Movie Tough Guy Makes Enders Debut

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

EastEnders w/e Friday March 27

A big week in EastEnders as the legendary Edward Woodward makes his appearance. He’s playing a ‘mysterious’ character named Tommy Clifford. It’s all a far cry from his Shakespearean roots and let’s not forget that this is the man who was a big hit in the 1980s with US hit series The Equalizer. What’s more, I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that Danielle’s getting more and more unhinged (she attacked best mate Stacey and daubed Ronnie’s house in graffiti – calling her an ‘evil cow’).

According to The Sun actress Lauren Crouce, who plays Danielle, has pleaded with scriptwriters to liven up her character as she finds playing her "boring". Lauren said: "In the script, I kept reading ‘Danielle says shyly’ or ‘Danielle acts naively’. It got really boring for me…. she is one of the Mitchell family, after all." Point taken. But being a Mitchell is no guarantee of charisma…

On with the show and the Ronnie-Danielle saga drags on. Theo arrives at the Truemans’ with Tommy Clifford, the author of the book that he’s researching. Billy worries about Jay. Bradley’s pleased to hear that Syd’s moving to Walford. Janine buys a sports car. Ricky and Bianca attend parents’ evening for Liam and Tiffany; Liam’s teacher suggests he needs some additional help with his homework. Patrick agrees to meet Tommy again. Ian’s not happy with the small profit margins that Zainab and Jane have projected for the contract to cater for Peggy and Archie’s wedding and so he decides to make some adjustments to their figures.

Ricky tries to help Liam with his homework. Bradley gets a kiss and Minty finds himself helping Peggy out with errands. Jean goes for a job at a supermarket. Chops the pig is stolen from Charlie’s summer house. Pat warns Peggy about being controlled by Archie. Jane’s stunned by Ian’s plans for Chops. Bradley helps Janine get a job; and Peggy’s shocked to find Chops in the cellar of The Vic.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Bianca hits the roof
Janine discovers Ricky’s secret
Danielle puts Archie on the spot

Emmerdale w/e Friday March 27

Anybody else counting down the days until Emma Atkins returns as bad girl Charity Tate? Just about every Emmerdale fan I think. In the meantime, a couple of posters have left comments here indicating that the Wyldes – or should they be renamed the Woodentops? – aren’t exactly flavour of the month. To be honest, I can see why they’re not getting a positive reception. But I think it’s still early days and they’re still finding their way in the soap. But again, as ever, it will come down to the writers. If they don’t pen convincing characterisations, the actors can’t really be blamed. In the show, The Dingles realise that they must raise cash; Aaron and Zak plan to rob Bob. Nicola’s change of address causes uproar in the King household. Maisie convinces Nathan to make Andy an improved offer for the cattle. Debbie is released from prison. Diane tells Andy to allow Debbie access to Sarah. Meanwhile, Val’s all ears after hearing about Maisie’s interest in Andy. A guilty Gennie agrees to work for Bob. 

Mark’s annoyed with Nathan after he accuses Maisie of seeing Andy behind their backs. Debbie visits Jasmine in prison and the
atmosphere is difficult. The girls say a tearful final goodbye… Can Debbie now focus on the battle for Sarah? Meanwhile, Chas receives an invite to Carl and Lexi’s wedding. Question is, will Chas be able to put Carl out of her mind? Bob tells Brenda that he may have to sell the business. Will he really lose everything? Natasha ropes Nathan into helping her interview for a new marketing manager at Home Farm. She also wants to turn a disused barn into a farm shop. However, the sight of Faye’s car distracts Mark. Lexi ropes in reluctant volunteers for her hen night while Carl is in a sour mood and clearly not looking forward to his stag night at all.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Mark is annoyed with Nathan
Maisie asks Marlon to pretend to be her boyfriend
Debbie’s apprehensive about seeing Jasmine

Coronation Street w/e Friday March 27

The writers have got Dev playing the field again; I have to laugh at the aging Lothario scenario that Corrie seems so fond of. I must admit, I like Dev. I know some Corrie fans can’t stand him – but Dev is a buffoon and he makes me laugh because he’s just so stupid these days. He’s going to get it on with Prem’s accountant, Lisa Dalton (played by actress Ruth Alexander-Rubin). Dev spreading the lurrrrrrrrrrve – I’m laughing already. Talking about spreading the love, events step up a gear between Corrie’s serial love cheat Ken Barlow and his latest love interest, Martha Fraser (played by former Dynasty/The Colbys star Stephanie Beacham).

