Corrie Villain’s Brother To Debut In December

Hello and welcome to today’s A Slice Of Soap. Is Corrie about to get its very own version of EastEnders’ Mitchell bruvvers? Or should I say, McMitchell? Y’see, Scotsman Tony Gordon, the aspiring JR Ewing of Weatherfield, has mentioned his brother on numerous occasions and now the man himself is to make an appearance at the beginning of December.

Coronation Street has filmed scenes for the will-they-won’t-they? wedding of Tony (played by Gray O’Brien) and the object of his obsession Carla Connor (actress Alison King). Producers have cast actor Jamie Lee in the role of Pat Gordon; Tony’s sibling is scheduled to be best man. An insider told DigitalSpy: "Pat’s been mentioned in a few scripts. He was going to be Tony’s best man until Tony threw Liam into the role which ultimately killed him. We thought it was about time we explored Tony’s past a little more too. Carla thinks she’s doing the right thing for Tony by inviting his brother now Liam’s not around to fulfill the best man duty but Tony, however, isn’t prepared for his arrival and soon begins to panic that the web of lies he’s been spinning for the past number of months is about to snap around him."

In case you’re wondering who he is, Jamie Lee has made appearances in the likes of Taggart, The Bill and Casualty. His Corrie stint will definitely raise his profile so if you can’t picture his face now, you will be able to in a few weeks time. Staying with Corrie for a minute, a spin-off film set in South Africa will be on sale from November 10. It features one of my faves, the brilliant Cilla Battersby-Brown played by Wendi Peters. Mad mum Cilla, along with Fiz, Chesney and Kirk, are the stars of the show.

But why are they thousands of miles away in Africa? More to the point, what’s Fiz doing in a nun’s habit? All will be revealed later and you can find exclusive behind-the-scenes video, interviews with the cast and fab pictures on ITV’s Corrie site.

Oh Cilla! I wish you were coming back but Wendi Peters seems to be adamant that it’s never going to happen. Such a shame because some of the things she got up to still crack me up to this day. Who can forget Cilla blowing up Mr Wong’s chip show when she tried to deep fry their Christmas turkey? Brilliant!

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