Gay Muslim Storyline For EastEnders

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. A new caption competition is up and running so get scribbling and make us all laugh. On to today’s news. EastEnders isn’t afraid of courting controversy – we’ve had it all: from incest, grooming, paedophilia to burying characters alive. Now the soap will introduce a controversial storyline in which Syed Masood, a Muslim, kisses another man.
Syed, played by Marc Elliot, will kiss openly gay Christian Clarke (John Partridge) in a storyline that will develop next month. Marc told the BBC Asian Network: "I think EastEnders would be doing the programme a disservice if they didn’t give a voice to various communities. I think that’s really important because I think London is a very ethnically diverse multicultural place, and EastEnders has a job to reflect that in the storylines it gives people and the characters they have on board."
However, the plotline has already attracted criticism from Asghar Bokhari from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. He said: "The Muslim community deserves a character that represents them to the wider public because Islamophobia is so great right now. There’s a lack of understanding of Muslims already and I think EastEnders really lost an opportunity to present a normal friendly Muslim character to the British public."
But Yusuf Wehebi from Imaan – an organisation that supports gay Muslims – disagrees. "It is high time that the invisible minority became a visible minority," he said.
"It is entirely possible to be Muslim and gay and there’s many of us in Britain today. It is great that the BBC have had the courage to raise such an important social issue in our society today."
Personally, I had a feeling the writers would take the character of Syed Masood down the road of being ‘unconventional’ in some way. He’s already been depicted as the black sheep of the Masood family and John Partidge needs something to do besides being Roxy Mitchell’s human tissue. Let’s hope that the writers make a better go of this; the Steven Beale (played by actor Aaron Sidwell) gay storyline was a disaster compared to similar story arcs in Hollyoaks and Coronation Street (Todd Grimshaw). It was very unconvincing in my opinion. If Syed is going to get involved with a man, it should feel like a proper character development and not a crude way of getting ratings.
But what do you think? Is it a good idea to depict Syed in a gay relationship with Christian? Share your view by selecting ‘add a comment’. Please keep your comments clean: no swearing, no external links and no flaming or your contribution will be deleted.

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100 Responses to Gay Muslim Storyline For EastEnders

  1. IceBerg says:

    I don\’t know any or heard of any real gay muslims out there. I hope the BBC doesn\’t continue with the gay storyline – they already have shown disrespect by showing a very poor family in the Masoods.

  2. MrMestopheles says:

    Sorry Iceberg Blast – maybe you just can\’t read…. as i have just said my ex lover was a very devout muslim and I have been in touch with him about this – he just hopes that the story doesn\’t become too far fetched. But believe me, there are gay muslims, just because you haven\’t knowingly met one doesn\’t mean they don\’t exist. personally i haven\’t met an eskimo – but I know they exist.

  3. MrMestopheles says:

    oops, sorry, I mean inuit – lets stay politically correct here

  4. IceBerg says:

    BBC should have continued with storyline of the rising empire of Masala Masood instead of putting a muslim gay storyline in it. It wont be long before they are kicked out of the series like all of the asian characters are!

  5. Mark says:

    Out of all of this I think Injy Hamed and Shelley are speaking sense. Follow them. Also maddi is correct in saying how can you be Muslim but gay? Muslims are supposed to marry one woman I believe? (or am I wrong) so surely being gay and loving the same sex surely rules you out from being a muslim does it not?

  6. IceBerg says:

    Lets wait and see how many complaints the BBC receives when they show this "gay scene". 🙂

  7. Soap Blogger says:

    Guys, I\’m policing this thread so please watch what you say. I don\’t want any swearing and if you disagree, disagree without flaming the other person. Thanks.

  8. MrMestopheles says:

    Mark – lovely in theory – but according to just about every Christian sect on the planet syas you can\’t be gay and a christian but there are thousands of gay christians out there!!

  9. Rosey says:

    obviously the eastenders storyline people didn\’t do background research on this because it\’s not allowed and is forbiden in islam.

  10. IceBerg says:

    Am hoping that the BBC get 1000\’s of complaints when they screen the gay scene and only then they will realise never to make the same mistake ever again. I\’ll be making the 1st and hope many will follow to bash the BBC into submission!!! 🙂

  11. IceBerg says:

    Why doesn\’t this gay Christian guy setlle down with ONE guy instead of trying it with many guys? Surely, the BBC is not doing a good job in promoting safe sex is it????!!

  12. Sarah says:

    Will u just give it a rest iceberg and shut up! If u wanna express ur views about the BBC write to them instead of moaning and going on about it on here!

  13. Rikky says:

    I think its sheer brilliance, Its real life, and anyone who sais otherwise needs to open their eyes and smell the fruitcake!(From a west-end homo himself) 😀

  14. IceBerg says:

    Saz!!! LOL Don\’t worry pal, I will write to them and also email them on behalf of the muslim world. 🙂

  15. MrMestopheles says:

    Do you know how offensive you are Iceberg?? As Saz says give it a rest – live and lt live – long may Eastenders continue with challenging storylines. And "No name" how do you know that the researchers didn\’t do their research…. as a white gay male with a former muslim boyfriend i think they did. I think when teh story airs I (and everyone else I know) will write in support of it.Eastenders has a history of challenging story lines and that is what makes it one of the best continuing drama on air at the moment – it\’s why it also wins so many awards. As I\’ve said before if you don\’t like it don\’t watch it. I, however, will be watching it with interest to see how the story line pans out – let\’s just hope that the Masood family are supportive and nurturing and don\’t decide to ostracise their son. It\’s love that makes the world go around – or at least it should be – not intolerance, violence and anger. Let\’s draw a line under this topic and move on. GO EASTENDERS!!! YEE HAH!

  16. IceBerg says:

    Am NOT offensive mrmestopheles!! I am giving it a rest – ur the one writing a thesis on it everytime u have something to say! LOL I wonder where ur muslim boyfriend is now – prolly married to a woman!

  17. IceBerg says:

    Well to be frank everyone must agree EastieEnders have made several controversial blunders in the past including the paedohile scene, thugs smashing up Queen Vic and the abortion saga to name a few. The BBC have also apologised which just goes to show that they are not up the standard when it comes to sensative issues like this. 🙂

  18. MrMestopheles says:

    "Am NOT offensive mrmestopheles!! I am giving it a rest – ur the one writing a thesis on it everytime u have something to say! LOL I wonder where ur muslim boyfriend is now – prolly married to a woman! " I\’m sorry IceBerg but you just proved you are. He died some years ago.

