Super-bitch Janine Returns To ‘Enders

Hello and Welcome To A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Friday December 19

If there’s one thing no soap can do without – it’s a soap bitch. Over the years, we’ve seen some great examples: Emmerdale’s Kim Tate and Stephanie Stokes Forsythe, EastEnders’ Cindy Beale and Chrissie Watts, Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow and Hollyoaks’ Claire Cunningham. But this week sees the return of one of EastEnders’ great super-bitches. Janine Butcher went from a little innocent to a big tart-without-a-heart. She’s been on the game (to fund a drug habit), blackmailed Ian ‘Squeal’ Beale, cheated on hubby Barry Evans and even had a hand in his death (‘had a hand’ – geddit? She pushed him off a cliff). Earlier this year, she came back for the funeral of her dad Frank (RIP Mike Reid). But her latest return brings problems. On to the rest of this week and Whitney runs off when she hears Bianca speaking to Ricky.

Suzy has her sights set on some cash in the Queen Vic safe. Billy thinks Ricky should go to Janine’s wedding. Archie asks for Suzy’s help and Roxy’s concerned about Sean’s whereabouts, especially as it’s Amy’s first day back from hospital. Janine’s about to wed new husband David but Pat’s determined to see the ceremony cancelled. Archie apologises to Sean for his earlier remarks. Phil and Suzy break the news about Suzy’s pregnancy and their plan to get married, to Ben. Janine returns to the Square for revenge.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Suzy gets Phil to sort out her ex partner Ahmet
Dot gets some good news about Jim
Pat gets a shock when she reads the paper

Emmerdale w/e Friday December 19

Emmerdale fans are in for yet another emotional time this week, as the gripping storyline involving Matthew King’s (actor Matt Healy) nuptials to Anna de Souza (Emma Davies) comes to a head. As usual in soapland, weddings are never a simple affair and this one ends in tragedy – and a superbly dramatic exit for Matthew. Oh dear guys; you have been warned. The Kings discover that they have until the end of the day to raise funds or else the creditors will liquidate their assets. Carl urges Matthew to come clean about Donald’s death. Lee’s pleased to spend time around the farm helping Jo. The Kings are on edge on the day of the wedding; Carl bursts into Anna and Matthew’s wedding demanding they stop the ceremony. A furious fist fight ensues.

The tumultuous events effects the Kings and sends shockwaves through the village. The villagers decide that the King family’s cursed as their property is repossessed. Bob attempts to bring some cheer back into the village by suggesting a Christmas Day meal for the Hopes, Terry, TJ and Brenda. Jo’s unnerved when Andy turns up at the farm with a Christmas tree. Andy loosens some seals on the washing machine. Lee catches him in the act and the pair fight. A returning Jo’s shocked to see the scene; how will she escape from her life of misery? Meanwhile, the Kings are allowed to collect their belongings from Home Farm. Internal squabbles erupt once more as nobody can agree whether to leave the village after Home Farm has been emptied. What’s next for the King family?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Edna has to make room for Lily’s return
Jamie tries to calm TJ’s fears
Nicola seeks solace in the Church

Coronation Street w/e Friday December 19

Christmas Eve is usually a time for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men (and women!). Unless you’re watching a soap opera, of course. SPOILER! On December 24, murderous Underworld boss Tony Gordon will strike again when a tipsy Jed comes to the factory demanding more cash in return for his silence. Tony will see red at Jed’s demands and throttle him with Carla’s negligee (oooooh, kinky!) before cramming his body inside a storage hamper. Will Jed live or die?….Corrie ups its diversity edge by introducing yet another Bollywood actress; stunner Sophiya Haque has been cast as the 51st Coronation Street barmaid. Her character Poppy is a friend of Liz McDonald’s. And talking of Poppy, let’s not forget actress Poppy Jhakra as kebab worker Minnie alongside Dev’s daughter Amber, played by Nikki Patel. The less said about Nina and Tara Mandal, the women in that icky Dev love triangle, the better. 

