Shock For EastEnders’ Dot As Nick Returns

Hello and Welcome To A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Boxing Day

HEALTH AND SAFETY WARNING! If you’re tuning in to EastEnders on Christmas day, make sure you’ve got a healthy supply of cotton wool to hand. Failing that, pop down the road (your local corner shop will be open) and buy some ear plugs ‘cos Thursday’s the day when Sean ‘Shout’ Slater finds out that Jack Branning is Amy’s daddy and that will only mean one thing…loads of shouting!!!! This promises to be another one of those classic Albert Square Christmas Day moments. But never mind the truth about Amy’s dad, question is – will my poor old eardrums survive the onslaught? To the rest of this week’s action…

Ian no longer has the Council Christmas party catering account. Janine has a shock when she finds out that David hasn’t left her any money in his will. The Slater family visit baby Amy at the Vic. Jane’s visit to jailed Tanya puts things into perspective. Roxy and Sean have a new flat, but it’s in Dagenham. Archie’s determined to ruin Sean and Roxy’s relationship. Archie starts to worry when he realises what a loose canon Suzy’s becoming; Roxy’s world is shattered when someone finds out her secret. Is the Mitchell clan about to be ripped apart? Dot receives a Christmas surprise when Jim arrives home. Everyone realises that Sean is not Amy’s father and the fallout begins. Christian gets teased by everyone about his love of vests and Dot gets a most unexpected visitor. Sean takes things to another level when the realisation that Jack is Amy’s dad sinks in. Ronnie’s relationship with Roxy hits breaking point and Shirley gets one up on Suzy.

Also on EastEnders this week:
It’s Karaoke night at the Vic
Aunt Sal visits the Vic and gives Billy a tough time
Dot is thrown by Nick’s return

Emmerdale w/e Boxing Day

The big story on Emmerdale this week is the departure of Jo Sugden and the discovery of a body in Home Farm’s lake. Now, I suppose that some of you will immediately think it’s the body of bent copper Shane, who was murdered by Jasmine. But that would just be too obvious, wouldn’t it? Let’s not forget that we’re living in soapland and in soaps, a dead body presents limitless possibilities for imaginative scriptwriters. Jo’s torn as to what’s best for her stepdaughter as she drives away from the farm. Will Jo take Sarah with her to start a new life? Carl’s sombre mood is starting to wear thin on Lexi. When Shane fails to show up at work for the second day running, Donna and Charlotte break into his flat.

At Home Farm, Rodney’s clearing out the office when he receives a message about a shoot in the grounds that was not cancelled. Victoria’s miserable when Scarlett buys Daz a more extravagant gift than she has. Chas struggles to hold herself together after seeing the state Carl is in. Elsewhere, Jasmine’s furious to find out that Debbie and Eli have kept the money from Shane’s flat and demands they get rid of it. Can they keep up the pretence long enough to get away with murder? Victoria returns home from a night in hospital and Diane worries because she’d been screaming in her sleep. Daz guiltily confronts Victoria and she reveals that the reason she’s been so frightened is that she’d seen a dead body in the lake. Daz can’t conceal his astonishment, but will he believe Victoria?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Val catches Daz and Victoria kissing
Diane pays Jo a visit
Ashley’s last sermon will be on Christmas Day

Coronation Street w/e Boxing Day

If you didn’t get a chance to see an American in panto this year, watch Corrie over the Christmas period and you’ll get the next best thing. Although it won’t be an American Hollywood star in the lead role; it’ll be a Scottish fiend. Get ready to shout: "He’s behind you!" as poor old Jed becomes the latest victim of Corrie’s villain-of-the-year Tony ‘JR’ Gordon. This Wednesday, the nation will look on in horror as Tony snaps and throttles poor old Jed using the negligee he bought Carla for Christmas. What a kinky way for Jed to potentially go out! He then crams the lifeless body inside an empty storage hamper minutes before the girls arrive for their Christmas party. In true Underworld fashion, the drunken factory girls conga and dance around the hamper, unaware of its grizzly secret. I would’ve thought that Janice Battersby’s gob would be enough to wake the dead so maybe there’s hope for Jed?

To the rest of the action in the week and Peter’s gone AWOL – no one’s seen him since his drunken escapade and Ken’s worried. Maria’s furious when the police call round with some bad news. Christmas is coming and Lloyd and Steve are getting fat: Michelle decides it’s about time the pair of them lost a few pounds and sets them a slimming challenge – prompting Liz to invite Lloyd along to her Brazilian Crunch class. Lloyd and Liz are apparently going to do a bit of tonsil tennis soon – make sure you’re not eating when this happens. Yuck! Norris wins a Polish Christmas hamper so Emily decides to invite Vicki for lunch. Maria finds an unlikely ally in the shape of Jed Stone. Rosie’s  up to her old tricks – she’s flirting with Gary Windass…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Tyrone’s not looking forward to Christmas without Molly
Carla’s confused by Tony’s behaviour
Colin and Rita hit it off

Hollyoaks w/e Boxing Day

Fans of the Chester-based soap are set to have a cracking Christmas thanks to T4. Yes, dedicated followers of Honar – that’s Hollyoaks News And Reviews to the rest of us – can look forward to a look back at the year’s events in the soap. Top of the list has to be THAT explosive episode involving the entire McQueen clan and sinister Niall – but you’ll have to wait and see to find out which other clips have made it onto the roll of honour. Incidentally, Hollyoaks is obviously determined not to be outdone by any of the other soaps when it comes to gripping storylines this Christmas. Most of this week’s drama centres around Louise’s revenge efforts on Warren for his affair with Mandy. Now, one of the golden  rules of soaps is that Christmas and weddings, generally speaking, end in disaster. Hollyoaks has adhered to this rule so you can imagine how Warren and Louise’s big day is going to end…Answer: not very well.

On with the show and Carmel’s ploughing ahead with her nativity as dreams of being a real life Virgin Mary race through her mind. Mandy has shocking news for Tony. Louise gets an eternity ring from Warren. Carmel’s down in the dumps about her nativity disaster and takes her frustrations out on Calvin. Warren’s been let down by his best man and, spotting an opportunity, Ravi offers his services. Christmas Day at the McQueens’ house is a sombre affair. Newt and Frankie celebrate Christmas morning exchanging meagre presents and keeping the day low key. Warren’s devastated when he realises what Louise has planned for their wedding day…

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Louise makes a surprising discovery
Anita convinces Theresa that she’s no push over
Eli’s up to his old tricks again

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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2 Responses to Shock For EastEnders’ Dot As Nick Returns

  1. laurie says:

    make a new year resolution ,lets get rid of the Windass family of morons. (why does corrie always go over the top with new families when they are introduced?)

  2. alan gerrard says:

    I wish that the TV companies would leave the soaps off the air for the Xmas period as although I know that most people don\’t enjoy the perfect Xmas as that is unrealistic to expect, but the continued round of misery that occurs every year without fail in all of the soaps has just become a bad joke. Why not show people enjoying a normal Xmas for a change instead of all this unrealistic carnage that happens in soap world.

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