EastEnders’ Hour-Long Halloween Whodunnit

Hello and Welcome To A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soapland this week? Let’s find out. 

EastEnders w/e Friday October 31

Out of courtesy to anyone that’s been on Mars recently, I will post a spoiler notice. However, surely it’s no secret by now that by the end of a week that includes an hour-long Thursday episode, Max Branning will be left fighting for his life when he is dramatically mown down in a Halloween hit and run. An EastEnders source said: "Max has made enough enemies over the last year to last him a lifetime. So the big question will be – who tried to kill Max? Was it Bradley? Stacey? Tanya? Callum? Peter? The list could go on!"

Haven’t we been down this road before with the ‘who shot Phil?’ non-drama? The BBC soap tried, but it just didn’t get anywhere near US soap Dallas and their classic ‘who shot JR [Ewing]’ storyline. I’m not holding my breath that this twist will either. So – what else happens? Well…

Peggy is preparing for the Halloween party at the Vic. Libby is having second thoughts about going to university. Callum and Stacey spend the afternoon in the summerhouse at the allotment. Jack has some tough questions to answer from the police. Danielle realises that Callum and Stacey have spent an afternoon together in secret. It’s Halloween and there’s fun, games and competitions at The Vic. An argument with Libby re-ignites a spark between Denise and Lucas. Max tries to resolve his differences with Tanya but doesn’t make it across the Square; an unidentified driver knocks him down. Tanya, Jack and the girls rush to the hospital. Dot pushes Bradley to go but he can’t face seeing him. Who ran over Max?

Also on EastEnders this week:
Tanya, Jack and the kids look set for their move to France
Denise wants Darren to finish things with Libby
Is it finally all over for Bradley and Stacey?

Emmerdale w/e Friday October 31

Get ready for more of an Oz flavour down on the Dales this week. I’m so excited that Mark Little (best known for his much-loved role as Joe Mangel in Neighbours) is making an appearance that promises to bring more comedy to Emmerdale. I’m having a Neighbours flashback now – Kylie as Charlene, Jason Donovan as Scott, Guy Pearce as Mike Young, Annie Jones as ‘plain-Jane-superbrain’….great memories. Anyway, Mark Little will play Aussie character Jonty and says that’s he’s "a big fan of Emmerdale". I can believe it (kinda) – he did live here for years after all. To the action and Shane volunteers Ross and Donna for a training course in London. Bob and Terry are horrified as they misinterpret a welcoming kiss between Louise and Aussie newcomer Jonty. Louise decides to abandon Jamie and go to Australia. He begs Louise to marry him. Will they find their happily ever after?

Donald ensures the King’s main investor pulls out, leaving the business in turmoil. Nicola offers Marlon the catering contract at Home Farm for Christmas functions. Edna is appalled when Rodney tells her that the factory workers think Lily stole the raffle ticket. At the café, Doug gently warns Brenda off Bob and despite denying, she’s mortified her crush is so obvious. Edna confronts Lily when she returns from her trip. Brenda’s in her element arranging Halloween costumes for herself, Bob and the twins. Debbie worries about Jasmine; can she control the manipulative Shane?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Donna confronts Ross over what Shane knows
Jasmine is determined to write her story about the MacFarlane’s
Donald refuses to share information with Anna

Coronation Street w/e Friday October 31

They say as one door closes, another one opens. Well this week in Corrie, we say the very last goodbye to one character as we welcome back another one. It’s the day of Liam’s funeral and poor Maria isn’t sure how she will get through the day. She decides to take Ozzy to help her cope. Carla doesn’t want to attend the service but realises it won’t look good if she’s absent. However, as soon as the hymns start, she breaks down and has to leave the church. Oh dear. Tony’s not going to like that. Dev’s Jeremy Kyle-like love triangle with Tara and Nina continues.

