Enders’ Heather Contacts Her Baby’s Father

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter the caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

EastEnders w/e Friday May 8

For those old enough to remember, when schoolgirl Michelle Fowler fell pregnant, it was a bit of a shock as she’d always appeared to be quite level-headed. The writers made a whodunnit out of the storyline with just about every man in Albert Square as the possible father.

In the end, it turned out to be Dirty Den. Fast forward a few years and history is repeating itself. This time, it’s Heather Trott who’s the mother-to-be. But who’s the father?

My money’s on Phil Mitchell. If it turns out to be a man in Albert Square, he’s got to have been off his head. Heather decides that the easiest way to tell the father is to write him a letter.

Tanya and Chelsea walk in on Jane and Denise eyeing up Dr Jenkins. Tamwar is trying to revise while Zainab quizzes him about Syed’s girlfriend. Janine helps Syed prepare the food for Amy’s christening. Billy opens a belated birthday card and is horrified to find the words ‘you let Jay’s dad die’ written inside. It’s the day of the Christening and Roxy’s frustrated to find Ronnie getting Amy ready for the service. Dot’s at the church when Ronnie stumbles in drunk. Upset, Roxy dashes out and Jack tries to comfort her but Ronnie catches them kissing. Roxy asks Dot to take Ronnie’s place as Godparent. Phil takes another swig of vodka and passes out and Ronnie decides to leave. Over at the Masoods’, the family welcome Syed’s girfriend Amira. Nick blackmails Billy. The Christening party return from the church to find the Vic has been trashed. Jack goes to find Ronnie while a devastated Roxy is comforted by Christian. Peggy returns and is horrified when she sees the state Phil and Shirley are in. 

Also on EastEnders this week:
Max wants the whole family together on his birthday
Tanya plucks up the courage to ask Dr Jenkins out for dinner
Ben is upset about Phil

Emmerdale w/e Friday May 8

What are fans likely to make of Lizzie Lakely, I wonder? The new character has certainly made a statement, not only through the fact that Kitty McGeever, the actress that plays her, is blind but also because of all the trouble she’s caused since she arrived in Emmerdale. Will Lizzie fit in or is she doomed to be seen as a bit of gimmick-casting? We’ll find out in a few months. The jury’s still out on the Wyldes and they’re months into their Emmerdale stint. This week, Natasha grows more concerned when she overhears Mark on the phone so she asks Debbie to help her spy on him.

Nicola and David are at odds over the love letter Sandy was responsible for. Andy challenges Debbie over Sarah. Natasha offers Debbie financial support but Cain is wary of her motives. Pollard is unhappy that his battle with David has become personal. Bob is angry with Brenda for putting off potential buyers for the café and shop. At Mill cottage, Jimmy and Nicola’s relationship is back to its fiery normality but Lexi secretly wishes for Nicola’s downfall. Brenda tells Bob that she’s found the money to cover his debts… but it’s from a loan shark. Carl and Lexi appear to be stuck with Nicola. While speaking to Laurel, Nicola reveals that she thinks she’s pregnant with Jimmy’s child. Can she keep her pregnancy a secret? Lexi tells Carl that she wants to try for a baby. Bob tells Brenda to grasp her chance of happiness with Terry.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
David and Pollard are still at loggerheads
David meets with Edna and Leyla to discuss strategy
Val tries to fire Leyla

Coronation Street w/e Friday May 8

Is anyone missing former Brookside and Corrie star Michael Starke? I liked him – he could’ve been a Scouse scally in the mould of the great Eddie Yeats had the writers not saddled him with an unconvincing family. Anyway, Sinbad/Jerry is to star in pantomime at Southsea this Christmas. No surprise there really… On to the show and it’s a big week for the Barlows so get ready to see more of ‘conflicted Ken’ before he makes a big decision.  Julie is shocked to discover that Colin has had a stroke. Ken plans his getaway and writes a letter for Deirdre. But Peter arrives and susses exactly what he’s up to.