  19. samea says:

    i feel that iceburg is the only one making sence here along wid mark, a tru muslim means that they r supose to b in a lagite relationship as 1 man 1 women. if this man goes goes along wid the the script then he obviously proves to b a muslim by name only, in this day an age esp its up tyo a muslim to pass the tru mesage of islam ppl like this man arnt really doing a good job they r actually commiting a sin, along wid all the oda so called gay muslims. im nt a perfect muslim but muslim gayz in my opinion is completly rong aginst humanity and religion. as mata of fact i dont really care if ppl pressed charges against gayz goes its morally and ethically rong. an fr all oda pplz info, being a gay is also against tru religion of christianity – I HAV DONE MY HOME WORK BEFORE NE1 SPEAKS OUT !!!!! if ne1 agrees then plz stand up odawise dont boda coz i aint gona boda ansering- u cant put knowlege into som1 head if they dont hav brains!

  20. IceBerg says:

    Thank you Samea Mehmud – u are a wonderful person. 🙂

  21. MrMestopheles says:

    For all those anonymous people with masks on – or who are to frightened to put a photograph up (IceBerg, Samea and others) some of your comments show a great deal of prejudice, ignorance, hatred and to be honest are bordering on illegal as you are inciting violence and hatred by saying them. if I were to say similar things about muslims you would be up in arms and complaining to the law. BBC moderator it is time to close this topic as the comments are becoming truly offensive and it needs to stop. Oh, and Samea – you say you hav doen your homework.. what a shame it wasn\’t your English homework. Try and learn to speak and write properly – then maybe people will take you seriously. I am offended and will now be contacting teh BBc direct to have this thread closed. Insulting the memory of dead people, and loved ones in particular should not be allowed to continue.May your god, whomever that might be, bless each and every one of you and give you the rewards in whatever after life you believe in that you truly deserve for writing the comments that you have on this site.

  22. ox_JadeyBabez_ox says:

    ohhh muzlim boy is gay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a big LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sNOGIN OVA BLOKES IS MANG WHO WLD WANNA?/?????????????????????????????

  23. Oday says:

    I believe EastEnders doing us the Muslims a favour, which is to wake up and smell the coffee! I hear so many stories, that when the parents find out about their son was a gay; they immediately rush to arrange marriage for him. The girl’s family do not have any idea about the boy being gay, who does not like to sleep with women. But when the girl’s family find out, the boy’s family puts the blame on the girl by accusing her of being difficult or rebellious. This happens repeatedly without solutions provided by those who claiming they have religious authority. As for those here, claiming that there is no a gay Muslim exist, if so then maybe one or two!? I say to them where are living? Are you fooling yourself? It could be one of your brothers or cousins a gay, but because he is afraid to share his secret with you, either you are immature or an idiot. Or maybe you one of those who thinks that a gay person like a plague born with a curse or born with aids! Either way you are no good to him and too risky to tell you. EastEnders certainly, doing the Muslims a favour by sharing the untold story of thousands of Muslim families. To show how difficult life experience for a gay Muslim. The Muslims conveniently forgets the great Abbasid Islamic poet Abu-Nuwas, was gay and known for his praising homosexuality. However, I think those who wrote sick comments objecting about the play, because it is produced by white and non-Muslim, that is why they are objecting. Abu-Nuwas: al-Hasan ben Hani Al-Hakami (d. 756–814).

  24. MrMestopheles says:

    Freedom of speech is one thing – intolerance of any kind is another. I have now lodged a formal complaint about some of the comments that have been posted. IceBerg – I find it hard to believe that you think that you have not been offensive as at least one of the comments is extremely personal and as such I am not prepared to comment any further here. MSN Soap Blogger – I have complained to MSN UK and to MSN in the states – the comments here are inflammatory and offensive to muslims, gays and many others. This must stop now.To all the rational people out there, thank you for the comments on here particularly those from Oday Al-Baghdady which are calm and sensible. To the others, there are gay muslims whether you like it or not – as there are gay christians, atheists, jews and I\’m sure lots of other religions. To incite hatred against the gay community, whatever their faith, is illegal in the UK – please stop.

  25. Maryam says:

    I think eastenders has just crossed the line they should made him nice , good e.t.c but gay sorry no. I dont agree but still i will continue watching eastenders.

  26. Emma says:

    This is just gona make it worser…and it\’s not the point. Bloody hell! A muslim cannot go out with a Gay christian, it is not right in Islam, what are they doing….they are portraying a picture of a muslim family!!!! This is so wrong! This soap is pathetic !!!!

  27. A says:

    It seems the BBC is intent on making muslims angry in one way or another. Firtsly they have Masood eating while its ramadan and show him breaking his fast, for them it may have been comical but for those of us who do fast it was highly offensive.Another point is that these people are actors and am i right in thinking that none of them are muslims, if they were i doubt they would have wanted to participate in this kind of storyline.Being a muslim i was bought up told that being a homosexual is wrong and all the main religions teach that. If you want to be gay then be gay but dont say you follow a particular religion because being gay is condemned plainn and simple.

  28. Ebrahim Abdul says:

    In the land of the blind the one eyed is King!Islam categorically does not allow gay marriage for many reasons. Among them, first, is that internal logic in Islam dictates that with marriage, each partner completes half of their religion, as a tradition of Prophet Muhammad illustrates. This is due to the completion and the merge of the two spiritual realities of the man and the woman, which is an optimal state for human existence and also for the social human roles. This is also related to the duality in all creation, which marriage unites in one shared entity. The merging of the two reciprocal realities is the essence and a safe nest for reproduction and continuation, along with emotional stability. It is actually even sanctioned by many physical and biological signs: pregnancy and breastfeeding, the opposition and complementary shapes and functions of sexual organs, natural lubrication, and the paired psychological roles in the institution of marriage between the two sexes. All these elements are lacking in gay relationship and unmistakably demonstrate its perversion. The worst damage this type of relationship leaves is a spiritual one for the two souls involved.The only possible way to reverse this damage, is leaving this type of relationship and repenting.Allah says, Say: O My slaves who have transgressed against themselves! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (39:53) And in a Hadith Qudsi the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: Allah the Almighty said: O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great at it. And Allah knows Best

  29. Soap Blogger says:

    MrMestopheles, I am deleting commnents that are wholly unacceptable. However, there is such a thing as freedom of speech and it\’s sometimes difficult to know where that ends and offence begins. I\’ve done my best but you should know that if I stop comments, it stops comments for all blog posts and not just one.

