Shilpa Shetty For EastEnders?

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

EastEnders w/e Friday April 3

It’s all go in Albert Square! And I’m not even talking about Archie and Peggy’s wedding day yet (read on for more of that – how miserable do these two look?). Apparently Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is being lined up for an appearance. Shilpa in EastEnders! No way will that work out – she’s far too pretty and glamorous! She was offered a part after she won Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 (get this – as a love interest for Phil Mitchell: hahahahahahahahahaha!) but she turned it down.

Anyway, she’s got a London pad and wants to expand her TV career here so we’ll see if she turns up in Walford. But even bigger news on the horizon is a shock pregnancy.

SPOILER: The woman who discovers she’s expecting is the last person you’d expect it to happen to. It’s Heather! Omigod!! By now you’ll all know that Kara Tointon and Ricky Groves (Dawn Swann and Garry Hobbs) are on their way out. What happens to Minty though? If he doesn’t get it together with Heather, surely his days are numbered too?

On to this week’s events and Aunt Sal arrives early to help Peggy prepare for her wedding. Danielle pushes Archie to tell Ronnie the truth, but Archie resists. Janine offers to rent Peggy the sports car she has at the car lot for the wedding. Garry puts his foot in it and Jack offers to babysit Amy for the wedding. Jean sets to work as the Square’s new make-up artist. Archie’s trying to enjoy his stag do but it’s clear that he has other things on his mind. It’s Peggy and Archie’s respective hen and stag nights; the bride-to-be is shocked that Ronnie and Roxy have organised an American cheerleading troupe for the night. Janine puts in a surprise appearance at The Vic. Danielle sneaks into The Vic and drops her locket into Ronnie’s champagne glass.. Jack tells Ronnie that he loves her, not Roxy. Masood stands up for Jane and The residents of Walford deal with aftermath of Peggy and Archie’s wedding day.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Archie tries to convince Danielle to leave Walford
Roxy slaps Ronnie at the reception
Tanya wants to talk to Max about their kiss

Emmerdale w/e Friday April 3 

Another soap and another wedding to come (Lexi and Carl). But you don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that neither one will go smoothly. It’s that old unwritten soap law again – I’m struggling to remember the last one that did. Anyway, while we await that and the return of some old Emmerdale faces, the producers have been busy. Ex-Hollyoaks hunk James Sutton will arrive in the summer. Best-known for his role as John Paul, he’ll play mechanic Ryan Lamb who turns up in the village to stay with his mum after losing his job. Apparently Ryan quickly becomes embroiled in Faye’s plot for revenge against Mark.

Oh the Wyldes  – the Wyldes! They’re so bad that I’m almost warming to them. Leyla gets a grilling from Natasha for the Home Farm job. Mark’s beside himself when he finds out that Natasha and Nathan have agreed to give Faye the marketing job. It’s stag and hen nights and the Woolpack has been double booked. Lexi storms out when Carl’s stripper arrives and has a confrontation with Chas. Daz and Victoria give in to their feelings. Meanwhile, Bob prepares to break some news to his customers when the auctioneer arrives. Natasha is suspicions of Mark’s grumpy mood. Victoria blanks Daz. Sandy worries when she hears that Jasmine is moving to a prison further away. Meanwhile, Natasha invites Marlon to tea although she’s convinced that something isn’t quite right about him. Will she discover that Marlon is a fraudulent suitor?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Paddy quizzes Carl about his feelings for Lexi
The Sugdens help Victoria celebrate her birthday
Maisie snogs Marlon

Coronation Street w/e Friday April 3 

Is Hollywood beckoning for Street stars Anthony Cotton (Sean) and Katherine Kelly (Becky)? According to The Sun the pair have apparently jetted off to Los Angeles to audition for TV pilots. Don’t hold your breaths though – I honestly believe that Anna Friel is a one-off. Not many UK soap stars make it in Hollywood. You could argue Sean Maguire (Aidan in EastEnders) who’s appeared in support roles in sitcoms – but he isn’t a name. Back to the reality of the cobbles and how cute is little Alexander Bain who plays Simon Barlow? He is just adorable.