Tyrone is annoyed to find Connie sitting in Vera’s old chair. Armed with Roy’s cash and carry card and the password he stole from Anna’s purse, Eddie stocks up on cheap booze, paying for it all on Roy’s account. Gail supervises Graeme starting work on the Windasses overgrown garden.

Feeling insecure about Amber, Darryl decides to end their relationship before she realises that he isn’t good enough for her. Deirdre and Blanche sees Ken’s letter and are stunned by its contents. Eileen is determined to make Colin pay for what he did. David enlists Graeme as he works on his master plan to get revenge on Gary Windass. Molly is determined to get more involved in the garage business. she tells Tyrone that they should ask Sally and Kevin to agree to change the name to Dobbs and Webster. Peter persuades Michelle to stay for dinner but Blanche arrives and announces she’s moving in. Tara decides to give Dev one final chance to come clean about his fling with Lisa.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Roy is impressed with Anna’s work at the café
Tara enjoys winding Dev up
Julie talks to a sympathetic Jason

Hollyoaks w/e Friday May 8

This may be a bit of an unpopular view, but I’ve got to say Hollywoodoaks seems to be in a bit of a lull lately. It will pick up once Gemma Bissix returns but in the meantime… Still, at least it’s staying true to the roots of the person that devised it; I feel like I’m watching Phil Redmond’s original classic Grange Hill sometimes. Talk about flashback! Except that Grange Hill was better in the London days. Oh well. This week, Sasha thinks she’s got Warren exactly where she wants him. Calvin and Leo agree to work together in a bid to bring Warren down. It’s an awkward morning after the night before for Elliot and Leila. Their night of passion wasn’t hot and it’s left Elliot feeling embarrassed. Leila decides to paint him – naked. Nancy ends up humiliating Theresa in front of the entire class.

Calvin shows Carmel his voice recording equipment and discusses his strategy for obtaining Warren’s confession. But events leave a bruised and battered Calvin alone with his life in tatters. Nancy and Russ wake up after spending their first night together as a couple. Hannah and Justin share their first kiss under the moonlight. Carmel’s heartbroken as she remembers Evissa and is incensed when she sees Warren and Sasha acting as if nothing’s happened. Calvin can’t bear to see Carmel so upset and takes her back to the McQueens’. Carmel begs Calvin to stay with her and as he comforts her, she’s reminded of the lovely man he used to be. Cindy’s not happy with Darren’s new enterprise. Darren gets his own back and locks Cindy in the portaloo. It falls over, leaving Cindy covered in sewage and Darren loving his sweet revenge.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Russ tries to make amends with Jacqui
Neville sacks Darren
Michaela’s 18 – and she’s disappointed with her presents

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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3 Responses to Enders’ Heather Contacts Her Baby’s Father

  1. joy says:

    The three main soaps are really trying to give us the biggest shock, Enders Heather getting pregnant, Corries Ken finally finding a backbone and leaving the dreadful Deidre. Cains return in a BMW thought he would have spent all the Kings money on women,drugs and drink. But Emmerdales Wylde family just doesnt do it for me. Marks acting is wooden, Natasha is trying to to be lady of the manor but its not working, add the dreadful Nathan and spoilt Maisie how long will they last? I think the next storyline would be Cain buying Home Farm and installing the Dingles there what a laugh, I could just see Lisa and Zach driving into the village in a bentley. Shadrach could learn to ride a horse , Belle would be able to return to her posh school. Well a bit far fetched I know but the Wylde family just have to go.

  2. Kayleigh says:

    I\’m quite bord of Hollyoaks at the moment. Always love Eastenders but Corrie naaa never have liked it and never will dullsvill!

  3. sarah says:

    im not a sit down, shut up, and watch type…however i do like eastenders right now it\’s pretty cool esspecially with heather being pregnant. it really stunned me!

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