Amanda Holden For Coronation Street?

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

Coronation Street w/e Friday June 12

On the Corrie news front, Britain’s Got Talent’s Amanda Holden is still hoping for a role on’t cobbles apparently. She told the Daily Star Sunday: "I have suggested I become an ex of Tony Gordon. I would have to play someone classy of course, but it’s my all-time favourite show." Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted her in a tiny role in EastEnders way back in 1994. She’s featured in the likes of Cutting It and Wild At Heart.

Surely she’s too well known to breeze into Weatherfield now? Still, this is the soap that gave cameos to Status Quo and Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, so who knows? 

Fans of Sophia Haque, otherwise known as barmaid Poppy Morales, get ready to say goodbye: she gets the boot in more ways than one when she picks a fight with Becky Granger. The two will come to blows and Poppy will also stir up trouble when she sacks Betty… A shame actress Sophia Haque is being written out. She never really got a chance to get going.

Anyway, David keeps vigil by Ted’s bedside and can hardly contain his excitement when the police turn up at to arrest Gary. Peter finally admits that he has a problem with alcohol. Joe’s back is causing him problems. Poppy continues to wind everyone up. Anna and Eddie demand the truth from Gary. Audrey and Gail are home early… will David have time to get the house back to normal before Audrey gets suspicious? Maria panics when she starts to get contractions. Fiz is upset when John returns her letter. Molly and Kevin arrange to go running together (oh no! They’re really going to do this yucky storyline!). Maria takes Tony up on his offer to stay at the house. Norris is furious to discover Emily and Rita entertaining Ramsey.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Anna and Eddie are worried about Gary
Pam and Bill have a disastrous double date
David’s rattled by Gary’s confession

Emmerdale w/e Friday June 12

Hey soapsters, lots of movement in the Dales this summer – we’ve got the arrival of a new family: The Bartons. The writers want them to follow in the footsteps of the soap’s infamous Dingle clan. They’ll turn up at Butler’s Farm in July with their three teenage kids. But the cast addition I’m really curious about is James Sutton; he’ll enter the rural soap next week as hunky mechanic Ryan Lamb. His big break, of course, was as loveable John Paul McQueen in Hollyoaks. I must admit, the Woodentops – as I like to call the Wyldes in tribute to their acting skills (Amanda Donohoe excepted) – are fast becoming favourites of mine: they’re like a terrible cliché gone wrong. This week, the rather posh Maisie is going to get even more friendly with her bit of rough, Cain Dingle. Brilliant! Also this week, annoyed with her interference in Debbie’s life, Cain warns Natasha that he’ll cause problems for the Wyldes.

Debbie decides to invite Andy and Victoria to Sarah’s birthday party, something that enrages Cain. Carl fumes when he discovers that Cain’s working at the garage. Elsewhere, Bob and Gennie are finding work at the café increasingly uncomfortable. Carl tells Debbie that her loan payments are overdue and demands that she pay up by the end of the day. When Cain offers to settle the loan, Carl states the price is £2.5m. Andy’s strange behaviour begins to annoy both Diane and Debbie. Victoria is shocked to find that Andy has packed her things. Cain scares the Kings. Meanwhile, with mum and dad away, Maisie arranges to meet Cain. Nathan disapproves, but she ignores him. Maisie invites Cain around and they soon start flirting again.  leans in for a long-awaited kiss. After being bothered with Shadrach’s harebrained schemes and Betty’s views on dog dirt, David’s had enough. Finally alone with Maisie, Cain kisses her.

Also on Emmderdale this week:
Eli spends the day following Lizzie
Jamie breaks up with Louise
Mick complains to Diane about Andy

EastEnders w/e Friday June 12

So how was the dotty Dot/Dotty/Nick storyline for you? No time to breathe –  Ronnie Mitchell and her desperation for a baby becomes centre stage. It threatens to become a full-time obsession; she even goes as far as attempting to trick Jack Branning into getting her pregnant. Grieving Ronnie will be seen sabotaging birth control in a desperate effort to conceive. Will Jack find out what she’s done, or will the brooding Mitchell girl end up becoming Walford’s first mother of sextuplets? Well, with the way the storylines seem to be going on EastEnders, anything’s possible.

Bianca’s still concerned about Whitney. Ricky’s shocked to learn that Whitney’s biological mum Debra turned up out of the blue. Syed reluctantly agrees to meet Parveen again. Chelsea and Theo’s romance lumbers on. Parveen and Syed’s lunch date turns sour. Syed hears that Amira’s father’s in financial trouble. Whitney spots Debra selling knock-off DVDs but that doesn’t stop her wanting to leave with her mum to start afresh in Greece. Chelsea meets a Walford FC footballer and kisses him (the silly girl!). Her relationship with Theo begins to crumble.

Chelsea makes the walk of shame and sneaks back into her house but Denise catches her and presumes she spent the night with Theo. Lucas mentions the all-nighter to Theo and Chelsea suggests he find a more suitable girlfriend.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Whitney receives some important news
Syed decides to teach his mother a lesson
Tanya wants to get back with Max

Hollyoaks w/e Friday June 12

Are you a budding budding actress aged 18-30? If so, Hollyoaks has launched an online open audition process to cast a new female character. The lucky auditionee will land a part in the show as new student India. The competition follows the success of Hollyoaks on the Pull which discovered former cast members Roxanne McKee, Marcus Patrick and Elize Du Toit. Hopefuls need to download a short script from the E4 website, record an audition video in character as India and then upload the video to E4. You’ll find all the terms and conditions on E4 so good luck if you’re going for it!

Anyway back to this week Sasha’s mourning for Warren. Cindy’s worried about Darren, who seems to have gone AWOL. Sarah’s finding it difficult to adjust to having Lydia around. Michaela’s feeling guilty about Sasha. Cindy panics on discovering that Tony’s hired Darren. Ste tells Abi that Mike’s offered to look after Lucas while he enrols on an HND. Ste’s day spirals into chaos after a sleepless night. It’s the day of the charity event for Tony, and Darren’s unbearable arrogance brings him to boiling point. Zoe gets her acceptance letter but doesn’t know how to take the news.
Sarah turns up at the Radio Station where Lydia’s broadcasting a trial show. Archie’s worried about Zoe when she stays out all night, but Kris and Sarah aren’t very sympathetic. Hayley decides to offer Josh a helping hand. Elsewhere, Sarah feels snubbed when she finds Lydia chatting happily with her ex. Meanwhile,Tony and Cindy are getting on very well…

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Adrian makes an indecent proposal to Zoe
Cindy keeps up the charm offensive on Tony
Abi’s spiking Ste with caffeine tablets


That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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2 Responses to Amanda Holden For Coronation Street?

  1. Unknown says:

    I beg the writers of Corry with all of my heart and soul, please DON\’T give Amanda Holden a part of any description now not EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman is so obnoxious she is embarassing!! Do the World a favour and disappear completely of our screens.

  2. kate says:

    i totally agree with (no name) DON\’T ever give Amanda Holden a part in corry please think of your raiting\’s i beg you.

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