Rob Kazinsky The New Robin Hood?

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter the caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh. Coronation Street and Dev’s naked body – yuck! You can see more soap storylines in our preview here.

Talking of Corrie – what’s in the water on that set? Now Samia Smith, who plays Maria Connor, is pregnant. In the past 18 months, the following have all become parents: Julia Haworth (boring Clurrrrr), Andy Whyment (Kirk), Ryan Thomas (Jason), Jack P Shepherd (David), Wanda Oaplinska (Wiki), Alison King (Carla) and Jane Danson (Leanne). Simon Gregson (Steve) and Graeme Hawley (John Stape) are looking forward to the births of their babies later this year. Next thing you know, Betty Driver (the legendary barmaid) will announce her pregnancy!

On to EastEnders now and I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumours circulating about Rob Kazinsky. Apparently the former Eastenders bad boy, best known to us as Sean ‘Shout!’ Slater, may be donning the Robin Hood tights when Jonas Armstrong exits the role. Keith Allen – father of Lily Allen – who plays the  Sheriff of Nottingham is also leaving.

An industry ‘insider’ said: "Bosses think [Rob] will be a perfect like-for-like replacement. He is known for always having stubble and looks rough and ready, just like Jonas. He’d be the ideal candidate for taking on the mantle and has a track record as a hard man. He is the ideal choice."

Rob Kazinsky as Robin Hood? Seems strange casting to me. Still, it could work. But if you’re gonna have Kazinsky as Robin Hood, why not go the whole hog and get Cliff Parisi (Minty) as Friar Tuck? And as Keith Allen’s Sheriff is also departing, the ideal person to replace him is obviously Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell). Better yet, get Barbara Windsor (Peggy) as Maid Marian. When anyone gets her back up, she can scream: "Gerrrr owt’a mah forest!"

Back to Rob Kazinsky now. Wasn’t he supposed to be quitting EastEnders for fame in America? What happened to that? I could’ve sworn I remember reading that he was looking to become a star stateside. Anway, if he does become the BBC’s new bow-wielding hero, I feel sorry for his merry men – imagine if he brings Sean ‘Shout!’ Slater to the role, they’re all gonna need hearing aids when filming for the fourth series begins.

Anyway folks, I’ll be cleaning the wax off my earplugs in keen anticipation for his return to TV – whenever that is. But what do you think? Does Rob Kazinsky have what it takes to be our the next Robin Hood? Leave your comments below…

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip and the results of last week’s caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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5 Responses to Rob Kazinsky The New Robin Hood?

  1. Anne says:

    I think Rob would be great as the new Robin Hood just like Jonas Amstrong, although I will miss Jonas he is so cute!!!!!

  2. Gemma says:

    When I first heard Jonas was leaving I was like, "How can there be another seris, without him??" Jonas is amzing as Robin and has really bought the role to life. But I guess, if its a choice between having Rob as Robin or no Robin, I\’d have to pick Rob! Lol. I really hope Rob does this and makes the role his own, now i\’ve had chance to think about it, I reckon he\’d be pretty awesom!! But who to replace Keith Allan????

  3. josephine says:

    Rob Kazinsky was Sean Slater. Boring…..violent……an actor….never. He cant act for toffee. Jonas Armstrong is delightful, cute……and a good actor….and one can understand what he is saying, unlike Kazinsky who mumbles his wa thro a dialogue.What we should all be doing is persuading Jonas to stay. I say up his wages, where NO is not an option. As for the brilliant Keith Allen……who could possibly step into his shoes. ?? What bitter blows we have suffered with the loss of these two fine actors… what about "Cutter" in Primeval. ?? I doubt Jason has the charisma to carry this change over.

  4. Blues Indigo says:

    Haven\’t we any supermen, to play our super heros anymore, blink an eye, and you wouldn\’t remember WHO this actor was; who was he? We need a bit of muscle, a bit of lover chemisty and someone who looks like a leader, the actor would be fired on \’The Apprentice\’ as being watery and weak; How did HE get the job?

  5. abigail says:


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