A New McQueen For Hollyoaks’ McQueens

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. It’s been a tumultuous time for the McQueens. Poor Myra has to come to terms with the death of one child (Tina) caused by another (Niall). Will she be able to rebuild her life? Well, this is soapland and the characters tend to have remarkable fortitude.

Take Corrie’s Michelle Connor, for example. She lost her brother Paul and appeared to grieve for him for about….seven episodes. Now she’s lost her brother Liam. In between all of that, she’s had to cope with the fact that her real son was swapped at birth and she’s been raising somebody else’s child as her own. All that and barely a nervous breakdown.

Back to Hollyoaks now and the McQueen clan are about to go through another upheaval. Their lives will be turned upside down once again with the arrival of a new McQueen. Claire Cooper, who plays Jacqui McQueen, has revealed that a new female relative will appear in the Chester-based soap next month and that she will cause even more strife for the family.

The actress said: "There’s going to be more chaos for Jacqui, it’s not going to be smooth-running unfortunately. There’s going to be a new McQueen joining the show and it causes a few problems – especially for Jacqui. There’s some fantastic Christmas stuff that we’re filming at the moment. I can’t say anything about it yet but it’s going to be really exciting."

The expansion of soap families is a writing staple of the genre. Take EastEnders’ Mitchells for example. We first met bruvvers Phil and Grant. And then Sam. And then Peggy (played by a different actress before Barbara Windsor took on the role in 1994) and so on and so on right on to today’s current situation with the charisma-free Mitchell sisters and their creepy dad Archie. Looking forward to seeing this new Hollyoaks McQueen character – I wonder who she’ll be played by?

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16 Responses to A New McQueen For Hollyoaks’ McQueens

  1. Michelle says:

    Niall isn\’t dead…his reflection was seen in the back of an ambulance last week, and Michaella even got a call from the police saying they didn\’t find his body.As for the new McQueen, I hope it turns out to be a great addition and won\’t go the same way as the endless Mitchell sprogs bouncing out of nowhere.

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Sorry Diva, I posted the wrong draft. D\’oh!

  3. danielle says:

    i think the new mcqueen will be tina\’s half sister from her father\’s side. i reckon she\’ll want baby max as well

  4. jane says:

    oh my god how good was hollyoaks and how did it take me so long to realise how dam gorgeous barry sloane (niall) is i just wanna give him a big hug,  hollyoaks starts in a few weeks at 9pm cos guess wat sexy niall is back yay!!!!

  5. Dot says:

    Another Mcqueen? I bet its Tinas identical twin who accidentaly got left at the hospital at birth but was found n raised in a monkey commune. Then, when she saw fotos of Tina on TV realised she wasnt a wild animal after all but looked just like a human. She then swings over to Myras who trys to have her put in local zoo but the girls are adamant they want her in the family and do a Mcqueen make-over on her, including a full body wax, very short skirts,tacky top and huge hoop earings……but.. she eventually kidnaps Tinas  baby and takes him to the monkey commune in Cornwall………

  6. Aby says:

    wtf? there are no monkey communes in cornwall!!!

  7. Dot says:

    hmm thats a minor problem in soapland

  8. Shantelle says:

    wickedsoul – I\’m quite offended at how you are referring to Tina as being brought up in a Monkey Commune – there is a line that should not be crossed, and you are very close to it!!!!! A few people who have seen your comment have taken it the wrong way!!!

  9. Manon says:

    I\’ve heard that the new Mqueen is Myra\’s niece, who is too much of a handful for her mum so she\’s sent to live with Myra in Hollyoaks. Sounds like any other Mqueen girl then, apart from the boring Tina of course!

  10. Dot says:

    OOOOPS _ (Tinas twin sister btw) Sorry was not my intention to offend, just my humour. Apologies to those who ive possibly upset?

  11. Soap Blogger says:

    wickedsoul, I knew your intention was humour which is why your post wasn\’t deleted. I can see why some might\’ve been upset though but your funny bone was in the right place and thank you for your apology.

  12. Jen says:

    There\’s a Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall.

  13. EmotionalgOOOSE says:

    As if you people think wicked soul was being racist? Or being cruel.  We live in such a nanny state now you cant even say boo to a goose, or express an opinion without being called offensive or racist.  WICKEDSOUL i thought that was brilliant comic genius and very funny.
    All the people who had a problem really should get over themselves because if it was meant to be offensive to any black person im sure they would have used other wording.  It was a joke.
    Get out of the goverments behind and express your own thoughts, and stop believing everything to be a bad remark.  Their black, it doesnt make them any different, and if it had been a joke about a white person being brought up in a zoo there wouldnt be all this bull!

  14. Dot says:

    Emotionalgoose, thankyou for your comments. It was innocent and racism never even entered my head.  I do actually enjoy Hollyoaks sometimes too, but my humour gets the better of me … I was thinking Mcqueens as a family,all the traumas and after the son turning up and all that followed, the scriptwriters needing to explain yet another newbie. I really must get out more hey?!!

  15. Marie says:

    I\’ve heard through the grapevine that its nanna mcqueen coming back for a more permananent position to help them cope with the death etc!
    and i supposrt wickedsoul that comment was hilarious and till it was mentioned i never even thought about it being racist!

  16. Susan says:

    \’wtf? there are no monkey communes in cornwall!!!\’
    Wickedsoul is obviously promoting the monkey sanctuary in Cornwall. Well done.

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