  30. r3shm4 says:

    To Maddi,i understand that islam may have been badly represented in the past by people who claim their muslims..but their actions do not reflect on what islam is really about.Even christianity and hinduism all have previous history which included murders and killing of innocent people..but just because the people are doing it under the name of religion doesnt mean thats what the religion actualy says..they just use the "religion" card to cover up their own cruel intentions.READ UP on the actual holy books and see what islam directly says..insted of judging islam by what people in the past have done..end of the day they were following their own rules and using "religion" to cover it up!p.s your right- you do have a racist attitude towards Muslim..but thats only because of your lack of knowledge

  31. Taryn says:

    ok. basically, its true that there actuallu many gay/muslims in this world, but they fear coming out of their shells about it because they fear of the response theyd recieve for against what they call their culture or beliefs. Nobody can help their attractions for others, its something that naturally develops as you get older. Doesnt change who the person is just because of their sexual preferences. Eastenders might have crossed a line with muslims who have strong beliefs, but in another way, eastenders have made a good move, as this might enlighten muslim\’s understanding of being gay.

  32. Taryn says:

    Yet i also understand why some people are angry of the situation…..theres no right or wrong way for it…..the damage is done…..but the best anyone can do is maby make a petition declaring how angry the storyline has made people….

  33. Oday says:

    To Ebrahim and those who share similar understandings, You called everyone here being blind; this only shows your arrogance which the Qur’an condemned and call such a person (Mukhtal Fakhur). I asked you several questions, but you could not answer anything. I shall put these questions again in case if someone else might have some answers too, since you did not answer any of them.Firstly, how can you make Unlawful (Haram) sexual act into lawful (Halal) one:A- What is the different between lawful (Halal) sex from the unlawful (Haram) sex?B- Is it the intention, what makes the sex lawful?C- Is it the oath between the couple?D- Provide one incident from the Prophet Time, that a homosexual man brought to the Prophet and sentenced him to death by stoning.Secondly, you without providing any evidence from the Qur’an or Hadiths, how can you prove being a gay means you have transgressed? Thirdly, Show me one single verse from the Qur\’an, stating "God (Allah) had destroyed a nation because they were Homosexuals".Fourthly, you referred to Hadith Qudsi, but do you know if this Hadith authentic or not?! And what has got to do with being a gay person?* This is not a personal attack, I am hoping by the process of thinking about these questions, will make you start questioning and learning more about your religion.

  34. Oday says:

    In my opinion because the play produced by white non-Muslim, that is why they object to. The laymen Muslim think since the comment “War on terror” meant a War on Islam! Muslims today link for example, honoring Salman Rushdi (the author of Satanic Verses), producing cartoon on the Prophet Muhammad and publish books that questions the authority of the Qur’an, all these to do the white non-Muslim world trying to colonize the Muslim world and take their petrol for free.Of course, none are true or related to each other, it all started when the internet became accessible to the Muslims world, that brought many un discussed issues like for example questioning the authenticity of the Qur’an, whether came from man or from God. Which left the religious Muslim authority in a very big mess, therefore was easier for them to put the blame on the white non-Muslim world, some of these religious authority claims that, the non-Muslim world are the henchmen of the anti-Christ will bring destructions into the Muslim world.Because these religious authorities became so insecure, also became difficult to stop their insecurity into their followers it’s a bit a like a Muslim version of BNP party.

  35. Kitty says:

    Oday, if more people were like you, this would be a much better world. It is possible to be religious and reasonable!!! I do hope the writers in EastEnders listen to people like you when it comes to how to write the Masoods.

  36. lava says:

    I think that people are making a big deal out of this. You can sit behind your computer and type "Gay is wrong. Theres no such thing as a Gay Muslim." or "Gay is right. Homosexuality is in your DNA" till your blue in the face. But it doesn\’t make a difference that no-one is 100% right. I am a muslim myself and whether i agree with homosexuality or not doesn\’t change the fact that indeed there are muslim gays and lesbians. Maybe they are not parading down the streets with a I AM A GAY MUSLIM t-shirt on but they do exist. So i think the arragont muslims need to wake up and drag themselves into the 21st century. However i do believe that Muslims are misjudged. We are not all terrorists and we dont kill people because thats what Islam tells us too. But if you sit down and say well it\’s forbidden in islam. if ur gay dont call yourself a muslim. be gay but dont be a muslim. It just makes people judge and hate muslims even more. And thats what i hate. You think your defendiour religion but really your making people have worse judgements about it because they think we are so backwards we cant even accept a Gay Muslim. Im not saying its right or wrong, because it doesnt affect me or my family, its their life however if your so narrow minded about it what do you think people are gonna say about Islam next? I am not a perfect muslim but i try my hardest. And im sure there are Gay muslims who pray and try their hardest to be strong in all the other aspects of islam. Im also certain that there are muslim girls that wear a headscarf when really they do things against Islam underneath. It\’s not about who you like and what you wear. Its about your devotion and love for God. As long as you believe and have faith, belief and love for God, then thats what matters. If you dont realise that then you are just repeating what strict muslims have told you or what you\’ve read instead of making up your own mind and being your own person. Yes your a muslim, but your an indevidual too. I hope from this people will know not all muslims are the same. Im only 15 and i have my own say. When are you going too? This is a long comment. lol.Also i dont agree that homosexuality is in your DNA. sorry but its not. It\’s enviromental not genetic. Thats scientifically wrong, its just an excuse. Also one more point, people complaining about gay muslims when Mohamed (peace be upon him) had so many wives, one being as young as 9. So if eastenders done a storyline like that would you still complain? Because just like the gay thing, you try to deny it and avoid it like the plague but it doesnt stop it from happening. Grow up and open up your minds. Please for all of us, you make Islam look worse than its already portrayed.Some of us have knowledge, and a voice of our own and peace and love for everyone.

  37. Sarah says:

    A gay muslim and gay christian. Firstly, that is wrong on so many levels. But, I think all of you have to take into consideration that Eastenders has been running for a very long time and BBC have no plans on ending it now, so obviously too keep people watching it, they will have to come up with some radical story lines. I personally think that if you fully understand what your religion is all about then you shouldn\’t really worry about little things like this. Also, I don\’t understand why people are only offended about the gay muslim man….they mentioned a gay christian man too you know! But I would just like to make it clear that a person cannot be a homosexual and be a christian at the same time. It is impossible! Because it is against Christian laws to be homosexual. And No, I am not a \’homophobic\’ or I do not suffer from \’homophobia\’ because I am not scared of homosexuals I just personally think that homosexuality is wrong. That\’s just my views.

  38. Lillith says:

    This is coming from a 17 year old: Get over it. There\’s nothing wrong with being gay.God doent hate you.Unless you kill someone or something.Jesus=LoveAllah=LoveBudda=LoveBBC=LOVENot many people people will agree with me, but it\’s hot.And Syed is hot.GROUP HUG!!!!