I really hope nothing bad happens to him but I’ve heard horrible spoilers – let’s hope they’re not true. Peter wakes with a hangover and Simon’s fending for himself again. It all gets worse when Michelle quits the bookies. Later that night, Peter’s smoking sets off a fire…

Tara introduces Dev to her star photographer but things aren’t great between them. Kirk tells Julie that he plans to get them a place of their own. Eileen has Paula round for lunch but Paula can’t wait to get away. Kirk lets on to Chesney that he knows he’s been bunking off school and Fiz confronts him about it. Rita tells Eileen that she’s planning a surprise party for Colin’s 70th birthday. Chesney says he’s being bullied at school by Kenzie. Graeme reckons Joshua could be a very talented footballer. Simon’s life hangs in the balance and Ken’s finally feeling guilty about everything and comes clean to Martha.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Michelle offers Peter her support
Tara nearly catches Dev being unfaithful
Kirk ends his relationship with Julie

Hollyoaks w/e Friday April 3 

Well. It’s no surprise is it? I mean, we all said it would happen and now it looks like it will. Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Bissix is to make a surprise return to Hollywoodoaks as superbitch Clare Devine. Hooray! She left in September 2007, turned up in EastEnders again (where she was completely ineffectual) before leaving the BBC soap once more. Clare’s return to Hollyoaks village is to tie in with the departures of old flame Warren Fox and the man who pushed her off The Loft balcony, Justin Burton. She’s hell-bent on revenge. Can’t wait to see her back again! Yes! So to this week’s drama and Lauren wants Newt back. Archie’s still on his mission to win Sarah over. Sasha’s heartbroken after Warren dumped her and blames Calvin for splitting them up. Amy and Sasha comfort each other. Ste’s anxious for news on Amy’s baby and in the heat of the moment, they kiss… Archie finally gets Sarah, but reverts to his usual egocentric self and messes her around.

Comforted by Lydia, Sarah offers to buy her a thank you drink. Later Lydia kisses her leaving Sarah sexually confused. Josh punches Ste for kissing Amy. To Lauren’s dismay, Newt announces that Anita is his girlfriend. Leila starts her first tango lesson, finding herself up close and personal with Fernando; a jealous Elliot looks on. Theresa, Newt and Gov are shocked to ‘learn’ that Anita is apparently bullying Lauren, prompting a furious Gov to haul Anita to his office. Kris and Ravi get passionate. Later, Ravi decides it’s time to come out to his family. Amy’s waters break; later, she and Ste are dazed parents to a baby son.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Bel’s begins preparations for Ram Navami
Anita hears upsetting news
Mike and Sarah’s relationship is still strained

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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41 Responses to Shilpa Shetty For EastEnders?

  1. Jani says:

    Iff that shetty thing joins eastenders, i for one won\’t be watching it. She\’s been trying to worm her way in over here ever since that false win on B.B. A set up or what. Sorry, but i think she is a user and doesn\’t give a dam who gets hurt on the way. That\’s my opinion, that\’s what this blog is all about, isn\’t it!

  2. Joanna says:

    I totally agree No name, the only reason she came back to see Jade in her dying days, and not before, was because she didnt really want to see her, but she knew the media would pick up on it and give her some publicity as the coverage of Jade was in the forefront at the time.She is a total fake.

  3. Alexandria says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if she joins it then it will just be ruined shes a bitch look at wht she put jade goody through she only came to see ja de in her dying days to look all fale an innoscent and why did she turn down the part with alove scene with phill thts the best man she will ever get real or pretend i hope she just goes back to india and i agree with all of u people tht have commented

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    Everyone\’s entitled to their own view, but Jade Goody wouldn\’t have apologised if she hadn\’t felt she had something to apologise for. She wasn\’t a saint, she was very human and her behaviour to Shilpa wasn\’t her finest hour (in my view, she wasn\’t the worst culprit but that\’s just me). She apologised and Shilpa very graciously forgave her and that\’s that. As for EastEnders, I just can\’t see her in Albert Square.

