Will Corrie’s Becky Become Mrs Steve McDonald?

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

Coronation Street w/e Friday 13 March

Corrie bosses must be hoping that Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky for them; their big wedding clashes with Comic Relief on the BBC. Who will win the ratings war? Talking of the wedding, you’d have to be living on Mars not to know that it’s Steve and Becky’s big day. We all know that soap weddings rarely go without a hitch so the not-so-golden couple will have that to contend with in addition to Friday the 13th. Things will go from bad to worse when Steve finds out that best man Lloyd is placing bets against the wedding actually going ahead. Steve reacts by banning everyone involved from attending his wedding ceremony. Joe’s feeling pressure and David wants his job back. Becky’s determined to do everything right in the run up to her wedding.

It’s a night of tears, accusations and revelations at the Platts and by the end of the night Joe, David, Gail and Tina know a lot more about each other. And it’s not all good either…Elsewhere, Dev’s Uncle Umed is surprised at a conversation between Tara and Jason. Peter’s still in a state following Leanne’s departure – how cute is Alexander Bain? The kid that plays Simon Baldwin? He’s so adorable…Liz tries to have a heart-to- heart with Lloyd about their relationship. How many times Corrie writers – get Lloyd back with Kelly Crabtree and make them the new Jack and Vera! Tina confides in Gail. Ken’s feeling guilty about his kiss with Martha and tells Ted about his turmoil (oh puhleeeeeeez!). It’s Friday the 13th and Becky’s determined to make sure her wedding day goes to plan…which of course means that it won’t. Luke is trying to put pressure on Tom and Maria and Roy and Hayley desperately try to get Becky to her own wedding.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Gail and Joe split up
Leanne bids a tearful goodbye to Coronation Street…again
Tony is angry with Luke

EastEnders w/e Friday 13 March

Hey soapsters, I’d like to propose a new category in the annual soap awards calendar entitled ‘Most Unusual Love-Interests’. Quite possibly, I’d nominate EastEnders’ Jane Beale and Masood Ahmed as one of this year’s top contenders (Corrie’s Lloyd and Liz would probably win). Jane and Masood will find common ground this week after growing exasperated with the constant bickering between their spouses. Sick of the squabbling, the pair slip out to have a nice chat over a plate of burger and chips and it’s not too long before love is also on the menu…yuck. And Danielle still hasn’t told Ronnie her news – just in case you went abroad and missed the last couple of months of this show. Danielle’s completely unhappy about the situation with Ronnie (she’s not the only one). Stacey wants Danielle to come clean with Ronnie as soon as possible.

Phil gives Minty some advice about Manda. Peggy’s concerned about her campaign. Ronnie learns that Roxy’s been using Jack’s credit card. Shirley warns Minty about breaking Heather’s heart again because of his potential relationship with Manda. Jay continues to steal out-of-date food and tries to sell it. Billy’s fuming that Jay’s let himself into his flat and is sleeping in his bed. Roxy and Ronnie get arrested after a street brawl. Jane confides in Tanya that she thinks Masood has a crush on her. Elsewhere, Tanya, Jane and Ian bond over a game of Twister. Jane and Masood share a ‘moment’ in the Masala Queen. Ian and Tanya attempt to get to know each other better and the evening takes a surprising turn.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Billy’s sacked by Patrick
Minty messes up his date with Manda
Ronnie and Roxy have a heart-to-heart

Emmerdale w/e Friday 13 March

Diane Sugden is set for a shock. She is furious when she discovers her sister Val has stabbed her in the back only a month after her husband Jack was buried. When new barmaid Maisie Wylde grows jealous of her brother Nathan’s business success, she decides it’s time she proved her own worth. She tells daddy (Maxwell Caulfield – I still can’t get over that!) that she wants to become a pub landlady. When Mark mentions it to Val, she and Eric jump the gun and offer to sell the Woolpack – unfortunately for them, this means convincing Diane to let go of her half of the business first. Val and Eric finalise plans and a gobsmacked Diane finally discovers what her sister has been getting up to and plots her revenge. So what are we making of the Wyldes? Do we like them? I think they’re OK – it’s early days yet (obviously) but  if the writers do things right, this lot could turn out to to almost like, well, the Colbys – albeit a British version. You just know there’s loads of dark secrets and revelations bubbling under the surface…

