EastEnders’ Tony Is Found Out

Hello and Welcome To A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Friday December 12

Congratulations to ex EastEnders star Joe Swash, recently crowned king of the jungle on I’m A Celebrity. He’s a worthy  winner and it’ll be interesting to see what he does next. Now that he’s endeared himself to the nation, will he be back on EastEnders? Well, you never say never do you? After all, when Sid Owen appeared on I’m A Celebrity when his TV career was on a downer, few would’ve thought he’d be back on the show that made his name. Now look at him. So Joe, well done for entertaining us!

It’s drama all the way on Albert Square as Whitney reveals to Bianca that she’s been in a ‘relationship’ with Tony for three years. As you can imagine, Bianca is heartbroken when she discovers what Whitney’s been through. But we can all finally heave a sigh of relief as evil Tony is set to get his comeuppance. It’s been a hard storyline to sit through but I hope that the watching kids going through something similar realise that they’re not alone and that they can get help. Elsewhere, Max’s cash is causing Bradley sleepless nights. Dot helps a homeless man. Lauren decides that it’s time she moved back home where she belongs and Lucas and Denise grow closer. Tony realises that the big secret is out; he tries to escape but Bianca calls the police just in time. Lucas feels the pressure from people in the Square because he allowed Tony to work at the Community Centre. Later, someone tries to attack him.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Whitney celebrates her 16th birthday
Roxy gets the results of the DNA test
Tamwar has a festive brainwave


Emmerdale w/e Friday December 12

Forget about the X Factor final, if you want to hear some real singing this week, I suggest you watch the hour-long episode on Thursday. On this day, the church choir and their mentor Nicola De Souza, will attempt to win the choral singing contest. We’ll see everything from star singers being locked in dressing rooms to nervous vocalists resorting to miming all the way through their performance…when did Britney Spears sign up for Emmerdale? Anyway we need some comic relief because it’s the aftermath of Shane’s murder. Jasmine’s plagued by nightmares following the disposal of his body. Can Eli and Debbie keep her quiet? Paddy tells Ross he wants him to leave, and is surprised when his cousin agrees. Debbie’s relieved to see that Jasmine has a bit of control over her emotions; she hopes for an end to their worries. Can the girls truly move on with their lives?

The villagers come together for the sad occasion of Donald’s funeral. Matthew’s pained to see Anna wrestling with her emotions as Donald’s hearse pulls up at Home Farm. Rodney almost discloses the truth about Lily’s illness. The choir arrive for the contest full of confidence, but Pollard and David have mischief on their minds. The Kings are shocked to receive a letter from the bank threatening legal action. Carl advises a guilty Matthew that he owes it to Anna to tell her the truth about Donald. Will Matthew come clean before the wedding?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Lisa and Zak urge Chas to lay down the law with Aaron
Gennie’s hit by a crisis of confidence
How will the Kings solve their financial problems?

Coronation Street w/e Friday December 12

A new clan is moving into the Street this week. If Jeremy Kyle ever runs out of chavs to put on his show, he need look no further than the Windasses. The Street needs to have a family that’s down on its luck – it’s tradition. Thing is, this lot are a million miles away from the likes of the Ogdens and the Duckworths and even the Battersbys and the Mortons (the newer generation of Corrie’s lower class). Not sure I’m gonna warm to this lot – but we’ll see. Also, it looks like the net is finally closing in on evil Tony ‘JR’ Gordon as a stunned Maria learns that the cool Scotsman knew about Liam and Carla’s affair. Maria starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together and slowly realises that Tony had Liam murdered.

The only problem is that Audrey and half the residents on’t cobbles reckon she’s losing her marbles. Can Maria prove that Carla’s hubby is a cold-blooded murderer? All will be revealed in the build-up to the Corrie Christmas Day shocker. I hope they’re gonna give us some humour too – I’m still laughing remembering the legendary Cilla Battersby-Brown blowing up the chippy. Emily’s discovers that the community service volunteer is Janice Battersby. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Norris doesn’t like having Jed around. Eileen eagerly anticipates the arrival of her dad Colin. Tyrone’s devastated as Molly walks out on him and their wedding plans and Steve’s desperate to spend some time with Becky.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Will Molly forgive Tyrone for lying to her?
Steve’s feeling the strain of playing bad boyfriend
Eddie Windass gets a job at Streetcars

Hollyoaks w/e Friday December 12

Well, well, well. The News Of The World has leaked the names of the celebrities who’ll be Dancing On Ice. And this year, two stars from Hollywoodoaks will add a touch of glamour to the show. Jennifer Metcalfe will follow Chris Fountain’s appearance from earlier this year. Will she go as far as he did? Also joining in, as you may have heard, is Gemma Bissix. An insider has told the tabloids that they’re particularly happy to have secured her services. Well, that puts paid to the Celebrity Big Brother rumours about Jennifer Metcalfe – can’t wait to see them skating. On to the action in Hollyoaks and Newt tries to convince Frankie to enter a Karaoke contest at the Dog. Anyway, it turns out that the contest is 80s themed so Newt decides to perform as…wait for it…. Boy George! Talk about great timing. Newt’s performance is probably the closest we’ll get to the real thing for a while as the fallen 80s icon is busy preparing for prison. Louise plots Warren’s downfall and Elliot dresses up as Santa.

Cindy can’t decide whether or not to visit Darren in prison. Ash tells Gilly and Zak that he’s looking to promote one of them to the position of manager. Louise is desperately searching the village for Mandy. Newt tries to convince Frankie to enter a karaoke contest at The Dog. After getting mugged for Relish’s takings, Gilly takes the day off work to lick his wounds. Frankie’s preparing to perform as Britney Spears at the Karaoke final in The Dog. Elliot goes over to invite Hannah to the robot convention. Tony enters his plea in court for the statutory rape of Theresa. Calvin comes by Relish to ask Zak some questions about Gaz.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Cindy wakes up to discover Holly’s gone
Newt is feeling the chill of the cold shoulder
Elliot reflects on what went wrong with Hannah

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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