Top Christmas Soap Moments

Hello and welcome to this Christmas Eve edition of A Slice Of soap.
A couple of weeks ago, MSN Entertainment conducted a poll to find out which Christmas soap moment resonated the most with viewers. The result is probably no surprise to soap connoisseurs; top of the pops is the moment when ‘Dirty’ Den Watts served wife Angie with divorce papers on Christmas Day 1986. It has been voted the best Christmas soap storyline and I wouldn’t disagree with that at all. Den’s divorce dealings polled more than 40 per cent of the public vote in which 1500 people voted.

Looking back, it was a complete about-turn of what viewers were normally served soap-wise on Christmas Day. Typically, back then, soaps showed how most of the major characters celebrated the day and peace on Earth and goodwill to all men was the message. There’d be a bit of comedy over the turkey (it’s an old favourite), such as, frantic efforts to defrost it in time or everyone’s horror after it’s accidentally dropped on the floor etc. Also, someone you wouldn’t expect would have too much sherry and be very pleasantly merry etc. And then Den served Angie divorce papers and a captivated nation couldn’t believe he’d be so cruel on Christmas Day. It’s been a big factor in setting the miserable tone for soaps at Christmas time ever since…

Back to the poll and, when asked what they would rather watch on Christmas Day, 8 per cent of respondents voted for the Queen’s speech, while 92 per cent plumped for a Christmas soap special. EastEnders came out on top again when fans were asked about this year’s best soap plot. More than a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents listed Max Branning being buried alive by his wife Tanya as their plot of the year, narrowly beating Liam Connor’s murder in Coronation Street at 23 per cent. And more than half (53 per cent) of those polled plan to be glued to the shenanigans in Albert Square, while under a third (27 per cent) claim they will be tuning in to Coronation Street.

Coronation Street’s Carla Connor, played by Alison King, was named as Soapland’s sexiest female of 2008, with more than 31 per cent of votes. The fans’ choice for mistletoe smooch with a sexy soap male was Corrie’s Liam Connor, played by Rob James Collier, who won 42 per cent of votes. Oh dear – he won’t like that. Actor Rob James Collier claimed that part of the reason why he’d taken the decision to leave Coronation Street was to do with his ‘Street hunk’ status. Back to the poll and I confidently predict that, having read what we’re promised this Christmas Day in the soaps, Den and Ange will probably top the same poll next year too. You just can’t beat the classics…..

That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more news and gossip about your favourite soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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