A Final Goodbye To Corrie’s Liam Connor

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. We’re now into the home straight of Coronation Street’s murder week and I have a bit of a confession to make.

So far, I’m not really feeling it. Maybe it’s because we’ve all known for a long time now that Rob James-Collier’s character, street ‘hunk’ Liam Connor, would be killed off. Therefore, the only real drama is in how he goes. It’s not in the ‘when’ (we know it’s tonight) and it’s not in the ‘who’ (the world and his uncle knows Tony ‘JR’ Gordon is behind the dirty deed) and I personally think that’s a shame.

Soap actors come and soap actors go and fans accept that; it’s always sad when a favourite decides to call it a day. When the time comes, more often than not, the actor concerned wants to go out on a high. Invariably, that may mean a death scene. Over the years, soapland’s stars have been bumped off in numerous ways. Some exits have been gripping and imaginative (serial killer Richard Hillman disposing of poor Maxine Peacock in Corrie) but others were, frankly, laughable (EastEnders’ Dirty Den’s conk on the head, courtesy of Chrissie, and subsequent burial in the Queen Vic).

One of the best soap deaths ever occurred in Channel 4’s defunct soap Brookside. Remember? The monstrous, evil, abusing Trevor Jordache was stabbed in the back by his wife Mandy to stop him beating up their daughter Beth (Anna Friel). They buried him under the patio, but the body was discovered three years later. In Emmerdale, we had one of the longest mysteries ever in soap: who killed Tom King? He was murdered on Christmas Day 2006 and it sparked a 21-week investigation to find his killer…and it turned out to be his son Carl. Some felt the aftermath was dragged out for too long a period of time – and I’m inclined to agree.

So back to tonight and will we look back on Liam Connor’s death as one of the all-time classic soap exits? Time will tell. I’ll leave you with Weatherfield’s very own dastardly villain: Tony ‘JR’ Gordon. Yes, that is his head superimposed over Dallas actor Larry Hagman. And yes, that is Southfork ranch. All he needs now is a "tramp and an unfit mother" to complete the picture. Will Carla fit the role? I can’t get it out of my mind that a fab Corrie twist would be both Carla and Maria pregnant with Liam’s baby. Oooooooooooooh! Watch this space.  

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12 Responses to A Final Goodbye To Corrie’s Liam Connor

  1. Noreena says:

    Couldnt believe Liam died soo gutting !
    Him and Carla were meant to be together forever !
    Luv yoo Connor family including Carla shes my fav !
    So sad she was proper devastated
    It wud b wiked if Cral gets pregnant ill love the show
    Carla is not a tramp and a unfit mother she is soo pretty and gorgeous she would b the perfect mum !

  2. Steph says:

    Can\’t believe Liam died, he\’s not been in Corrie long!
    Gutted that he died when Maria was there!
    Anyone else thinking she\’s going to call the baby Liam Paul Conner??
    Conner family needs some luck on the Street…please make it happen!!
    I feel sorry for Ryan, he\’s not long lost his Uncle Paul and Ryan was heart broken when he found out his Uncle Liam has died…They were more like brother not uncle and nephew!

  3. caddy says:

    In the real world I doubt Carla would look twice at \’Liam.\’

  4. Sam says:

    What a let down. -siiigh- Thankfully i only watched Fridays double episode. Ive heard they dragged it out allll week and then he didn\’t even kill him. All Fridays episode shown Tony to be was all bark and no bite. I mean the "evil" stares and glares..and the pathetic speech to a dead Liam? Come on now! Getting a hit out on somebody isn\’t exactly the same as the "crime of passion" we were led to believe it would be!! Boooo.-yaaawn- Ill stick to Hollyoaks and let my Mother and Nan stick with "coroooo"

  5. joe says:

    What puzzles me about Liams tragic death is nobody thought about poor Ryan. Liam had two tickets for the Newcastle game last night
    and it seems they were wasted. Nobody offered to take him, and they missed a cracking game plus a good night out at the Bigg Market or the Gate. Whar a waste

  6. Unknown says:

    ah i love coronation street so sad liams gone outa it hes gorgeous..
    carla is a tramp i hate de bitch, maria is who i feel so sorry for.
    she has already lost liams baby now they were suppose to make a new start with
    this new baby

  7. Unknown says:


  8. SHARON says:

    Its a shame that liam is leaving the street i think he is a great actor im a big soap fan never miss a episode of any of them he is going to be missed i always liked liam since he joined corrie and i was glad when he got with maria they make a good pair but poor maria never got to tell liam about the baby and it made me cry when she went to tell him last week and she found him lieing there in the road that was heart breaking to watch as far as carlas concerned how could she do that to maria they started to get on with each other and now this i really feel for maria and to rob james collier you will surely be missed and i hope you enjoy what ever you decide to do next and i hope to see you on the tv screen soon good luck with what ever you decide to do

  9. Cassie says:

    omg i carnt belive liam ded he was best i feel sorry 4 maria but hmm i herd gossip mayb carla is pregnant wiv liams baby omg i carnt belve she is goin 2 cancel the wedding i think tony will kill her nxt!

  10. ann says:

    Carla is a tramp. Lets hope its her next

  11. becky says:

    i don`t like Karla . She needs to get a grip and stop making it harder for liams family and maria…

  12. anna says:

    I completley agree with Noreena.Liam and Carla were brill 2gether and Carla aint a tramp or a bitch. She is dead pretty and think about it.. paul died, tony is now dead, she loved liam and he is also dead! 😦 she had a mum that sold drugs, sister did a runner, didn\’t know her dad and brother is in prison and now she aint got no buisness left… all she has got is trevor! 😦

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