  39. Fiona says:

    Im am 11 years old. I adore watching Eastenders and the storyline so far is GREAT :D. It will be a complete shock if Syed Masood kissed Christian but that\’s what is best about Eastenders… The suspense all the viewers get. Well what ever happens i will still carry on to watch Eastenders. Keep up the good work!Fiona

  40. Sweet says:

    OMG! I feel as though I have to say something! Lol EastEnders is just a typical soap program! I do not know how \’Eastenders has crossed the line\’!! ( by the way I\’m not picking on your comment Maryam – its just that its your comment is stuck inside my head!) How has EastEnders crossed the line though? EastEnders, hasn\’t put a vendetta against Islam or anything and can you honestly say that gay / homosexuality doesn\’t exist in the Muslim community? In most cases, these individuals are brought up as Muslims from birth, as they grow up they start having a mind of their own… Like everyone else, these individuals have the right to live their life as they wish to, for others who disagree with their choice of lifestyle is a another matter and should clearly mind their own business and concentrate on their own life!Normally I wouldn\’t comment .. However, after reading mix comments on this page I will! Some are Ok, some are extreme and some are down right STUPID! And obviously, after I write my comment I\’m sure their will be people who disagree with mine, but I\’m just saying my piece…Firstly, we live in 21st century, we are all aware that homosexuality exists in all communities and ethnic backgrounds, who ever disagrees with that is just basically in denial! Britain is a multicultural state, Eastenders is just (trying ) to represent the types of communities that exist in this country today. Everyone is an individual and know one should actually judge who is a good Muslim/ Christian / or how people should live their life i.e. being a non religious person etcThose of you, who claim you can be a Muslim/ Christian and gay at the same time, this is clearly wrong conception, as the religion (s) clearly states out that marriage between a man and woman is an important essential part to the commitment to the religion. For example, In Islam, it is clear that being gay/ having sex before marriage is (haram) forbidden. Obviously those who choose to do that is another matter.And for those people having a ignorant attitude towards the religion of Islam, I suggest you do your research before you say anything against it. In simple terms, Islam is/ promotes \’Peace\’ or \’ simple way of life\’ and No Muslim will force a non- Muslim to become a Muslim. There are a lot of myths and negative attitude against Islam and it could be argued, in some respects that the media is responsible for it, as it feeds the situation to get worse. But more importantly its certain individual that should be blamed for this, that cause it. These people usually do have less knowledge of what they are talking about and usually the uneducated ones will come out with dumb statements such as \’ all you muslims/ terrorists get out of our country!\’ – on this note, I would like to point out that these people usually can not spell! Lol (not that its their fault obviously… they have a reason for that – they are uneducated….) 🙂 Also, I like to add, for those of you who are atheists and don\’t disrespect people who follow a certain religion.- Just because it doesn\’t make sense to you, therefore does not seem valid to you, does not give you the right to criticise it and I suggest that you thoroughly research the religion before you do criticise it, not that anybody should criticise anybody\’s religion. I thought this was going to be a short comment… its turned out to be a bloody mini essay! Lolanyway, peace x

  41. Ebrahim Abdul says:

    Oday Al-Baghdady, The answers to all of these questions were posted before you asked them.As for question D, I dont know of a case.Firstly, how can you make Unlawful (Haram) sexual act into lawful (Halal) one:A- What is the different between lawful (Halal) sex from the unlawful (Haram) sex?B- Is it the intention, what makes the sex lawful?C- Is it the oath between the couple?Secondly, you without providing any evidence from the Qur’an or Hadiths, how can you prove being a gay means you have transgressed? Thirdly, Show me one single verse from the Qur\’an, stating "God (Allah) had destroyed a nation because they were HomosexualsPlease see my previous posts

  42. Gabrielle says:

    " It is entirely possible to be Muslim and gay and there\’s many of us in Britain today" Yusuf Wehebi from Imaan

  43. LadyP says:

    Just one question, why is ok to have a \’gay christian\’ in the show, but not a \’gay muslim\’? People are people regardless of nationality, religion etc. It\’s about time the muslim community stop wrapping themselves up in cotton wool thinking they are special and accept that they have gays in their communities just as everyone else has.

  44. Unknown says:

    if a muslim is homosexual, then they aren\’t a muslim

  45. shannon says:

    i really dnt get y ppl believe in godits soooo patheticders no such thing as religionits stupid get a propa hobby or interests

  46. Oday says:

    For those who believes there are no Muslim who are gay, here a few video clips from youtube, one of them about an Imam from cape town who is a homosexual:Gay Imam! This is an outrage! Part 1Gay Imam! This is an outrage! Part 2and other clips as well on other stories: A Jihad for Love – DemocracyNow! Inteview Part OneGay Muslims – UK – Part 1 of 6

  47. Oday says:

    EbrahimI already read your previous replies, did not see any answer to my questions that you have reposted back to me.Thanks for trying any way. 😉

  48. Nick says:

    Never mind gays or Muslims why is it we never see any Poles represented or Chinese or any other nationality represented, its always gays or blacks or asians.About time we had a Chinese or a Polish family in the square, quite frankly haviong two gay men kiss in Eastenders is not shocking, its all been done before, seems to me Eastenders is getting desperate for ideas bit like this Labour government.

  49. sweet says:

    i think its a really good idea having a gay muslim in eastenders it also shows that u shouldn\’t be afraid to come out MUSLIM OR NOT!!! and it will get ppl thinking too

  50. shaz says:

    I think this story line is disgraceful! Why cant they have sum1 else playin the gay guy…..portraying that it is ok to be GAY as a muslim Is WRONG! Stop this story line or u will be losing yet another viewer to a pathetic story line!!!!

  51. Robert-Edward says:

    Mmm, Mixed Feelings. I Think That Having A Gay Muslim Wouldn\’t Be Bad, But The Thing Is, He\’s Not Been Gay From The Start, He Likes Amira, And He\’s Been Flirting With Janine – Eastenders Are Desperately Running Out Of Ideas To Be Honest – Think Of Something Original!!! =/

  52. Olamide says:

    To be honest I dnt cre for this storyline. All he new storylines Eastenders are producingare now just rubbish. It seems like ce the whole Daniella storyline, they\’ve fired their writer and gotten rid of all useful characters. As a 13 yr oldgirl, I know for a fact my mum won\’t like me watching 2 guys kiss each other!

  53. Emma says:

    Syeed is well fit!he can\’t turn gay!noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  54. Emma says:

    btw wots wrong with a gay muslim??u homophobics!!!!!