  5. Naz says:

    damn, if "NO NAME" watches Eastenders, can u imagine the loss that would be…!!!! "I hope she goes back to India"…sounds like another BB happening here!!! Shilpa\’s way to classy to be appearing on eastenders!! Dont do it Shilpa!!!

  6. Unknown says:

    I just read online that Shilpa is in talks to get on our Eastenders. I only watch the soaps rarely anything else. If she joins I\’m off. She is manipulating. I saw th whole of BB Live not the clips shown and she knew exactly what she was doing!!!! I am not rasist at all but cannot stand the woman and she would totally ruin the program for me and I will not watch until she has left. I do not not not want her on my fav program. BBC please take note I am not the only one. Jade was just herself and Shilpa knew she could play her, next we know rasist!!!!! They her followers want to KILL Jade, I mean come on sticks and stones and all that. Poor Surrey.

  7. oluwaseun adunola rebecca says:

    how short people\’s memory are just because jade is dead people seem to be deluding themselves in to thinking jade was a saint. if being real is being mean and aggresive to someone you don\’t like then i want none of it. shilpa was polite and respectful to jacqui even though it was apparent she didn\’t like being called princess or being asked if she live in a shack until it got too much and even try to patch things up with her. you lot seem to think it ok to be rude to someone as long as it is to their face. jade did exactly the same thing to sophie from bb3 does that mean sophie manipulated her aswell . it seams everyone is to blame except for jade. jade was a nice girl but it had an ugly side because of her insecurity she resorted to aggression. while obviously shilpa was brought up to be respectable and polite to someone even if you don\’t like them thats not being fake thats being polite trying to be a good person. remember the racist limerick made up by jack that channel 4 admited not showing cos it was too one made her say those things. shilpa is not a confrontational person and neither did she speak about jade behind her back (of which jade did both) so how does that make her fake. jermaine jackson seem to be on her side does that make him manipulative as well or is he fake too.

  8. Sukhy says:

    omg u lot need to get a life let jade rest in peace! and as for shilpa shetty oh my days! look at what ur writing before adding ur commentS gosh were all human, and u lot on about not watchin eastenders if she joins the crew, u need to slap urselves in the face and wake up its a soap ever heard of equal opportunities darlings, u dont wanna watch it DONT [She\’s been trying to worm her way in over here ever since that false win on B.B. A set up or what. Sorry, but i think she is a user] and u the one who said this ur totally out of order and yeh NAZ i totally agree she tooooo classy, and tinkerbell its racist not RASIST LOL SADO\’SSSS GET A LIFE

  9. Unknown says:

    OMGGGG,\’MWAHHHHHHHHHHH\’,so wat \’tinkerbell\’ made 1 lil mistake wiv spelling,if u think thts a big deal,then U get a life!!!so HA!!

  10. Unknown says:

    i cnt believe jade died,shes only 27,she didnt deserve 4 her life 2 b tooken away from her.ohhh,n how nice has she been 2 her 2 lil boys???shes been gr8,she was acting like everything was normal(even tho everything wasnt normal).may Jade.Goody rest in peace

  11. Unknown says:

    i agree wif tinkerbell,if shilpa joins eastenders,i am NOT WATCHING IT til she is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!bbc,u hav 2 b mad if u let shilpa join eastenders!!!!!eastenders is my ALL TIME FAV TV PROGGRAMME!!!!if shilpa joins,she has ruined my programme,4ever!!!!