To this week’s action and Tony’s a worried man – Maria knows. How’s he going to silence her? Carla confronts Rosie over her betrayal. Steve’s bad boyfriend plan has stepped up a gear. It’s Tyrone’s birthday and he’s miserable without Molly. Maria’s locked in the house with her husband’s killer – run Maria! Run! Peter and Leanne get cosy, but things don’t turn out well. Mary appears to have developed a crush on Norris, much to Jed’s amusement. Liz annoys Michelle by appointing newcomer Poppy as assistant manager of the Rovers. She tackles Steve but he takes his mum’s side. Gail arrives home to find the Windasses have gone to town with their Christmas lights. Peter’s drinking intensifies. Jack is back from Blackpool and is devastated at Tyrone and Molly’s split. Carla tells Leanne that Tony knew about the affair but has forgiven her; Leanne’s not convinced he’s the forgiving type. Rosie meets with a journalist and spies a way of making some cash out of her kidnap ordeal. Meanwhile, Jed Stone has heard Maria’s accusation and thinks he is on to something – he lets Tony know that he is going to compare notes with Maria.

Also on Coronation Street this week: 
Jesse Chadwick (Cold Feet’s John Thomson) turns up for a party
Hayley suggests to Roy that they host a lunch for the homeless
Peter makes a scene at Simon’s school

Hollyoaks w/e Friday December 19

It looks like Hollyoaks is doing its best to shed its glossy image a bit (little wonder, I’ve nicknamed it: Hollywoodoaks). The latest signing appears to underline this; actress Kelly-Marie Stewart becomes the first disabled star to join the line-up. She will play Hayley Ramsey. Kelly-Marie Stewart, like her character, suffers from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an acute disease of the nervous system. It affects the nerves in the arms and legs, resulting in inflammation, weakness and sometimes paralysis. Hayley’s arrival in the village in the New Year is a surprise for sibling Zak (Kent Riley), and viewers will quickly see how the newcomer hates being labelled by her condition. To this week’s action and Theresa’s sick of living with Nana. Newt’s feeling the effects of not taking his medication. Gilly’s embarrassed after being beaten up by Gaz and his gang but puts on a front. Carmel decides to put on a nativity of her own, determined to make it the best Christmas ever.

Tony decides to take responsibility for his actions, but Theresa and Jacqui rush to the police station to stop Tony making the worst decision of his life. Gaz accuses Newt of beating him up in the toilets. Michaela, Josh and Amy have been roped in to help at the school disco. Louise continues to plot her revenge against Warren as an oblivious Warren promises her a perfect day for their wedding. Louise continues to plot her revenge on Mandy as she watches CCTV footage of her and Warren kissing passionately in The Loft. She is shocked when she rifles through the safe and finds a gun. Carmel, Mike and Cindy hold X-factor style auditions for the village nativity with Myra as their very own Sharon Osborne. Jacqui decides it’s time to sort her life out.

Also on Hollyoaks this week: 
Lauren gives Newt and Anita the silent treatment
Things are still awkward between Sarah and Zoe
Cindy’s appalled when Ash asks her to flirt with Gilly

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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3 Responses to Super-bitch Janine Returns To ‘Enders

  1. Dot says:

    A question – it\’s bothered me for ages – Coronation Streets Leanne – How DOES she keep getting all these fit boyfriends who don\’t care about her very dubious past ..(aiding Janice to nick winnings,arson and fraud..prostitution, to name a few) – they all queue up n fall for her. AND when there\’s so many unemployed she always ends up with a good job, right on her doorstep. Gail too – she always gets her man, ok he may be a nutjob psycho sometimes but even so……….her new one\’s pretty fit.Answers on a postcard please or text me at £1.50 a go ;0)

  2. Chris says:

    same s**t all the time on these soaps its always the same thing that happens but with a slight twist to make it look new!!!!!if u ask me id rather stick to the stuff america sends over at least they put the effort and lots a cash into there programing!!

  3. Unknown says:

    When is Coronation Street going to stop trying to imitate all the other violent and angry soaps and get back to where it was interesting stories without all the violence – and it was amusing too. I thought the Ogdens were bad enough when they arrived on the Street, but they were angelic compared with the latest nausating family to arrive. Let\’s get back to normality and have some stories about real decent, funny but interesting people. Surely there must be some somewhere. I hope the country isn\’t full of murderers and violent people. I was an avid fan of Coronation Street but nowadays I can hardly bear to watch it.

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