  55. Sweet says:

    Shaz are u deluded or something love?I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee! Because the world we live in, have all kinds of people in it! There are gays out there…. Its upto them what they do with their lives and if they choose to make a sin let them, its not effecting your life is it?And to Shannon I think your pathetic! I think you should learn some manners and respect other people\’s religions.

  56. Cameron says:

    What people dont understand is that people DON\’T CHOOSE to be gay, its your feelings you cant control. I dont see where all the fuss is coming from its a soap, its not asif its real

  57. Cameron says:

    some people are so shallow minded

  58. Shelley says:

    Sopheah, I totally disagree with you when you said being gay is a choice.You are wrong. From personal experience I KNOW that is wrong. There was a time in my life where I suddenly had a lot of gay friends. I really wanted to fit in, I wanted to be gay. But I just couldn’t do it. If it was a simple matter of \’choosing\’ to be gay, I\’d be gay right now :PBut I just preferred men.Being a biologist doesn’t give you the right to say \’as a biologist I know you can choose to be gay\’It\’s wrong.To other comments… the only reason you don’t get a gay Muslim is because other straight Muslims reject them from the religion. Religion comes from the heart I think.If a gay wants to be Muslim then they ARE Muslim. Not much you can do about that.Also, Eastenders is a TV show. It\’s stories aren’t real. They have created this story for the hype. For Muslims to kick off. The amount of press this story is going to get from that will be unbelievable. Which, obviously, creates more viewers for their show.Stop commenting if you are offended because if you don’t you create more hype.

  59. jade says:

    Nuffing wrong wi being gay…. If u prefer men FINE! Why are people saying its a really bad thing? For a start its a soap… If it affends you thats your problem. If thats how yah really feel. K everyone has there own thoughts on things… Obvouisly not EVERYONE is gunna agree. But i think some people have gone waaaay over the top with this. Chill…. Like i said its not actually real!

  60. VANESSA says:

    As soon as syeed appeared in eastenders i knew he was going to be gay as he\’s soo good looking anyway if he hadn\’t been gay he would have layed janine butcher by

  61. princess says:

    man if ur gay u cant be a muslim and fyi i am not shalow minded im open minded but ppl use ure brains if sum1 wants 2 be gay be gay but then DONT CALL URSELF A MUSLIM and anyway ppl r daft nowadays and hes not a muslim in real lyf sooooooooooooo he can act how he wants to there jus tryin 2 makee da muslims luk bad OMG!!!!!!!!!!! evry1 can jus go get a lyf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Colin says:

    I feel that everyone has choices , free spirit and be allowed to be who they are , there is so much more in life than labelling people all the time, gay, hetrosexual,bi-sexual etc. This has been going on ever since the begining of time. Religion seems to be always used as if you are religious you are exempt, but we all know that this is so not true. Much more important issue\’s should be addressed like saving the planet & animal\’s. The human race have become selfish, just not the right way of life.

  63. ash says:

    As a muslim girl my self I would just like to clearly state that it is against Islam for a person to be gay and it clearly states it in the Quran out holy book, I believe by putting this type of plot will only portray muslim person in a bad and will definately create huge controversy and issues .I seriously suggest that they change their story its just as bad as showing a muslim person eating pork which is against Islam which shows nothing but disrespect to our religion , please can you change your story line as I wil and I know millions of muslims around will all feel offended and disrespected.

  64. London says:

    Im a muslim but i think everyone needs to calm down and use our god given logic. 1) NO ONE has the right to say if someone is muslim or not, the Holy Prophet admonished his own followers who would try to \’decide\’ the truth, during the early wars in defence of Islam when captives would say \’i am muslim\’, which was seen by some as a way of escaping capture.2) Yes, everyone should be aware that homosexuality of any kind is seen as a SIN in Islam and yes it can cause severe offence if THRUST into the face of a Muslim.3) For everyone here screaming "deal with it, gay muslims exists, bravo BBC and eastenders"….id like you to prove me wrong on this point; the majority of muslims follow the 5 pillars of Islam, they read daily prayers, they read the Holy Book – the Holy Quran, the word of God, they are respectful to their parents, women show modesty in their dress, both men and women show modesty in their behaviour, they go to the mosque every Friday…NOW if eastenders is trying to show REALITY and help other people understand what Islam is why doesnt it show even a single person – forget a family who is similar to the above mentioned – BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE BORING VIEWING…wake up those of you who sit on the fence then look down at us who have a strong opinion….the BBC is not balanced, its not making a statement, its not got \’guts\’ for taking on a subject people want to learn about – its trying to get more viewers, END OF. The day we see a muslim women, walking down Albert Square, wearing a head scarf with her kids (no im not stereotyping, but yes this is the publicly accepted template of a muslim), and being NORMAL will be the day the BBC can justify themselves as a fair and balanced organisation!4) There are various reason why i can justify to myself that Islam is correct in its teachings, there should be no muslim who simply said, it is thus because \’thats the way it is\’, we have been told to investigate, query, learn by God himself…so if you examine the world; nature has defined itself as God\’s design, if you walk off a tall building you will fall, nature has thus decreed. Man can build as many machines as we want, planes can take us many miles into the air…but when they fail, ONLY thing remains which never fails and has no contradictions – God\’s design. Homosexuality is against nature, human design dictates to evolve as humanity and to survive we must reproduce, to stop doing so is the physical destruction of man….and in the same way to stop doing so in terms of sexuality is the spiritual destruction of man. Everyone has the right to feel how they want and believe what they want, however tolerance (there should be no compulsion in religion – Holy Quran) means we must allow them to have said beliefs not that we should accept, condone or support them.5) This is an actor PLAYING a gay muslim, you can choose to watch it or not – IF the writers want to be realistic and continue with this plot line it is their choice but at the same time, balance it out and show the offence, upset, confusion and negative attitude that many people, including muslims have towards this type of sexuality. It is a fact if life, all of you preaching \’equality to all and everyone has the right to do what they want and feel how they want\’….please pay attention; 100 years ago, homosexuality was viewed in the same light as incest – BY ALL FAITHS and the VAST majority of the general human populus. If in another 100 years, incest becomes \’a feeling\’ and those committing this crime/sin are seen as having the right to do so, because they cant help feeling that way, does that mean then in another 100 years society will grant similar understanding to paedophiles who look at depraved images \’because they cant help feeling that way\’ (god forbid!)…it is a dangerous road you walk once you choose TOTAL freedom of intellect over moral responsibility.That\’s all i wanted to say….you may begin your backlash.Peace be upon you

  65. maz says:

    WE ARE WHAT WE ARE … people are people weather black or white .theres good and bad in every race .gay muslim christian catholic or not,, gay…. straight or bi . we all have to live amongst each other .LIVE AND LET LVE … thats my motto .. if we all shared my veiws the world would be a happier place x so you got and act to the best of your abiity and enjoy the role your about to play ,, loving someone isnt a crime weather thery are mixed race .people are people

  66. Zoe says:

    yes it says that muslims shouldn\’t be gay or whatever. but i\’m a catholic and the Bible also says homosexuality is a sin, but i\’m bisexual. and is that wrong? haha. no.we are who we are. if there are gay christians, im sure there are gay jews, gay muslims etc. doesnt make you any less devoted to your religion. well done eastenders for presenting TRUTH.