I know some people think he’s a terrible actor, but to me Jimmi Harkishin is Corrie’s comic relief – a shame he’s been saddled with this rather icky storyline which is getting really painful to watch thanks to the god-awful acting of Harvey Verdi as Nina. Becky goes to the police station to answer to her bail. Blanche is looking forward to her French trip which is more than can be said for Deirdre. Meanwhile Ken worries about Peter. Carla tells Tony that she needs to go away for a while. The police have news for Sally and Kevin. Roy gets a call from Hayley saying she is on her way home. Peter Barlow arrives with his son Simon. Deirdre and Blanche try to make Halloween exciting for the kid. A desperate Rosie hits upon an idea to try and escape. Maria makes a shocking discovery when she switches on Liam’s mobile phone.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Emily asks Norris if he is a transsexual!
DC Hooch arrests Becky
Rosie has a terrible accident

Hollyoaks w/e Friday October 31

Ooooh things are heating up once more in Hollywoodoaks this week! Russ tries to mediate between Nancy and Ravi and the two men end up getting on so well that Ravi misreads the signals. Thinking that Russ is bisexual too, he makes a move on the horrified man! Drama! This one could run and run….It’s Newt’s birthday and a secret party is being organised. Mandy and Warren are on edge ever since Ravi walked in on them together. Justin bumps into his boss Mr Sabottini; he reveals that the husband of the client he’s been sleeping with has uncovered their sordid tryst and sacks both him and Ste. Nancy wants to get back with Ravi but he breaks up with her. Lauren goes to see Newt again, determined to prove to him that she is sorry for not believing him about Niall.

Frankie’s going to court to see Jack and Darren make their plea and Newt wants to come along. Newt is genuinely sorry to have fought with Frankie, he plays happy families to distract her from the fact that he and Lauren are planning on running away together. Rhys comes home to find Gilly and gloat that he has pulled. Hannah’s rushed off her feet trying to organise the Halloween ball. Newt’s surprised when his mum arrives to see him. He is further delighted when she tells him that she is drug-free. Sarah is experiencing some serious jealousy about how close Hannah and Elliot are getting. Carmel is full of fear about going out in the village having lost all confidence in herself.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Frankie desperately wants to apologise to Newt
Justin and Leila reconcile
Cindy gets a nasty surprise

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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21 Responses to EastEnders’ Hour-Long Halloween Whodunnit

  1. cass says:

    I am sick to death of the Stacey & Bradley saga.  Is Bradders such a fool that he thinks there\’s a chance at all for him and Stace?  E.E. needs to bury the storyline it\’s just got soooooooo boring.  Personally I would bury Stacey, she\’s the grumpiest, nastiest piece of work she\’s always so  miserable, the majority of the time she and Brad were together she behaved like it was a chore.  Why doesn\’t the script writer (as I said, either bury her) or give her a storyline where the viewers can maybe warm to her, she drives me mad.  E.E. gives me the impression they think we want people at one anothers throats all the time. I know it\’s supposed to reflect real life but it doesn\’t does it? For starters when people meet for the first time they\’re NOT always rude and nasty…..are they?  Not in my life they\’re not but in E.E…………. well they can\’t even be civil…need I go on?

  2. dawn says:

    i am feed up with the max , jack and tanya situation because it is quiet obviouse that max wants tanya back but even though tanya doest like max why cant max just leave for once and for all and the girls to move on like lauren has done abi cant accept that her mum and dad have split up for good and is with her uncle just get rid of max and there will be peace on eastenders.

  3. leon says:

    i hope max comes back kill is enemys he is a badbouy 4 life do  go max

  4. stewart says:

     re: who knocks down Max?
      my guess is Darren Miller (accidentally)

  5. andy says:

    hi as much as i like eastenders & corrie why is it they both have the same story lines if you do miss corrie no problem either eastenders have all ready had the story line or will have it in a few weeks i:e hit and run in corrie hit and run in eastenders marrige in eastenders marrige in corrie death in corrie death in eastender so on and so on which of the writers can not think for themselfs and has to copy the other please some one seperate the to programs with there on story lines

  6. Mathew says:

    Ever since I was a young boy (and I am 26 now) I have watched Eastenders. Until I was 16 I watched all three of the biggest soaps Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale but I decided to avoid the latter two as they were very uninteresting to me. I now find that there is no point in watching more than one soap because there is only a limited number of things/events that can happen in a soap before these are classed as repetitive (for example-love, sex, marriage, birth, disaster). The one thing I have always wished for is a nuclear bomb blast ripping through Walford. I think it would be cool for Peggy Mitchell to become mutated. Personally I think it would take one really mutated Stacey to even look twice at Bradley in real-life, they were a complete miss-match right from the start. To tell you the truth I hope that the producers of Eastenders go that extra mile and create a late night episode of Eatsenders at least once a week that is X-rated and shows Roxy in all here pregnant glory being given a good "going over" by Shaun Slater (that would be truly wicked), or maybe even Ronnie and Tanya agree to give Jack his well-deserved 3some in Tanya\’s bed maybe, or have that Stacey show us her quite nice rack as she\’s bonking everything in Walford (preferably on a Walford park swing). 

