Coronation Street’s Alison King Gives Birth

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. There’s still time to enter the caption competition so get scribbling. Can you make us all laugh?  

Hey guys, we’ve got some good news about Coronation Street’s Alison King. According to The Sun newspaper, the actress gave birth to a baby girl earlier today. The baby weighed in at a respectable 6lbs 7oz and a spokeswoman from the show said that mum and baby are doing well. Needless to say, everyone on the set of Coronation Street sent Alison and her partner Adam Huckett their best wishes.

As for the baby’s name, apparently the couple are still a bit undecided (what have they been doing for the past eight/nine months?). Well, I suppose Alison’s been busy as Carla, wife to evil businessman Tony ‘JR’ Gordon. But just to help them along, I thought I’d come up with a few names myself. How about Hilda? Or Betty? Emily? Vera? They’re good names aren’t they? Well, yes, if you were born a few decades ago – highly popular names back then. In fact, with names like those, Alison King can be certain of one thing…her little baby girl will grow up to be a strong domineering woman.

Anyway, here on A Slice of Soap, I’d like to congratulate the Corrie actress on the birth of her baby daughter and I really do look forward to seeing Carla Connor Gordon back on our screens this autumn.

That’s it for me, I’m out of here. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip and the results of last weeks caption competition. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.


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1 Response to Coronation Street’s Alison King Gives Birth

  1. Sophie-Louise says:

    I feel so sorry for Michelle (Kym). I am sure you and Warren (unfortunately I do not know his real name) will overcome this. After every bad thing that happens, a good things comes too.. Just keep on waiting.

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