The Wylde Kids Arrive On Emmerdale

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter this week’s caption competition so get scribbling and make us all laugh.   What’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out…

Emmerdale w/e Friday February 20

Nathan and Maisie Wylde, played by Lyndon Ogbourne and Alice Coulthard make their Emmerdale debut in an hour-long special tomorrow night.  The pair will cause an immediate stir when they arrive for dad Mark’s lavish birthday party (I still can’t get over seeing Grease 2 and Colbys star Maxwell Caulfield in The Woolpack!).  Actor Lyndon, 25, has previously appeared in Spooks, Doctors, Famous Five and Robin Hood. "He says "I am really excited to be playing the role of Nathan Wylde, he’s a bit of a rogue and I’m looking forward to bringing out his darker side. He’s definitely not as nice as he seems."

Alice, 27, has previously appeared in The Bill and Holby City. She said: "I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of Emmerdale. Maisie’s a really fun character and she’s not afraid to say and do the things that most people would never dare to. She’ll be giving her parents a really hard time." Anyway soapsters, you’ve heard from the horse’s mouth. Apparently, they’re going to stir things up. We shall see…

On with the show and Debbie’s urged to stay strong, but she soon gets grief from her cellmates following the revelation that she was seeing Jasmine and gets into a fight. Nicola’s delighted to be given the task of inviting the villagers to Mark’s party. She encourages Natasha to get Horse & House magazine to cover it. Chas asks Marlon to talk with Paddy, who’s still in a foul mood over the Valentine’s card. Gennie invites Paddy to go to the party with her but is disappointed when he declines. Will anybody be able to rouse Paddy from his romantic moody? Mark and Natasha are shocked to see son Nathan and daughter Maisie. Why this is a shock will no doubt be revealed – after all, they’re meant to be family, not strangers. The Dingles are fuming to find out from Theo that it was Eli who dropped Debbie in it. Maisie has a surprise for her parents and then her husband has a surprise for her. Things get hot and heavy between Chas and Paddy.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Eli runs away
Chas attempts to make amends with Paddy
Marlon suspects that Eli may have gone to look for Danielle

EastEnders w/e Friday February 20

I’m thinking of starting a ‘Bring back Todd Carty to Dancing On Ice’ appeal – who’s gonna support it? Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the likes of graceful Ray Quinn gliding effortlessly over that ice, but let’s face it, nothing beats the entertainment value that ex EastEnders star Todd Carty brought to the show. The sight of ‘Tucker’ shooting uncontrollably down that tunnel to The Beatles’ Help! will live long in my memory. BRING BACK TODD CARTY! As far as EastEnders is concerned, it’s in a bit of a lull isn’t it? Where’s the nail-biting drama? Where’s the excitement? Come on writers, pull something out of the bag! This week, we have Minty frustrated by Dawn’s refusal to face the truth. He can’t help but wonder if he could’ve helped Garry in his hour of need. Charlie wonders how he’s going to tell Lynne the news about Garry. Heather’s still cross with Shirley, but will the news about Garry bring them closer together? The Beales throw themselves into the joint business venture with the Masoods, but who’s really in charge (and who really cares?)?

Ricky and Bianca receive a joint invitation to Peggy’s wedding. Zainab’s preparing for the book club meeting and Heather’s busy arranging the memorial for Garry. Dot’s shocked to hear that the service will be taking place in the Vic. Ricky and Bianca are still waiting for the DNA results. Dawn prepares to make a speech at the memorial service. Libby’s worried about how close Darren’s getting to Janine, is it all as innocent as he makes out? Zainab’s book club meeting brings out some home truths for the residents. Bianca and Ricky are still on tenterhooks about the DNA results. He’s alive! And Garry’s thrilled to be able to call Dawn his girlfriend for the first time, and he’s determined that everyone should know it. Tanya has an important hearing, but that’s not what’s weighing most heavily on her mind. Ian’s furious to find out that Lucas has been handing out fish and chips free of charge to homeless people. A business proposition from Shirley prompts a glimpse of the old Heather.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Ian has a heart-to-heart with Jane about their relationship
Tamwar’s keen to keep his laptop from prying eyes
Bianca’s receives the results of the paternity test