  67. Zoe says:

    and to London… "BY ALL FAITHS and the VAST majority of the general human populus. If in another 100 years, incest becomes \’a feeling\’ and those committing this crime/sin are seen as having the right to do so, because they cant help feeling that way, does that mean then in another 100 years society will grant similar understanding to paedophiles who look at depraved images \’because they cant help feeling that way\’ (god forbid!)…it is a dangerous road you walk once you choose TOTAL freedom of intellect over moral responsibility." – do NOT compare gays to paedophiles.

  68. Poison Ivy says:

    Argh how frustrating i have read peoples comments and it makes me mad FYI im muslim and im not being funny but muslim people give muslim people a bad name. I could sit here an real off a list of things that muslims expect from living in the UK please you do not live in a muslim country IT IS BRITISH it has lots of faiths and is very diverse so who gives a flying monkeys if they wanna portray syed as gay there are loads of gay muslims, sikhs, catholics and all the rest. if you truly believe in islam then you know that you shouldnt judge others as the only person you have to answer to is to your god Allah!!

  69. Zoe says:

    well said poison. this is NOT a muslim country.

  70. Libby says:

    Who gives a monkeys what a book says, if every Christian lived word ofr word by the Bible, no body would be able to do anything anywhere at any time. What you sad closed minded dim-wits don\’tseem to understand that it is a \’Perfect Ideology\’ there for it\’s not real, they\’re there to guide you yes, but not rule and control your entire life, otherwise some of the things you \’good muslims\’ have been saying would be against the word of Allah and the Qu\’ran. It\’s not being forced in your face, because you have more than one channel to watch, so watch something else if it\’s so \’sinful/ wrong/ disgusting\’ like you \’good muslims\’ keep saying. Fools

  71. Siamaa says:

    dis iz dumb eastenders iz good but there lil bit stupid 2 if there gonna make syed gay how can hr b a muslim u cant call ur self a muslim if u r gai so they think abt that 2

  72. Mrs. Joumana says:

    I\’ve been following this thread, and thinking about all the comments from the beginning of this thread. My initial reaction was the same as most of my fellow Muslims, of utter disdain towards the writers. However, we don\’t know how the story is going to run. Perhaps the writers ARE going to make an issue of the fact that homosexuality is wrong, in Christianity AND Islam, and all the world religions. Perhaps, they will use this as a path to discuss the rights and wrongs of such acts. Unfortunately, I don\’t believe this to be the case. I am wondering, however, what the censors will do, will they push the episode so its past the watershed and then edit it in the omnibus edition? How can we protect our children from scenes like these? I am really depressed by this, and I\’m actually glad that my gran isn\’t around to see whats happened to her favourite show. Do you think the writers will be happy to let their elderly relations watch these episodes?

  73. Oday says:

    For those who believe there are no Muslims who are gay, here are a few videos from youtube, one of them about an Imam from cape town who is a homosexual:Gay Imam! This is an outrage! Part 1Gay Imam! This is an outrage! Part 2Another clip as well and other stories: A Jihad for Love – DemocracyNow! Inteview Part OneGay Muslims – UK – Part 1 of 6

  74. Anne says:

    I am so sorry that the writers are going down this path. I was hoping that Syed would carry on being "fitted up" by his mother with a lovely Asian girl and maybe get married and have a baby. Just think of all the fun the writers could have with a Mother/Mother-in-Law story, it could be hilarious. With the way things are today, we need a lot of laughter in our lives. Please reconsider this storyline.

  75. Siamaa says:

    all doe i lyk eastenders…….xxbut there bloodi idiots if they do this i no dat sum people dont lyk muslims but this is just taking the piss so dey betta change it they dont fink if ur gai u cant b a muslim………………………………….ISLAM 4 EVA paki 4 lyf

  76. Oday says:

    Dear Siama Arif;Why do you live in Britain if you cannot write correct English? is not that complicated to learn English!fink = think, gai=gay, lyf=life, lyk=like, betta=better and doe=do we.

  77. Unknown says:

    The show\’s executive producer Diedrick Santer said it was important to tackle issues which reflect real life."It\’s really important that on EastEnders we give the Masoods big stories."Sometimes there\’s a danger of being too careful with black or Asian characters that we might go into territories that might offend."But it seems to me if we steer away from any controversy, they don\’t stand a chance of being a great EastEnders family – they\’ll just be in their kitchen unit making curries for years and years and that\’s not going to be very interesting.""It is great that the BBC have had the courage to raise such an important social issue in our society today."LOL it doesn\’t take courage to do that, the lure of the ratings surge and press coverage (from angry Muslim groups writing in vs non muslims and other gay rights groups cheering it on as if it\’s a sign of \’progress\’) is all the encouragement they need. Liberal Muslim groups only have themselves to blame: for years they complained that Muslims are an integral part of British society but they\’re so underrepresented in the media and drama storylines. It was obvious that the only way they\’d get \’representation\’ is by showing them off as some degenerate, disgusting low life excuse for a human being (anyone remember "My beautiful laundrette" or "East is east"?). When will people learn?!

  78. natalie says:

    Mrs. Joumana Haidar, I think you\’re totally ridiculous to be honest. Just what is the difference between being gay or being straight? The only difference is you fall in love with someone of the same sex…wow. Children don\’t NEED protecting from these images, maybe they\’ll ask questions but I know that I grew up watching scenes such as these and it\’s never affected me. I life, people are going to be gay, there\’s nothing you can do to stop that and if all you\’re going to do is complain then you know the answer – don\’t watch it!

