her. Maria, however, assures her that they’re just friends but Helen remains suspicious.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Eddie continues to nag Anna about getting married
Jesse flirts with Eileen
Fiz tells John that she wants to marry him soon

Hollyoaks w/e Friday July 10

Loui Batley is reportedly leaving Hollyoaks. The actress, who has played lesbian temptress Sarah Barnes for the last four years, was overheard saying she was quitting at the end of the year at a London party, Digital Spy claims. However, Lime Pictures – the company who makes Hollyoaks – have refused to confirm the story. We’ll just wait and see then, won’t we? Darren and Hannah are saying nothing after their rock ‘n’ roll wedding weekend in Denmark. Malachy’s feeling under the weather. Sasha continues to push Calvin away. Zak feels guilty after having an intimate dream about Mercedes. Spencer is convinced that Warren is still alive. Leo and Calvin are doing their best to look after Spencer. Mercedes confronts Malachy. Zoe and Nancy think that Hannah’s marriage to Darren is hilarious. Ash’s deceit is discovered.

Leo’s determined to pull his family back together. Calvin offloads his troubles on Carmel, explaining how guilty he feels for letting Warren die and not telling Spencer the truth. Kris has had enough of Cheryl sponging off him. Zak attempts to convince his girlfriend that nothing’s going on between him and Cheryl. Steph decides that it’s time to redecorate and move on. However, Frankie’s annoyed that she didn’t ask Jack first and warns Steph that hiring Mercedes and Malachy will lead to disaster.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Ash eventually manages to win Sasha round
The charity fete takes place at Il Gnosh
Ste cuts himself badly

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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