End Of The Road For Corrie’s Claire Peacock?


Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter the caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.

Hey soapsters, here’s a spoiler for you concerning Coronation Street’s Claire and Ashley Peacock. Remember them? One of the most interesting Street pairings… Not.

According to The Sun, Clurrrrrrr will be left fighting for her life in a dramatic summer storyline after a blood clot kills her secret unborn child. The scenes will come following weeks of heated rows between booooring Clurrrrr and her equally dull husband Ashley, who’s unaware of her pregnancy. A source told The Sun: "It’s going to be a terrible time for Ashley. He realises how much his wife means to him – but is it all too late?"

In the scenes to be aired soon, a devastated Ashley will sob to pal Peter Barlow: "Please, she can’t die — she’s my whole world. And why didn’t she tell me she was pregnant?"

Well guys, are you biting your nails in anticipation? Or are you thinking about what shade of toilet tissue to buy, like me? I reckon the producers of Corrie probably got fed with the huge number of posts (from a certain MSN soap blogger) dedicated to the stifling dullness of the Peacocks and finally decided to do something to inject a bit of life back into their rather monotonous storylines.

So folks, this ‘dramatic’ summer storyline is a new blow for the struggling couple. Let’s face it, they’ve been through a lot over the last few years haven’t they?  So, will Cluuuurrrrrrr and Ashley overcome this latest crisis, or is it the end of the road for the Peacocks? Well, as much as I’d rather watch a slow motion footage of paint drying rather than the Peacocks, somehow I get the feeling that they’ll live on to fight another day.

So, should the Peacocks be written out of Coronation Street? Have your say by leaving me a comment.

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip and the results of last week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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46 Responses to End Of The Road For Corrie’s Claire Peacock?

  1. 1962Sandra says:

    no they shoudnt be written out- its the scriptwriters fault that they dont get good storylines and theres only so many good stories they can write at once. leave them alone or you write a good storyline for them!

  2. Denise says:

    Defo no! to axing Peacocks – they\’re nice – put a hit on Blanche instead !

  3. laurie says:

    no get shut of the ghastly Windass family as soonas.

  4. Chris says:

    no not written out, most peoples lives are boring thats why they watch

  5. Stuart says:

    Isnt it about time that we saw Deirdrie having an affair again as a sort of equalizer to Kens lot over the years.Get rid of John Staype – The Windass\’ – Dev\’s stupid Uncle – maybe Dev as well for all the good he is – bring back Norris\’s girl friend and let that develop – get rid of Tyronnes mother while ur at it. Peacocks shud stay with some better storylines.

  6. Philip says:

    I agree with Stuart as regards getting rid of The Windass Family or change the Story Line to show thieving and fraud don\’t pay, it\’s a family show, it\’s no wonder some kids think this behavior is ok. Definately get rid of Devs pathetic uncle ( who told him he could act I wonder) they are getting rid of good actors & actresses for the likes of him. Keep the Peacocks in with good storylines.

  7. bibi says:

    i want to see a new asian family come to live in correy street.nice young guys and loads fo flirting going around.put some new spices in the masala.

  8. shirley says:

    Michelle gets on my nerves I think she is so boring, and her stupid son,let us see more of tony, and a bit more of steve and becky please. Dev,s uncle is useless and has made no improvement to the street.The street definately needs spicing up.

  9. Sue says:

    i agree with stuart get rid of the windass family,and whats wrong with the peacocks,its refreshing to have a happy family for once instead of all the gloom,get rid of devs uncle and quick.think tony\’s story needs to come to an end,its getting to long drawn out and silly.lets have some more friendly loving families,god knows in todays society we need it. sue

  10. Robert says:

    Defenatly not They have Had good story lines in the past, So why not Again. If you remember folks who say get rid of the Windass Family. The batterbys were Just as bad at the begining. So give them a chance. And it is the script writer who make up there story lines. I think its time Mrs Bishop finds love in her life Or Betty In the Rovers. Your never to old. And by the way am in me 40ts Before anyone get the Idea Am an old fart writing this. From Robert.

  11. Jill says:

    no they should continue

  12. Margaret says:

    need to see more of liz and steve they are so funny

  13. Christina says:

    The best thing about Corrie is that they try to reflect real life…..everyone has boring bits, boring neighbours…people you wish would take a running jump…long may they continue to irritate us \’cos that\’s life !

  14. Gloria says:

    We haven\’t seen very much of the Peacocks lately and the Websters are getting thoroughly boring so perhaps we need a bit of action away from the family who like to think themselves better than all the rest of the street, the money spent on school for the madame of the Webster clan could have been better spent getting Mrs Webster through Charm School!!!!