Coronation Street w/e Friday February 20

This just might be the week Coronation Street stakes its claim for the best comedy moment at this year’s bunch of soap awards. It’s the ‘Fred’s Hat’ storyline that may officially do it (although for me, anything Blanche Hunt says or does is funny). For any of you that aren’t in the know, apparently Ashley notices that every time Graeme puts on Fred’s old butcher’s hat, he starts repeating everything just like Fred ‘ah said’ Fred Elliot used to. It could either be one of those classic comedy moments on Corrie (even more funnier than the idea of Kevin Webster and Tyrone’s Molly falling head-over-heels in love with each other) or it could be a disaster. I shall be watching with keen interest…

It’s the morning after the night before and Becky’s hung-over after her engagement celebrations. Sophie announces that she’s become a Christian and has vowed to remain celibate until she’s married; Sally’s not sure whether to be pleased or not. At the factory, Julie’s feeling the strain of her task to choose a colleague for Tony to sack. Janice tries to convince the girls that she’d make a great nurse. Becky heads over to The Rovers to see Steve. Len tries to play the nice guy and seeks out Ted to talk about their ‘family problems’. Sally’s mystified at Sophie’s decision to join the Christian Youth Club. It’s Tina’s birthday and she’s delighted with her present from David. Joe thinks it’s time they put their problems with the Windasses behind them and plans a family dinner. Becky decides to try and make things better between her and Michelle but  Michelle’s having none of it. Ken arrives back from Portsmouth and heads straight for the canal to see Martha (oh no! This storyline just isn’t working for me). A stranger arrives at Underworld and makes a shocking announcement. Tina’s having second thoughts about testifying. Michelle tells Steve that as far as she’s concerned it would be better if they just ignored each other. Boring Clurrrrrrrrrr sheds some light on Graeme’s strange behaviour when he wears Fred’s hat…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Sophie brings Ben home for lunch
Eddie Windass tries to bribe David and Tina
Deirdre invites Liz and Lloyd for dinner

Hollyoaks w/e Friday February 20

Jack Osborne (not the Jack Osbourne of course) is released from prison this week. However, his homecoming goes from bad to worse when he finds out that son  Darren’s still up to his dodgy deals and has learnt nothing from his prison experience. As you can imagine, Jack’s adrenaline really gets flowing and an argument (to put things mildly) erupts between father and son resulting in Darren being kicked out of the flat. Has Darren finally burned his bridges with his family? All will be revealed on Hollywoodoaks this week…The McQueens don pregnancy bumps to see what they can acquire in the shops…because they’re such classy lasses. Warren’s on the verge of losing it over Louise, but tries to stay upbeat for Spencer’s sake. Jacqui sells the stolen goods but Carmel’s angry with her family after catching them shoplifting and wants to report the lot of them. Darren’s gutted when he tries to go back to Steph’s flat and realises Jack wasn’t joking about kicking him out. 

Anita’s grounded after arriving home drunk.  Warren looks after a hungover Spencer. Zak’s life is being made a misery (by the puppies) but Michaela refuses to get rid of them.  Newt’s worried about Darren doing a runner and breaking his curfew. Rhys and Gilly organise a ‘Roaring Twenties’ night for The Dog but Hannah’s finding it difficult to tell her brother that she’s going to work for Justin instead. Lauren’s desperate to explain why she lied to Newt and puts pressure on Anita to ask him to meet her. Rhys and Gilly are excited for their ‘Blind Date’ night at The Dog and test out the darkened booth. Ste’s desperate to be part of his baby’s life and has to get Amy on side but Josh stands in his way. Tom and Holly cheer her on as she gives an impressive performance, but Steph refuses to acknowledge that she’s good and Sarah tells her to stick her job. But Sarah has the last word when Steph comes crawling.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Zak sets Hayley up on a date with Elliot.
It’s Justin’s ‘Speed Hating’ night at the SU Bar
Steph holds her dance class in The Loft but it’s chaos.

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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