  79. MrMestopheles says:

    I have continued to watch this thread – but have not commented for some time as up until recently felt that enough had been said on the subject. However, when I read comment like…"Liberal Muslim groups only have themselves to blame: for years they complained that Muslims are an integral part of British society but they\’re so underrepresented in the media and drama storylines. It was obvious that the only way they\’d get \’representation\’ is by showing them off as some degenerate, disgusting low life excuse for a human being (anyone remember "My beautiful laundrette" or "East is east"?). When will people learn?!"…. the I feel that I must comment again. Whoever you are, no name, it is you that are showing yourself to be "degenerate", and a "disgusting low life excuse for a human being"! How dare you call someone else that just because they are showing love for another person!!!A long time ago when this thread was still young I said that enough was enough. For heavens sake, or Allahs sake – you choose – stop throwing insults and start living your life according to the rules. no-one is perfect and no-one is entitled to judge another as this is simply one step away from a true big brother or even nazi-esque state. It\’s great that people have freedom of speech – but if you don\’t like it – go to a country where there are no such rights – where if you transgress you might lose a hand, be stoned or even be beheaded. After all, if watching things offend you, and freedom of expression and speech offend you – you don\’t belong in this country where those freedoms are cherished and part of every day life.Comments like some of those here show just how bigotted most muslims are – and the fact that they think they have the right to attack people on here because of their beliefs, thoughts and love interest just shows that in reality they are all just one step away from something worse – murder for religious beliefs perhaps…After all, killing yourself is wrong, murder is wrong, and yet suicide bombers do it all the time – despite what their teachings tell them. Talk about rediculous!

  80. London says:

    and to Zoe… it\’s funny how suddenly you read something you dont agree with and freedom of speech goes out of the window: "- do NOT compare gays to paedophiles"…if you wouldnt mind, could you read my comment again, as i WASN\’t comparing them at all, i was simply stating a hypothetical scenario based on historical trends. If you had said "i dont agree", or "i think your wrong because…", i would have taken you seriously. Next time i will copy your comment followed by – "DONT SAY THAT", yes that argument definatly works! And to Oday Al-Baghdad​y in regards to your comment to Siama Arif…did you write that comment then think "oh cr*p – im going to look rather stupid now", because, any intelligent, non-racially/culturally motivated person would not be SO childish as to pick up on someone\’s writing style, when it is clearly understandable. You might want to visit:, from your comments i can only assume that you will like some of their manifesto points. Before we all start preaching to others, we should take a good hard look at ourselves!Peace be upon you.

  81. Aisha says:

    It was bad enough that Eastenders was portraying a Muslim family so unconvincingly and so poorly, to now show Syed as a Gay Muslim is just outrageous. Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam.A British Muslim

  82. MrMestopheles says:

    Oh come on No Name! The fact that it isn\’t allowed doesn\’t mean it doesn\’t exist!! If you want to express your opinions at least have the courage of your convictions and identify yourself – or is that just too dangerous for you? Freedom of speech is all well and good if you can hide behind the anonymity of "No Name" – but if you don\’t like freedom of speech or freedom of expression then I repeat go to a country where it isn\’t allowed – alternatively, if you don\’t like the storyline in eastenders – don\’t watch it!! And as for portraying a Muslim family so unconvincingly – what should they be like? With many Muslim friends, I couldn\’t say what a typical Muslim family were like as everyone is different. Come on people – get a life, live and let live – I repeat, the fact that homosexuality isn\’t allowed in Islam, or the Catholic Church or christianity doesn\’t mean it doesn\’t exist!

  83. Anya J says:

    I know that to some people this is quite offensive particularly muslims because it is against their religion but it does exist out there , i know it\’s not allowed but this really does happen so accept it, i just think some people are blowing it out of proportion

  84. Oday says:

    To the one who call her or himself “London”,I am speaking about those who chose not to integrate, because of their loyalty to somewhere else. Therefore I suggested for them might be better for their happiness; not to live in a double standard life and go somewhere else; where their heart most loyal and tranquil with. Similar example in the Prophet time, when some individual migrants came from Mecca, but soon started making troubles in his city, he was happy for them leaving his city and go back to where they come from.

  85. London says:

    Oday Al-Baghdady: How you can compare your comments and ideas to the time of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) makes me think you are more confused than i first thought. It is clear from your comments you are fixed in your judgement and have a deep-rooted loathing of people who do not agree with your opinions. That is a shame as it means debate becomes useless. "This is a perfect book, there is no *doubt* in it"…keeping this is mind, re-evaluate your ideas.Peace be upon you

  86. Oday says:

    To the one who call her or himself “London”,It is commonly known for fourteen century individual Muslim sees the Prophet’s examples as a Manuel for life. Therefore I brought this example to you, which is very similar to the one in the Prophet time. Stating if there was any individual not loyal to the prophet or his city, then he will be considered as a hypocrite. As the Qur’an (33:4) state: ‘Allah has not made for any man two hearts inside his chest’ i.e. you cannot love or you give loyalty to two places at once, it is natural to have preference one over the other. In my opinion you can be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hinduism, confusionst or even without religion depending on your personal choice, but at the same time your loyalty should be to the lands where you live safely. For example Britain gives the rights whether gay or not, today is no longer against the law; however, in Saudia Arabia or Pakistan, to be gay is against the law. But if you have a brother or sister who is Pakistani living in Britain, the government position allows for gay people the right to marry each other for example. This is to establish justice and giving the individuals fair right. You as an individual Muslim according to the examples from the Qur’an 4:59 “O you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those of you who are in authority”. \’Who are in authority\’ here, are The Authority of the land, while the religion becomes your personal business only.

  87. M says:


  88. shaz says:

    erm not deluded \’Sour\’ plum! It\’s facts….there maybe gay\’s out there…they can do what they like, but there\’s no need to advertise a MUSLIM gay guy on the T.V like that whether it\’s true or not!!! Stick to advertising the non-muslim!!!

  89. Sweet says:

    Shaz I don\’t really know what your problem is?!Yes I do know that being a gay isn\’t allowed in Islam. But I\’m just trying to point out that there are gays in the Muslim community- who are brought up as muslim from birth and later become gay. Obviously I know being a Muslim gay isn\’t allowed, because it is seen as haraam. But the main thing is that it exists and Eastenders is only a program forgodsake! Its only showing, what exists. They are not \’advertsing a gay muslim\’ on TV, you said – \’there\’s no need to advertise a MUSLIM gay guy on the T.V like that whether it\’s true or not!!! Stick to advertising the non-muslim!!!\’ – Just because you don\’t like the concept, doesn\’t give you the right to judge and be so narrow minded about it. It seems to me that your the one who is \’sour\’ not me. there\’s no \’maybe gay\’s out there\’. There IS Gay\’s out there. that\’s the reality.

