Corrie’s Fiz Goes To See Villain John

Hello and Welcome To A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out.

Coronation Street w/e January 23 

After one of the daftest soap wedding episodes I can ever remember seeing, it is almost a relief to welcome back John Stape (played by actor Graeme Hawley). Before evil Tony ‘JR’ Gordon came along, the street’s very own Brad Pitt (the writers had so many women fancying him!) was the most hated men in Britain. He two-timed good-hearted Fiz with Rosie Webster and then kidnapped the Street’s spoilt vixen. This week also sees the return of poor, poor Maria.

Tony confronts her, wanting to know if she’s feeling any ‘better’ (cos he’s such a caring person) but she soon finds out about Jed’s sudden disappearance. Will Maria be able to prove that he was involved in the pensioner’s disappearance? Time will tell, but don’t hold your breath for a resolution to this ‘killer’ storyline (did you see what I did there?) any time soon. Word on the street’s that the climax to the saga isn’t gonna come until Alison King, who plays Carala, returns from her maternity leave. What we do know is that Tony Gordon will exit Corrie in 2009 and if the Richard Hillman finale is anything to go by, that will be an unmissable episode of Coronation Street. 

It’s the day of John’s court case and Fiz decides that she wants to support him…silly girl. Becky tells Jason that she wants to be with him. Gary continues to wind up ‘Damien’ David by flirting with Tina. Audrey discovers that Joe’s working as a labourer for Bill.  Bill and Jason arrive at the yard to discover that copper pipe has been nicked. Joe loses his temper over the theft. Chesney tries to set Fiz up on a date with Graeme (can’t see it). Anna Windass is disgusted with her husband when he tells her that he’s been mugged and all the darts team money was stolen – she knows it’s just another of his scams. Ken finds out that Peter’s back on the booze. Kevin and Sally get their first shock when they read the morning paper about Rosie…and their second when they find a pregnancy kit belonging to daughter Sophie.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Maria gets violent with Tony
Steve begs Becky to give him another chance
Gail’s worried sick about Joe

Hollyoaks w/e January 23 

There’s no slow-down in the trend of beautiful people being cast in Hollywoodoaks; two more blonde lookers are set to join the soap.  Lap dancer Loretta and Irish charmer Cheryl, played by Melissa Walton and Bronagh Waugh respectively, have already appeared in Hollyoaks Later. The pair are now making a permanent entry into the Village. Loretta’s set to win Dom’s heart while Belfast’s Cheryl has chosen to follow ex boyfriend Malachy’s footsteps by hopping over to England. It seems Cheryl won’t go unnoticed by Zak, Malachy or his new wife Mercedes. I am really pleased about Cheryl’s promotion to the main show as I think she’s a great character. She should bring more humour to the show and that can’t be a bad thing. Darren’s released from prison, but is he a changed man? Mercedes and Malachy are getting on Elliot’s nerves. Darren asks Cindy to get him a job back at The Dog. Both Mercedes and Malachy are struggling to find work; Malachy’s beginning to suspect that it’s down to the stigma associated with HIV.

Steph offers Darren a job in MOBS however things then go from bad to worse when he’s mugged. Somebody’s out to get Darren…but who? Mercedes is using all the cosmetics she stole from Evissa to make her own brand of perfume which she plans to flog to unsuspecting suckers. Calvin goes to see Warren after Louise’s mum files a Missing Persons report. Michaela and Sasha want to do something special for Amy as she enters the final stages of her pregnancy, but they’re broke. Carmel’s had enough of Jacqui and Mercedes’ fighting and decides to get them sorted.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Darren’s determined to get his life back on track
Warren’s struggling with Spencer
Mercedes’ dodgy perfume has left half the village with a rash

EastEnders w/e January 23 

OK – I’m gonna say it and it won’t be a popular view. However, I’m really bored with the Tanya/Max/Lauren/attempted murder thingie – I’m just not feeling it. Janine’s return needs time to really cook up but I’m sure the writers have got some sort of nefarious storyline that she’ll be at the centre of. In the meantime, the black-hearted pantomime villain-of-the-piece is Nick Cotton whose capacity to hurt his mother beggers belief at times. Chelsea Fox’s love life is supposed to be looking up soon thanks to a new man on the Square (played by Rolan Bell), but so is Phil Mitchell’s. Comedy actress Josie Lawrence, famous for improvisational comedy panel show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, will be playing Phil Mitchell’s childhood sweetheart Manda. She’ll date Minty, but that in itself is a big clue that he’s gonna get let down again. It’s Phil that she’ll really want. I hope Phil and Manda turn out to have good chemistry – I know there are some romantics out there that love the idea of Phil and Shirley as a couple, but I’m not one of them. I think they’re fantastic as ‘just good friends’.

Back to this week’s action and Tanya finally arrives home. Ian taunts Stacey about her family troubles, while he has troubles of a different kind. Janine’s shocked when Pat invites her on holiday. Peggy’s dismayed to discover that her purse is missing – and this time, it doesn’t look like Jay’s to blame. Dot’s determined to help Dotty settle into her new life in the Square. Janine’s job prospects are looking up thanks to Jack, but Ronnie’s far from happy. Jay arranges a business visit from Marissa, but it’s under Billy’s name. Dotty’s plan to fleece her grandma is revealed.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Janine and Ronnie’s squabbles reach a surprising conclusion
Danielle’s abortion appointment is confirmed
Jane and Christian continue to go behind Ian’s back

Emmerdale w/e January 23 

So Emmerdale fans, are you counting the days until Cain Dingle’s reappearance? If the scriptwriters get it right, this could be a real shot in the arm for the rural soap. However, actor Jeff Hordley’s not scheduled to be seen on air until April so for now, we’re relying on tearaway rogue Eli to keep us entertained…But it looks like Eli’s in for a bit of a rough ride as Donna tells the police she believes he murdered Shane. The police impound Eli’s van and drag him away for questioning. So, will Eli become another villager to do time for a crime he didn’t commit? Donna’s nervous ahead of Zak’s birthday party and Marlon can do little to reassure her. How weird is it to see award-winning Hollywood actress Amanda Donohoe in Emmerdale? And Maxwell Caulfield come to that? Anyway the Wyldes are still bedding in and Natasha takes an instant dislike to Katie. Elsewhere, Mark’s taken aback when Katie tells him about Natasha’s plans to evict her. Eli catches Debbie and Jasmine kissing and she worries that he’ll spill the beans. Marlon can’t believe Donna’s betrayed his family for her lover and tells her their marriage is over.

Mark is suspicious about Jimmy King – but why? Jasmine confesses killing Shane to Laurel; will she keep the dark secret? Rodney fishes for information that would confirm Val’s story about Pollard’s health crisis. Nicola tells David about Rodney’s heart condition to get sympathy and keep his attention after he flirts with Leyla. Will her lies be enough to reclaim her man? Jimmy’s plan backfires spectacularly as Scarlett pushes for a promotion after impressing Carl with her new contacts. Have Jimmy’s dreams for Scarlett’s education gone up in smoke?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Paul asks Nicola for a loan
Lily leads Paul to a surprise meeting with Jonny 
Chas refuses to go to Zak’s party

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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  1. k-a-t-e says:

    i only watch corri and the whole tony n maria thing better finish soon cos its old news now. someone needs to get seriously injured sooner or l8r 2 bring back a bit of drama

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