Corrie Babes Grieve For Liam Connor

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. It’s time to find out what the writers have in store for us this week….

Coronation Street w/e October 24

Overall I was underwhelmed by Corrie’s ‘Murder Week’; it was drawn out and it was also, in a strange way, underwritten. For me, the most memorable thing about it was the genuinely creepy Tony Gordon masks. Now that was a stroke of genius – very unsettling. Personally, I don’t think Liam Connor’s death will go down as one of the classic Corrie exits. My mum still remembers when Emily Bishop’s husband Ernie was gunned down; she also mentions Gail’s husband Brian Tilsley’s murder – he was stabbed to death protecting a woman from some yobs. Then there was one of the all-time great Coronation Street deaths – Alan Bradley. He was knocked down by a tram in Blackpool as he chased Rita Fairclough (as she was back then) in an attempt to harm her.

If the demise of Liam Connor had been up with the level of hype, we would’ve got one of the most memorable soap deaths ever. However, I think EastEnders trumped Corrie with the truly shocking murder of Jase Dyer. OK – on to this week….

Understandably, Maria is in a daze following the shocking death of her husband and Carla is finding the whole situation too much to handle. Meanwhile a calm and collected Tony is doing a good job of keeping his involvement in Liam’s death a secret from everyone. Somewhere away from the Street sits a hungry, dishevelled and grubby Rosie – but who’s responsible for locking her up? Molly is surprised to get a call asking her to go for a wedding dress fitting. Carla has finally had enough and tells a shocked Tony that the wedding is off. Deirdre is furious with Blanche and Ken gets a call from Peter to say that Lucy has died.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Liam’s parents arrive from Ireland to make plans for the funeral
Maria’s parents arrive from Cyprus
Dev arranges a date with Tara

Hollyoaks Street w/e October 24 

It’s been a fab week on Hollyoaks – breathtaking action and drama and it’s all resulted in superb ratings for the Chester-based soap. My heart was in my mouth a great deal last week. Anyway Myra is distraught and attempts to console her family following the tragic events. Cindy attempts to discover exactly what’s been going on at the Dog and Frankie reaches her lowest ebb. Kris and Malachy head over to the McQueen’s to find out who survived the church blast. Malachy and Kris are stunned to hear their father has died, and even more infuriated to discover Darren passed him off as Jack. Ste prepares for his first anger management session and talks to Justin about his fling with his older woman.

Russ is feeling low so Nancy suggests Ravi help cheer him up. Josh and Amy wake up together but Ste accuses him of not being the boyfriend she really wants. Warren hovers around Mandy for most of the day while Cindy seems oblivious to the sexual attraction between them. Nancy thinks Ravi’s involved in dealing drugs. Newt returns home from hospital to the Dog. Frankie goes out of her way to make him welcome, but the memories are too much for Newt and feeling uneasy, he takes his bag and heads to Nancy’s flat. Russ agrees to let him stay for a while. Newt is hostile towards Frankie and explains how betrayed he feels by her. Frankie’s distressed, but understands it may be some time before Newt feels he can trust her again.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Elliot and Zak descend on Russ for some boy bonding
Malachy is desperate to get news on Mercedes
Kris and Malachy prepare to return home to Ireland

EastEnders w/e October 24 

This week, Albert Square says goodbye to one of its prettier residents: actress Zahra Ahmadi is legging it so her character Shabnam Masood is being written out. She’s gone before we really got a chance to know her – sometimes, that’s how it goes. Back to the action and Tanya, Jack and the girls look set to go to France; Tanya’s not happy about the ‘sold’ sign outside. Jack tells her to stick to their story that they’re staying local but Tanya says she’s sick of lying to Max. Derek from Social Services rings and Billy assures him that they’re all doing well. Jay says Billy’s not much of a role model. Can Billy be the dad that Jay so desperately needs? Dawn’s looking good and both Callum (get rid of him please!) and Garry notice this. She wants her R & R job back. Phil gives Minty and Garry a dressing down.

Billy is at his end of his tether with Jay who leaves the Arches carrying a plastic bag weighed down with petrol soaked rags. Max turns up at Tanya’s house just as she and Jack are making the final preparations for their move. He demands to know what’s going on. The Masoods admit defeat and close the Post Office due to financial problems. Shabnam announces that she’s going to Pakistan – her parents are shocked. Phil admits to Suzy that it’s time he and Ben left the Vic – Suzy seems happy about this and presumes he wants to move in with her. Max is growing angrier and more frustrated with Tanya and Jack when he realises he’s been lied to. Zainab must swallow her pride and start again. Max finds out about Tanya and Jack’s planned move to France…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Darren holds Denise to the driving lesson that she promised
Shabnam heads off to her roots and new beginnings
Ronnie reveals a big secret to Max

Emmerdale w/e October 24 

The revolving door for Emmerdale cast members spins again as yet another actor heads out; this time, it’s sultry redhead Emma Davies, aka minxish miss Anna De Souza. She will exit in a dramatic Christmas storyline following in the footsteps of Roxanne Pallett (Jo Sugden), Mathew Bose (Paul Lambert) and Emily Symons (Louise Appleton) – although the latter is only taking an extended break. It’s gonna be a busy Christmas in the Dales because Brit-born Hollywood stars Amanda Donohoe and Maxwell Caulfield will enter the rural soap as Natasha and Mark Wylde around that time. It’s almost easier keeping up with Brangelina’s expanding brood than keeping up with Emmerdale’s cast. On to the show and Doug is upset when Ashley and Laurel go and visit the Leeds church. Andy is brought down to earth with a bump. Paddy receives a postcard from Donna and Marlon.

Ross gets Donna alone and tells her he still loves her and thinks she’s making a mistake. Can Donna bury her feelings for Ross? Anna flirtatiously asks Matthew to give her a tour of the Home Farm grounds and they end up in bed. Debbie gets Zak to try and stop Andy seeing Sarah, but Jo intervenes. Matthew finds it difficult to hide his jealousy when Anna flirts with Tim. Donna is embarrassed at being late for work after a baby-making session with Marlon. Shane enjoys making Ross feel uncomfortable. Andy confides in Katie about the violence with Jo and she offers him work helping out at the stables. Can Andy shed his image as village pariah?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
The villagers unite to save the church
Donna is nervous about returning to work
Donald presses Anna to get more information on the Kings

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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