  90. Gary says:

    I have two comments:1) If anybody has a right to be upset about this programme, it is proper eastenders who see themselves portrayed, week in and week out, as educationally subnormal "barrow boys" who like "nuffink" better than a pint and a punch up and doing a bit of snide business. Which of these characters has a proper job away from Albert Square? Its like something from Deliverance, the characters are such freaks.2) Many of the comments posted to this blog by so-called "Muslims" are so intolerant, it is no wonder that non-Muslims get the impression that they are all bigotted, angry terrorists.

  91. Sweet says:

    Gary, Just because some muslim people on this Blog have expressed their veiws, it doesnt mean they represent the whole muslim community. And I think for you to think muslims as \’angry terrorists\’ is wrong, just because they do not agree with certain issues that does not make them an \’angry terrorist\’ If u read my past posts, I dont think I\’m giving a \’bigotted, angry terrorist \’impression\’? Yes I\’m a British muslim and I respect how other people wish to live their life. For those \’conservative\’ muslims that dont like all this, let me ask you this, – would you like to live in a country where there is no freedom of speech? Where women dont have the basic rights? And for those muslims complaining about Eastenders and dont think, you would be even be allowed to watch a program like eastenders in saudi Arabia or in any other islamic states.People need to stop being so narrow minded, which includes muslim and non – muslim people.

  92. Mrs. Joumana says:

    As Sweet Plum just said, regarding freedom of viewing, Eastenders isn\’t broadcast in Saudi Arabia, and it cannot be viewed online. Any movie with kissing, sex, or nudity scenes, are edited out! Programs with gay storylines are not broadcas!!!!

  93. Gary says:

    Plum…please re-read what I have written. I did not write "ALL of the comments" but referred to some of them. Where have I written that those eviews represent the whole of the Muslim community? And it is not MY point of view that Muslims are angry terrorists. What I have written that it is understandable for people to have that point of view given the content of some of the entries on this blog. I\’m afraid that YOU are ignorant and your attitude is symptomatic of a lot of what is wrong in the world today. With over one million words, English is a very precise language. YOU SHOULD READ WHAT IS WRITTEN BEFORE WADING IN INDISCRIMINATELY.

  94. shaz says:

    Sour plum I dont have a problem…I think you do. You say you\’re a British Muslim and respect how other people wish to live their life….thats fine….u do that….nobody is stopping you! If me or other British Muslims have opinions or criticisms that we wish to voice thats entirely up to us…u know freedom of speech an all that! And I know it\’s ONLY a programme but I dont wish to see that sort of \’tripe\’ shown on natinal T.V as if it is morally fine for a MUSLIM to be GAY….when it\’s simply is HARAAM as u said correctly! We know gay\’s exist I DONT like it openly advertised….there are 1001 story lines that could have been put in place for the so called Muslim Family on eastenders but they had to show this!!! If you think I am narrow minded…tough! It\’s my opinion and evry1 has a right to one. If you like the concept of a gay muslim being advertised on T.V thats up to you….but me and a million other muslims dont…it\’s quite simple really.

  95. matthew says:

    I have very mixed feelings upon this new storyline. I think it will be a great oppoutunity to see how the Masood family will react and how it will be played out. However, I do hope this won\’t be another of Eastender\’s latest in a long line of floppy storylines; As is the case of the Dot Cotton \’murder\’ The explosion at the cafe, Burying Max Branning alive, and… Dare I say it – The whole Amy/Danielle fiasco. Each of the storylines mentioned were dragged out over 7-8-9-10-11-12 months, making them boring, repetetive and monotonous. Whatever happened to the days on eastenders where a character died every few months, where an explosion actually meant a death (or at least long term health problems ie blindness)I hope eastenders does this storyline justice, and not have it as another drawn-out affair and get back to having more frequent storylines every week, like they did in the early 90s. EASTENDERS PLEASE REMEMBER you have a square full of different people, they all have a controversial storyline, don\’t draw out one family.

  96. matthew says:

    !_Ruff RYdA MaSwrote: LISTEN! IF UR GAY THEN UR NOT A MUSLIM. AND THOSE WHO SAID " U DONT CHOOSE TO BECOME GAY, ITS JUST FEELINS" THATS ALL RUBBISH COS PPL ONLY B CUM GAY GOS THEY CHOOSE 2 BE GAY, WHICH ARE SAID FROM A LOT OF EX GAYS THAT HAVE BEEN GAY AT ONE POINT BUT NOW HETEROSEXUAL. THAT is the biggest pile of sh*t I\’ve ever heard in my life. I have gay people in my family, I have gay friends. From the sounds of it you do not. Ask any GENUINE gay person whether they chose to be gay, they will tell you that it wasn\’t something they planned. The illusion of \’choosing sexuality\’ comes from the years of predujice forcing the GLBT community to hide themselves away and be ashamed of who or what they are. Sexuality is a small part of what makes a person. I\’m straight, I didn\’t CHOSE to be straight, it was always a part of me. If I were gay, that would also be something I have no control over.

  97. Bilal says:

    You can\’t be a Muslim and be Gay. Why? because it contradicts itself. Read the Quran, Prophet Lut was sent to a nation of homosexuals. He warned them to stop this sin, but they did not and they were severely punished by Allah (God). If you are gay don\’t try claiming your a muslim.

  98. MrMestopheles says:

    Do you know how fed up I am getting of this thread! CAN YOU PEOPLE NOT READ?????? Just because you don\’t like it, just because you think it\’s wrong doesn\’t mean it doesn\’t exist! There are gay muslims – really, I know this I do – I have personal experience of it!! And to say that you chose to be gay is absolute rubbish! You are or you aren\’t its that simple! A lot of men and women hide ths fact that they are and effectively live a lie – deceiving their loved ones and hiding the truth simple because of a lot the comments that have been bandied around on here. To teh people who don\’t know what they are talking about – I repeat what I have said countless times on here: Re Eastenders, if you don\’t like it don\’t watch it!; re freedom of speech and homosexuality – thats even simpler, its here and its legal – so if you don\’t like it, go to a country where your sexist biggoted and frankly prejudiced views are the norm. I just cannot get over how many of you out there are so narrow minded and biggotted!! No wonder teh world is in such an appalling mess!

  99. Luqman says:

    i dont get why they are using muslims for their storylines. to be a follower of islam you need to be straight dude and its not about segregating yourself its a concious decision you have chosen to be a follower of something and then go against your fundamental belief isalm teaches the core values of life it is a complete way of life im saying there are gays out there but they cant be muslim for the simple reason they have chosen to go out of the folds of their FUNDIMENTAL beleif system .

  100. Luqman says:

    and also you guys need to look up on islam and how a real muslim should live their lives before you go on forums like this and chat aload of rubbish.

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