  15. Carrie says:

    Get rid of Claire definitely, her whining voice really gets on my nerves! Killing her off during childbirth would be brilliant especially if tests proved the baby wasn\’t Ashley’s yet again.. magic!Also make sure the Windass family actually do pay for their mistakes, Philip is dead right.. Tony needs to pay as well and contrary to most tv watchers he drives me batty, I know he can\’t help that his eye has a life of its own but I\’m getting dizzy trying not to watch it. I can\’t stand Gail with no chin (never could), Maria or Michelle with her stud??? of a son.. yeah right! They should have let Ken go for a month or so but come back with his.. cough..tail between his legs to find Deidre canoodling with someone else on the sofa maybe Dev again??? Now that\’s a possibility as we\’ve lost Dev’s \’mouthy\’ girlfriend!!Betty bless her does need a love interest, Jacks got one which is nice but Tyrone will probably behave like a spoiled child yet again and finish that one off…. incidentally I can\’t wait for Molly to have the fling with Kevin, please don\’t back track on that one as I can\’t wait to see Sally\’s and Tyrone’s face when they find out; telly heaven!I love Becky (after hating her for the first few weeks) as the relationship between her and Steve is perfection especially as Steve has fallen in love with his Mother incarnate; excellent telly and literally started me watching it again as I had lapsed due to the boring Platt fiasco.. yawn!I\’m sincerely hoping that God loving Sophie gets pregnant and gives birth in a shock storyline at Christmas.. someone has to and who better than them (Amber and Darryl are much too switched on to allow that to happen)? Sally\’s face would be amazing to see as she will have only just got over the Molly/Kevin affair.Dev is boring but simply has to stay as I love his eyes, Norris is annoying but can be funny in a very dry, pathetic way, Blanche is great and has the main comedy role since Sean’s departure (oh is he still around then??) and does it very well, Emily has been in it since the beginning of time but I can\’t really see her character doing anything interesting anymore. A slow death could be a good demise for her to show she is the good actress I remember after all.John Staype should stay as it would be a great excuse to wind the dreadful Rosie up and also give Chesney the chance to show off his acting talent again by going off the rails. Fiz is very annoying though but I guess she has to stay.. maybe they could put John and Rosie together again in the future wouldn\’t that be fun!Kirk is a waste of time, as is the dreadful Audrey who is tying with Gail as my most hated character.. umm actually you can include the rest of the Platt’s including Tina and her father whose name escapes me, but then it would wouldn\’t it as he\’s so pointless! I must admit to loving the fact that Gail with no chin always falls for psychos though; I totally blame Audrey as she was a rubbish mother! Yeah get rid of whats his name and get another real psycho in to do the whole family in this time :o)I love Jason and Eileen, Steve, Liz and Becky, Deirdre, Ken and Blanche. Sean used to be so funny but lately they\’ve gagged him.. I hope they\’re not thinking of getting rid of him?Sorry I\’ve gone on for so long… now where\’s the Eastender’s page??

  16. JASON says:

    I switch over when they have scenes , unbelievably boring and dull , they are one of the few character sets I find totally uninteresting. Actually no. Uninteresting does not really describe the mind numbing boredom I feel when they are on screen.

  17. carol says:

    No they should not be axed they are slow and boring just like the rest of the cast

  18. carol says:


  19. margaret says:

    I think the PEACOCK family should stay, they might be a bit boring but lets face it a lot of people in real life are boring.

  20. Barbara says:

    The Windass family do exist in real life, your typical drain on society. The Peacocks should stay they are portraying a fair view of the ordinary family as well. That\’s life I\’m afraid.

  21. Peter says:

    my god were do you get off thinking you can do what you wont HAVE YOU FORGOTTON THAT IT US THE PUBLIC THAT GET YOU THE VOTES AND AWARDS ….. i will campain (and ive over 10000s on f.b not countting myspace dont do it theres dead wood in there but it ant them two there funny and if had better story line could run with it dont kill her she my fav actress along side michelle and marieaive whatch ever show since 1971 and when you killed people off you should frist ask we miss are family….. pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  22. judith says:

    Is there any normality other than the peacocks let them stay

  23. Mary says:

    Corrie is my favourite soap ,you cant kill of Claire .Why always so much doom and gloom .I for one need cheering up .Lots more laughter and a lot less gloom .They might be boring but life is boring at times .Rather that than somebody getting attacked all the time .

  24. Elaine says:

    get rid off them they bore me too tears ashley is like a wet weekend and claire well must be something to do with the name. the windasses are real tust me they used to be my neighbours from hell. maybe u could show on tv how real people can deal with neighbours like that. also please let fizz get her man he was driven to do it he is serving his time fizz deserves to be happy after the soap life she has had written. that would be excellent viewing.

  25. Myriam says:

    Well, the Peacocks should have left the show a long time ago, for sure. It must be agony for the actors to have had such poor lines and so little to do.

  26. Unknown says:

    There are one or two issues with Coronation Street – how much longer before Tony is accused of the killing of Liam, it has gone on for too long, there were lots of points leading to him soon after the tragic killing. No dont get rid of Claire, it wouldnt be fair to Ashley to suffer the loss of a second wife, they are part of the real community, a young couple with a young family. Get rid of the Windrasses – or at least the father and uncle. We had enough of Les Battersby and is stupid ways. Also get rid of Dev\’s stupid uncle, whatever is Audrey thinking of going out with him, is she that desperate. Also Joe is getting a bit boring now, lets get him sorted out.