So, does cheating Ken leave Deirdre for Martha? Spoiler alert!!! Well, according to The Sun, he confesses his latest affair via note. Talk about spineless! He may as well send her an e-mail. We’re in for some serious crocodile tears from Deirdre (never a pretty sight) so brace yourself for some real drama. I just hope Blanche gets to put her tuppence worth in. That’ll be worth watching.

This week, Natasha’s delighted when Tony asks her round to his flat for a drink. Talking of drink, Peter’s fallen off the wagon again and Michelle’s gone off to Ireland. There’s some shenanigans between Tara Uncle Umed and Dev. Bill’s got to pay Audrey some money. Chesney gets a letter from school and tries to hide it from Fiz. Ken’s still messing around with Martha while Deirdre’s struggling to cope with Peter. Maria and Tom make up after he apologises for suggesting that Tony might fancy her. Julie’s worried that she might be pregnant, but Kirk’s excited at the prospect. Sally and Kevin invite Molly and Tyrone for dinner. Maria gets annoyed at Natasha’s flirting with Tony. Oh dear – they’re really going to do this, aren’t they? They’re really going to have Tony and Maria doing… something.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Tony decides to hire a private investigator
Deidre’s concerned about Peter
Fiz gets a letter from John Stape

Hollyoaks w/e Friday March 27

Lesbian kisses on soaps/dramas are nothing new now. It was Brookside that broke this little taboo all those years ago with Anna Friel’s Beth and Nicola Stephenson’s Margaret. Since then, it isn’t that big a deal anymore. Even the Desperate Housewives are getting in on the act. So in a few episodes time, we’ll see Sarah Barnes (Loui Batley) lock lips with Lydia (Lydia Kelly). Is this the start of a love affair? More news courtesy of Ricky Whittle, who plays bent officer Calvin. He has revealed that his character is hell-bent on revenge and will stop at nothing – even if it means risking his marriage with Carmel in the process. As we all know, Calvin’s recently discovered drug dealer Nige (who he thought he’d killed) is alive and well and that Warren’s been lying to him for months. Ricky said: "For him to find out it’s been all a lie, he’s fuming, absolutely livid, and when he discovers it’s been a ploy by Warren he decides it’s time for revenge." Ooooooooh! As Jamie Lomas (who plays Warren) is leaving, revenge will almost certainly come true…

To this week, Having caught Ravi and Kris in the act, Nancy runs out of the flat. Calvin receives post for Carmel and it just reminds him of everything he’s lost. Ravi’s gutted that he wasn’t the only one playing away with Kris but then Nancy reveals that she was falling in love with Kris so Ravi suggests a shocking pact – that they should carry on as they were. Now that’s a love triangle with a difference… Justin and Hannah are clashing as they work together behind the SU bar. Calvin asks Tony for Mandy’s number to question her. Tony refuses but does admit that Louise told Mandy that Warren killed Sean Kennedy. Warren and Sasha have a secret rendezvous. Steph’s impressed with Fernando. Justin takes anger management lessons from Ste. Nancy’s not handling the pact well. Carmel goes to see Calvin and tells him she saw Sasha and Warren together. Zoe finds a very hungover Kris on the sofa in Halls and tells him to sort himself out and Fernando is freaked out by Zoe.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Ash continues to goad Justin
Hannah offers Ash help with his bike
Rhys gloats about all the girls he’s chatting up

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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2 Responses to Movie Tough Guy Makes Enders Debut

  1. david says:

    Please remember, Mr Woodward has a beautiful professional singing voice.

  2. bill says:

    Always enjoyed Edward Woodward\’s acting but, like Freddie Jones, I\’m not sure they\’ve made the right decision joining the soap operas. What next I wonder…Clint in Coronation Street?

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