Chas decides to have a talk with Aaron when she notices he’s become closer to Victoria. Andy and Daz aren’t happy to see Victoria and Aaron getting on so well. Lexi’s left with a sour taste in her mouth when Carl mentions that the wedding is way down his list of priorities. Victoria skips school to spend the day with Aaron and they end up kissing. Jamie deceives Betty into thinking that further chutney orders are to be sent to Louise; is his money-making scheme about to backfire spectacularly? Will’s bullied at school when the Wyldes’ edition of Horse and House magazine goes on sale. Will wants to change schools. Rodney goes to see Natasha because he’s got a proposition for her…

Also on Emmerdale this week:
The Sugden-Dingle feud takes a violent twist
Will chokes and Natasha arrives just in time
Betty turns the screw on Jamie and Bob

Hollyoaks w/e Friday 13 March

No wonder I joke and call this soap Hollywoodoaks, the soap for the beautiful people. According to The Sun, leggy model Agyness Deyn wants to appear in the Channel 4 soap. Apparently, she was addicted to the show as a youngster in Oldham. She said she still catches it when she’s not busy jetting off around the world: "Hollyoaks was the coolest thing when I was at school," she said. Well if she does appear, I won’t be surprised. If Andrew Lloyd Webber can pop up in Hollyoaks, anyone can. Johnny Depp, anyone? Tony’s back in the village and Dom’s left with a lot of explaining to do when Tony asks why Mercedes and Cindy are working in Il Gnosh. Zak’s shocked when he finds out Michaela’s signed him up to join the Territorial Army. Rhys buys Mike’s motorbike as an early eighteenth birthday present for Josh. Jacqui still has feelings for Tony and can’t stop thinking about him. She’s devastated when he tells her that it’s over – for good. Zak goes for his work placement at Hollyoaks High.
Leila tries to make Elliot feel better. Amy’s pleased when Josh announces he’s not going to London but she’s worried he’s only doing it for her sake. There’s an open day at HCC as the students decide what courses they’re going to do. Amy’s fuming when she arrives at the SU Bar and sees Josh in a clinch with Lydia. Jealous and convinced there’s more to their relationship than either of them will admit, she lashes out at Lydia as a horrified Sarah and Josh look on. It’s obvious Hannah and Justin have feelings for each other as they work together in the SU Bar but they’re both a little uncomfortable when they get too close. It’s Josh and Sasha’s 18th and they’re celebrating in style in The Loft. Amy’s feeling fat and frumpy compared to all the models at Josh’s party and isn’t enjoying the night. There’s a spark between Elliot and Leila, but he’s a little embarrassed when he asks her if she wants to come over and she turns him down. Sasha’s disappointed that things didn’t go to plan with Warren. Leila and Justin both have their guilty secrets but Justin comes clean.  Dom’s irritated by all the sudden attention Loretta’s getting in Il Gnosh.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Tony invites his estranged son Harry to visit him
Rhys doesn’t want Amy to ruin his life
Sasha blames Calvin for trying to turn Warren against her

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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4 Responses to Will Corrie’s Becky Become Mrs Steve McDonald?

  1. A says:

    That\’s it Im totally convinced Eastenders have lost the plot. Instead of Danielle telling Ronnie the truth she kidnaps Baby Amy & from what Iv read go\’s & kills herself! I mean seriously what are Eastenders thinking a pointless storyline & a kid that gets kidnapped twice in the space of a few months. Lets face it mostly everyone would like to see a happy ending with Ronnie & Danielle so EASTENDERS GET A GRIP.

  2. Unknown says:

    I agree some of Eastenders stories are becoming a bit boring and so unrealistic.

  3. ema says:

    I just can\’t believe how long it\’s taking to get to a climax for the Danielle/Ronnie storyline. It\’s quite annoying watching her almost going and telling Ronnie but ends up not doing so. And if what Aileen said about the storyline (Danielle\’s going to kill herself) is what\’s going to happen then that will be disappointing.

  4. Dot says:

    Beckys wedding day was SO OTT and unreal, not even she could deliberately mess it up that badly! It was a series of rediculous situations. Same as Liz and her b/f……. no fun there. He should ditch her and move on to Kelly. As for Ken thats just hilarious who will be next for him…..Blanche ? A torrid affair and throw Deidre out? Eastenders…..sooo boring……..I see Ronnie STILL doesnt know Danielles hers what are they waiting for…….And. Vote for Peggy?!!!!!? Jane and Masood?!!!!!!? Oh dear oh dearHollyoaks is great makes me glad I am not young anymore Oh the heartache! Josh should run like hell, the McQueens should have a show of their own or join Shameless, Elliott should join a monastry and Rhys needs bromide – love it!Been too skint to go out this week!

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