  7. Kulbir says:

    max has an affair with dot in the hospital. dot turns into a vampire and bites his neck

  8. adam says:

    i think bradley kills max by hitting him in dots car

  9. Kevin says:


  10. adrienne says:

    Phil got away with murder please don\’t let us have another person go free if Max is to die the message it sends to our youth is all wrong.

  11. sally says:

    who cares whose killed or killing max.surely one l
    life is better tootake then all the peopleslives hes ruined.ireckon noone drivin the carlightening strikesx the car asnear max an dippy darren left handbrake off an they go up inflames max an the car.and irekon the whole square comeout wiv fireworks an hotdogs tocelebrate anmake a nightof it

  12. Sam says:

    Hmmm who ran over Max? Yaaaaaaawn! Why does every storyline involving the new Branning clang have to be drrrrragged out? It wont be Bradley because he\’s the token "sweet" male character, why would Stacy do it? That wouldnt make any sense now she\’s not even with Bradley. So that leaves Tanya and Jack..it would be too obvious to be Jack, sooooo its clearly gonna be Tanya. Which is too REALLY obvious! Yaaawn. Next!As usual the pic out of the soaps is Hollyoaks and i cant even be bothered reading about Emmerdale.Although whats happened to Justin in Hollyoaks? He\’s really annoyed me of late!

  13. fogg says:

    its was darren but jack goes to jail for a bit!!! my cuzon part on cast yu heard it first!!!

  14. charlotte says:

    I actually think it was Bradley Tbh cause he was getting drunk so he could have got in the car after Darren got out…Darren did get out to warn libby that her mum was there…so bradley could have been drunk and got in the car expecting to kill himsellf after being turned Down by Stacey 😀
    you see it all works out 😀

  15. Dot says:

    Well i reckon the black gloves mean its someone in a halloween costume? Sean maybe? I mean he did help the ever expanding Tanya bury Max alive in the woods – and there she is getting all emotional cos Jacks roughed him up a bit….. Max has paid a high price for enjoying Stacey.
    The grieving Maria turns on Liams mobile to find he had \’A joke a day\’ sent and finally realises he didnt actually have a sense of humour … Ravi may  be the one to marry Warren after using his catching him with Mandy as blackmail and it\’d solve Warrens love triangle problems….Not a bad week for soaps all in all.

  16. Nicole says:

    O i agree i think it could be Bradley. Coz he thinks that stacey was talking to him (max) when stacey said that she thinks they should get back together.
    Nah it aint Sean (the sex god) the reason he did that was coz he was madley in  love with Tanya. (I dont know what every 1 see\’s in her?)
    It could have been darren as No name says.
    Laura x

  17. Nicole says:

    O Holly oaks is great i love it i mean they always keep every thing so hushed up so other soaps dont copy unlike eastenders an corrie. The explosion was fantastinc i loved it. I never liked Mercy much but i mean she was nice to give up her life theother except John Paul are idiots i was so sad when Tina died.
    I cant wait to see the gay guys make a move on Russ.What do you think he will do I think he\’ll end up snogging the face of him and enjoy it and then there could be a whole story line on Russ: I think I\’m bi but i don\’t wanna be.
    I\’m a genious I should be director lol!! the Show would be great!!!!!

  18. kirsty says:


  19. Christopher says:

    In eastenders its Darren & Libby not Lauren………

  20. naz says:

    we should say who knocks over max because i  dont think he dies.my guess would be peter becuse the way max treated him,or it could be bradley

  21. sinead says:

    it couldnt of been Darren Miller because he was with Libby and dinease when the accident happend,and the picture wont help because it was the stunt driver doing the stunt.not none of the eastenders characters.to be honest i think it was peter laurens boyfriend.makes perfect sense.

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