Corrie’s Steve And Becky End Up In Bed!

Hello and Welcome To A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out.

Coronation Street w/e Friday November 28

OMIGOD! OMIGOD! Steve McDonald has an unenviable knack for getting into so much trouble! This week, his relationship with Becky takes an unexpected turn, much to their mutual shock. Expected to be in two places at the same time, what will he do? Will it be Michelle’s parents’ 40th anniversary party or will he be Becky’s knight-in-shining-armour at court? Roy’s delighted that Hayley’s decided not to return to Africa. Amber confides in Molly that she told Tara about Dev and Nina.

Tina and David are keen to find out if Graeme got rid of the car. Elsewhere Fiz, Kirk and Chesney return from South Africa and agree not to talk about what Cilla did (in other words, ‘buy the DVD’ – cheers Corrie writers!). Amber won’t listen to Dev as he tries to stop her from leaving. Gary’s annoyed when he realises he did David and Graeme a favour by getting rid of the stolen car. On the day of her court case, Becky’s convinced that she’ll go down. Tony’s surprised and delighted when Carla arrives home unexpectedly with a proposal of marriage. Gary and Len come up with a plan to get their own back on the Platts. Norris has a date with a fellow competition addict. Hayley gets an interview for a job at the youth centre. Steve flips when Jason gives Becky a present.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Dev’s struggling to run the kebab shop
Joe’s having trouble with a credit card company
Rosie gets a visit from Carla and Tony

Emmerdale w/e Friday November 28

You’ve just got to give Emmerdale’s script writers props for the storylines they come up with at times, even if it means that some of them are a little over-the-top. Take this ‘church choir’ storyline. Fans will know that Nicola and David have been trying to snap up the church for a lucrative property development. However, Nicola’s now trying to help the choir win a singing competition. This week, she’ll inspire the singers (who by the way, are to choral singing what John Sergeant is to ballroom dancing) by making them watch Sister Act 2 (you couldn’t make it up). Later Nicola’s prayers are answered when she stumbles across Gennie, who just happens to have the voice of an angel…only problem is that she refuses to sing in public. So, can Nicola turn Gennie into a choral superstar? Is Simon Cowell rich? Is the Pope Catholic? Is Cheryl Cole too skinny? Is Blanche Hunt funny?

Also this week, Andy’s sporting a shiner from Daz’s punch but Katie feels no sympathy for him. Brenda receives the shock of her life when she spots a shadowy figure sleeping on the sofa. Pollard and David are gleeful when it appears the choir are about to quit. Desperate to turn her back to the Dark Side, David shows Nicola some information about her dream home. At Butlers, Jo explains to Daz about the situation with Katie and Andy. Rodney suggests that Marlon expand his range of culinary opportunities. Donna  returns and promises Ross that she’ll tell Marlon their marriage is over. Bob remains convinced that something bad happened between Louise and Jamie. Donna and Ross arrest a young lad for possession of drugs. Ross is upset with Donna’s failed attempt to end her marriage…Debbie tries to make Jasmine see that Shane is dodgy.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Andy misreads Katie’s kindness
Lily refuses to book her operation
Shane takes Jasmine to a homeless shelter

Hollyoaks w/e Friday November 28

Hollywoodoaks has got to tread carefully this week thanks to new girl in town Theresa McQueen. Y’see, Tony meets her at The Loft school disco and can’t believe his luck when he scores with her. However, he doesn’t realise that she’s wearing a school uniform because she’s only 15 – he thinks she’s older and wearing it for a laugh. There’s a name for men who like young girls in school uniforms and the fact that these two get it on while she’s wearing it means that Hollyoaks has to keep the right side of taste so that they’re not titillating Lolita-lovers (if you know what I mean). Anyway the newest member of the McQueen clan wastes no time in making her presence felt. Tony happilly goes along with her seductive ways, until he finds out her real age. Steph and Tom return to the village, but she’s worried about how people will react after her involvement with Niall.

There’s a slight thawing in Jacqui and Tony’s relationship. Neville revamps the exterior of The Dog to put his own stamp on it. Hannah anxiously waits to hear her fate from the Dean after her embarrassing incident at the beauty pageant. Justin and Leila are a little confused about where they stand with each other. Tony’s horrified when an obsessed Theresa turns up on his doorstep. It’s the opening night for The Jolly Roger. Russ arrives at the pub to discover it’s a gay night. Ash employs Anita and Lauren to work for him but they drive a hard bargain. Hannah’s preoccupied over Elliot. Warren’s seething when he sees Mandy and Ash having lunch together. Tony confides in Mandy about the trouble he’s got himself into; he’s later questioned at the police station over Theresa’s allegations.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Steph and Tom join Craig in Scotland
Ravi admits how he feels for Nancy
Lauren and Anita stage a protest

EastEnders w/e Friday November 28

Is everyone enjoying watching Joe Swash on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!? He was never this funny on EastEnders! The rate the EastEnders connection is going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mohammed George on there next. Back to the show he’s left and is it just me? Or was the daft ‘who shot Phil?’ storyline miles better and more interesting than this ‘who ran over Max Branning?’  storyline. Talk about dragging on and on. I’m trying but frankly, I really don’t care who shot him. I’m far more interested in, ‘who’s sweeping Albert Square now that Gus has gone?’ Anyway, Max discharges himself from hospital and sets about proving that Jack tried to kill him. He becomes increasingly frustrated and decides to pay a few people a visit…including Tanya.

So, will he solve the mystery and put himself, and us – the long suffering British public – out of our misery for good? Or will we have to wait until Roxy’s baby’s grown up and married with kids of her own until we finally and irrevocably find out who ran Max over? The Tanya thing has got to be a red herring…time will tell if that’s so. Lucas and Chelsea become closer, but will the kiss he shared with Denise ruin things? Suzy’s keen to buy a dog and goes ahead without consulting Phil and Ben. Phil asks Shirley to help him with planning a ‘classy’ birthday party for Suzy. Heather’s confused as to why Shirley would help out. Tony tries to convince Lauren to take part in the Community Centre’s Table Tennis Tournament. Whitney dresses up for her night out with Tony but it doesn’t go to plan. Ian catches Lucy out and Phil tells Ben that Suzy’s leaving the Square.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Phil receives a text from Heather
Ian challenge Lucy to raise £1000
Denise and Lucas go on a date

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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  1. Georgia says:

    these are old things wot about the NEW THINGS!

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Georgia, the soap preview is every Monday. This is an older entry – is that what you mean?

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