  12. LOZZAAAAAAA says:

    MWAHHHHH has got a point. [everyone has equal oppertunities] i totally agree!if she wants to do it, let her. I\’m sure there\’s not just us on here that are not going to watch it, there\’s going to be loads of people STILL watching it. some people say they won\’t watch it + they will end up doing just to see how good (or bad) she is at acting.

  13. Tina says:

    For all those people who said they aint going 2 watch eastenders if shilpa shetty is on it, DAMn!! u need 2 get a life.. Why are u lot hating 4? Cant u just accept that she\’s a top actress.. If the directors of eastenders want her, then what the hell r u fools gonna do?? As for jade goody, yeah its sad that she\’s dead & how she died but her time on big brother she wasnt very nice was she? Main thing is, Shilpa n Jade called a truce along time ago. they moved on so y the hell cant u?As for \’no name\’.. darlin u say she\’s worming her way in? worming her way in where? the uk? Now wudnt u call that racist?Look people stop hating & cut out all the jealousy bcos whether u like it or not, shilpa IS playing a part in eastenders, thats if she accepts so keep your petty thoughtless comments 2 urself.

  14. sid says:

    man ppl y dnt u all get a life 4 god sake,yeh so wat is shilpa gna b joinin in eastenders i b glad dats she gets a part in..n shes not fake..if u aye gna watch it den dont watch it hu forcin ya…u ppl r jealous man,jus cuz shes a bollywood actress n shes soo pretty i rate dat gal man..u ppl grow up n stop chatin crap man…yo tinkabell if u aye gna watch eastenders if shilpa gna b join den hu da hell stoppin u,no1 is..wa ever happned in bb dat wasnt shilpa faults..da 3 gals in der they started it n wer racist 2 her..

  15. tammy says:

    shilpa has skellys in her closet u no she aint no siant!!! didnt she have an afair with another bollywood actor akshay kumar i think it was didnt she break up his marriage erm not a little princess after all home reacor more like it lol

  16. tammy says:

    and ive seen a few of her films too she aint that high of a bollywood actress more like a b lister over in bollywood give me sharukhan any day and im english now if they put him on eastenders id watch it 24 7 lol let him have a love interest with heather poor girl xxx

  17. Sukhy says:

    1. H4NN4H DONT stick ur ore in my convo\’s wasnt chattin 2 u or about yah 2. LMFAO if shilpa joins eastenders she\’ll be wreckin ur tv programme get a life hunni looks like were gettin a remake of BB here. 3. she didnt have an affair wiv akshay she was datin him for a long period but he chose twinkle khanna to be his wife get ur facts right 4. she didnt break no-1\’s marriage he still wiv twinkle khanna lol i dunno where u get ur stories from gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. and oh yh……LOL i think she is acceptin the part in eastenders now lol so u know what all u haters I GOT A SOLUTION 4 ALL OF YAH simply DONT WATCH !!!!……….. LOL ASIAN\’S TAKIN OVER EASTENDERS JOKA\’S….

  18. Mike says:

    I Defo Wont Have Her On My TV. Good Bye East Enders. You Have Certainly Gone Down In My Books..This Is England Not Bollywood. Come On Think What Us English Viewers Want..Certainly Not Her In Our Livingrooms.

  19. prudence says:

    My god, what a bunch of racist morons! Seriously you brainless idiots make me ashamed to be British.

  20. sid says:

    u ppl r propa racist man,get ya self a life man..hahah i cnt wait till shilpa joins whoooohoooooo..

  21. Mohammed Jonaid says:

    to be straight you people dont know wat ur on about. Firstly Jade goody was the racist cow in BB, just because she had a sad death does not mean you can forget that. If shilpa was even going to come and visit her was because of her goodness. Jade was the one always wanting publicitiy running after shilpa all the way to india. Sorry but wat jade got she bought it all on herself. Now if shilpa joins EE, i would defo watch it as EE is just plain boring, and has been for about 2 years now. Im english myself so i would enjoy it all. Go Shilpa………

  22. Sukhy says:

    yh its tru propa racism here man scared that a bollywood actress might take over the queen vic lol ya\’ all need 2 grow up! mike ur 1 racist prick no need to get cocky…….