  27. Mark says:

    Sorry to sound harsh… but you lot ought to wake up to yourselfs. Surely the only reason people think the characters in any soap/program or film for that matter isn\’t down to the actor/actress – it\’s down to the writers & storyliners – these are the people who give our favourite or least favorite characters LIFE. It\’s down to them to spice up their lives. Ashley & Claire are good down to earth people, YES their lives seem abit dull since the departure of Fred, I say, Fred – but I think the pair should have more interaction with Graham, and it\’s also not fair to criticise lack of storyline when Julia Haworth has been off recently giving birth. As for the SPOILER storylines regarding Kevin & Molly – it would never happen – Molly & Tyrone are too much in love, Molly would NEVER go looking for anything more. As for the Windass family – that\’s it a load of WIND from a load of ASSes… Do something controversial with them instead of trying to fill the Battersby\’s shoes. Ideal scenario make Garry GAY, get Sean to spot him down Canal Street face sucking with one of his chavvy mates, & it emergies that he secretly he fancies Sean. This would also give Sean some NEW storylines instead of him just louging about as he\’s been doing since Marcus left, or maybe bring back TODD for him.

  28. malcolm says:

    no they should stay be given better story lines

  29. Phil says:

    I reckon it\’s about time the TV script writers used a bit more imagination. The soaps are supposed to reflect normal life, incorporating issues encountered in normal everyday life. So why then, when a character\’s time is up, is it so easy to kill them off?. Ashley Peacock has already had one wife killed off, so what are the chances of a normal everyday bloke losing another. If Clurrrrr has to go, I say get rid of both her and Ashley. They\’re both boring characters, so perhaps they could simply move away or emigrate. In my opinion, the soaps are spoiled by too many murders and characters being bumped off by the writers.Weatherfield, Emmerdale and Walford must be the worse places to live in England, considering the short life spans of many of it\’s former residents!!.

  30. Jeanette says:

    I think we should keep Claire and Ashley and write them into the script more. Please though get rid of Dev\’s uncle – who the hell can look like him and appear in a soap and am I going deaf or am I the only one who can\’t tell what he says. Tony really needs to get found out now as it is beyond a joke that no-one has rumbled him so far. Let Eileen and Shaun have more exciting love lives – they deserve it!!!

  31. John says:

    How about an outbreak of swine flu and kill them all off – Awfulford and Emmerdale too. Soap opera = television at it\’s most anal. Bubble gum for the eyes (and brain). Dull, dull, dull.

  32. Teresa says:

    They should go they\’re so boring, her stupid clucky voice drives me mad.Thank god for Blanche and Eileen who are both brilliant.

  33. lorna says:

    keep claire& Ashley &get rid off the mum &DAD &sun the one how has got the cruch lorna s

  34. eleanor says:

    no the street needs a mixture of people

  35. Carolann says:

    Yes i think the peacocks should go because clurr and ashley are boring i always forget theyre in it

  36. jean says:

    i think the whole cast needs a shake up wth a few exceptions bringing jim back i think not

  37. Paul says:

    Boring ..Yes. Should she go…Maybe…. spice her up, and make her a bit more realistic. How about an affair? Maybe with Kevin Webster. How many sour grapes would be had if he moved into his old house swap house with our Claire.

  38. donna says:

    no dont get rid of claire and ashley, poor ashley has had his fair share of bad luck and t lose claire would be to much heartache for any one person to deal with as he already lost one wife. keep the peacocks. give them more lines.

  39. sarah says:

    i think they need to be in it more i hardly ever see them and why is almost every woman getting pregnant i\’m sick of baby talk!

  40. esther says:

    you couid get rid of clurrrrrrrr and michelle but please leave ashly alone find the poor man a good woman and let him enjoy himself for a change he could be a good asset to corrie but you are just not using him as you should and as for bringing Mc. donald back i dont think that would be a good move in my opinion

  41. rashidah says:

    dont realy see them that much anyway, only get to see clurrrrr in the cuby, they need a better storyline than death.

  42. Unknown says:

    who are they!!!!!! Its been sooooo long since they had a good story line I forgot they were in the soap. If Clair goes out with a BANG then good. Ashley used to be sooooo funny till he met her, now he\’s just a drip. Please get some good story lines going & fast. Last good one was Ken & his bit of old fluff LOL

  43. louise says:

    i thought they had left lol

  44. Catherine says:

    claire and ashley have become boring to watch need more excitment

  45. ellen says:

    The story lines have become more boring for all of the cast draft some new writers in some of the story lines are like watching the other soaps on TV including the Australian ones.

  46. Ian says:

    It needs new exciting storylines not the boring ones and unbelievable ones that have happened over the last few months/years.

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