Corrie Axes Three Stars

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter the caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.

Hey guys, it looks like there’s more bad news in store for our soap actors and actresses. According to The Sun newspaper, Coronation Street is set to lose three more stars in its attempts to cut costs during the recession. Barmaid Poppy Morales (played by actress Sophiya Haque), actress Pattie Coles who plays Mary (you know… Norris’ booooring love interest) and newcomer Sharon Duce (Paula Carp), are all set to go.

A source has apparently said: "It’s a real shame they’re leaving but their characters haven’t made a huge impact and we haven’t got any more big storylines for them. We just can’t afford to keep them on. We can’t be sentimental and we felt their characters had run their course."

Sharon Duce’s Paula was brought in to reveal she’d slept with pal Eileen Grimshaw’s dad when she was just 14 – and that he was the father of her daughter Julie. Now I don’t know about you soapsters, but I’m siding with the soap bosses on the axing of these three characters. Yeah, alright… I know they’ve probably got mortgages to pay and hungry mouths to feed, but if actors and actresses add nothing to the shows that they’re generally paid huge salaries to appear in, why carry dead weight?

I mean, take Norris’ girlfriend Mary… she’s so dreary that she even succeeds in making Corrie’s booooooring ‘Cluuuuuurr’ Peacock look exciting… and that’s some feat, I tell you. Anyway, other stars axed from Corrie in the last month include Ayesha Dharker (who’s still on screen as Tara Mandal), Philip McGinley (Tom Kerrigan) and Edward de Souza (Colin Grimshaw).

It kind of makes you wonder where it’s all gonna end? Will we end up going back to the old days when we had to wait a whole week to find out whether Stan Ogden had succeeded in dipping his soldier into his soft boiled egg without running it down his string vest? Although I’ll always have a soft spot for Stan and Hilda, the thought of tuning into Corrie and the other soaps for just once a week doesn’t bear thinking about. But for now, it looks like the cull of soap actors and actresses is set to continue.

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip and the results of last week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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8 Responses to Corrie Axes Three Stars

  1. Noel says:

    That\’s in addition to Stephanie Beacham, I presume, or is she due to cruise back in?

  2. Lucie says:

    Good point Noel

  3. Susan says:

    I wouldn\’t miss any of these characters but you can\’t just blame the actors – they only have what the scriptwriters give them. Writers need to give decent stories to these people.

  4. Colin and Debbie says:

    I wish they would take Norris off he is so miserable Mary is good for him let him go around this world with her to see his face off the air would make corrie better

  5. wendy says:

    send Gail and David Platt off on a one way ticket to Australia then send those horrible layabouts next door after them.

  6. Barbara says:

    now ken is in his early 70`s I think its about time corrie got realistic how many women would actually fall for him,no more of this farce please corrie.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Elizabeth WinterburnI am totally fed up with Corrie, it is totally inplausible, I mean isn\’t it time that there should be a `Herpes, HIV` story line with so many of them jumping in and out of bed!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    should get rid of the windass family they cant act, bring cilla and les battersby back, and a gud looking hunk,with a great storyline. miss the charlie and tracy storylines.

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