  23. madiha says:

    you know what people have moved on. BUT stupid people like this are still racist. you need to learn that in this world its not only white people they come in different colours and they all have different personality. Patricks black in eastenders but that doesnt seem to bother you.i think they doing a good job bringing bollywood to eastenders it makes a diference. AND IT MIGHT TEACH PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT THERES OTHERS WHO ARE NOT RACISTS LIKE YOU!!!!Mike and No Name and tinkerbell you need to be educated

  24. Sukhy says:

    really is DISGUSTING 2 c ppls like u in the multi-cultural society( mike-no name-tinkerbel) ill b be putting this page up on facebook lets c how many pple agree with u racist ppl (its gonna be interesting) maybe the writers of this blog can explain y and how they let ppl like u write all these racist comments i for 1 will be takin this seriously.

  25. Mohammed Jonaid says:

    im with you Marjani, put this on facebook. Really is ludicrous to see racist people here. Chak de phatte main tere nal a kurrie:)

  26. Unknown says:

    Shilpa Shetty in \’enders? Well she\’s boring and depressing enough??!!!!!!!

  27. Mohammed Jonaid says:

    (No name) your also boring and depressing but do you see anyone complaining? y dnt you be a grown up and live with it just like everyone around you has to live with you.

  28. Sukhy says:

    LOL@ex-terminator so tru why dont u all jus stop moanin about shilpa shetty! lol NO NAME ur boring personality\’s rubbin off on tinkerbell and mike lmao…..

  29. Coops - says:

    I am the TV Editor here at MSN; the soap blogger is away on holiday. The disclaimer on this blog plainly says that moderation of comments works on a notice and take-down basis. To date, no complaints have been received. I have read Mike\’s comment and nearly fell off my chair laughing. He talks about "us English". Wonder how the Welsh, Irish and Scots feel about that? In short, I personally feel that his view is too ridiculous, too stupid and too ignorant for words. But if you\’re offended by it – please see the rules and act accordingly.

  30. Romie says:

    OMG People can stop being racist, wtf do we do to you!I dont mind her goin o but tbh i dont like her but im still asian and i dont want people sayin nasty stuff and about her!

  31. Marlene says:

    I dont want her to join eastenders…….nothing racial but i just dont like her, and dont think she would fit in over here.

  32. Chloeee says:

    I dont think it would be good for Shilpa Shetty going into Eastenders im not being racist but i dont think it would be a good idea :S:S:S

  33. Tianna says:

    i fink ppl have no ryt tellin other people wah ther writting is rong cos at da end of the day this is blog so every one has the rite to write down their opinions without bein criticized

  34. sue says:

    whats so wonderful about shilpa shetty?? as far as i can see trouble just follows her around… i dont want to see her on eastenders thanks..

  35. lisa says:

    why would she wont to come to eastenders she ment to be a bollywood star god sake shilpy shetty only nown now for her stint on bband that was cause jade goody was acussed off being racist let her do her part in bollywood. eastenders be to much hard work for her ?

  36. lisa says:

    so if u dont like someone does it make you racist aye right aye

  37. Soap Blogger says:

    Personally I doubt if she\’ll be in EastEnders but if you want to discuss this, try and do so like grown-ups. I have already deleted some comments and I will continue to do so if I think they\’re not suitable to be read. It is possible to put your point across, even if it\’s a negative one, without being rude, childish and resorting to swearing.

  38. Gurpreet says:

    lol, i think it will be good if she appears!! Well i think shes far too good for that show but if its her prerogative so be it! Either way she\’ll be a huge hit on there like Cheryl Cole was on X Factor.

  39. Gurpreet says:

    lol u mention Shilpa Shetty and all this happens haha!

  40. Sukhy says:

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! init……..

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