Corrie’s Countdown To Liam’s Murder

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. It’s time to find out what the writers have in store for us this week….

Coronation Street w/e October 17

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street heralds the start of ‘murder week’ and by Friday, Liam Connor (Rob James-Collier) will be dead. Unusually for Corrie, every episode this week will be focusing on the events of just one day – revolving around Tony’s (Gray O’Brien) stag do.

Here we go….Tony and his mates gather ready for the stag do. Liam can’t stay away from Carla – he tries to persuade her to call off the wedding. Elsewhere, Sophie isn’t happy that Rosie is still getting all the attention. Tina is delighted when Rita offers her a job at the Kabin while Norris recovers from his accident. The hens meanwhile arrive at the restaurant for their more low key celebrations and Carla makes a shocking admission. Maria’s not drinking and Michelle guesses the reason why.

The dramatic events of the week draw to a close and the shockwaves of Liam’s death reverberate around the street. Maria is devastated. Carla is also grief stricken but knows she has to hide the depths of her feelings from Tony. Will the police pin the death on Tony or has he committed the perfect murder? You’ve got to feel sorry for the Connors haven’t you? In her relatively short time on’t cobbles, Michelle’s lost both her brothers and discovered that her real son was swapped at birth. I can’t think of an unluckier family in Weatherfield. At least the Duckworths had some good times. Well, that’s it. Goodbye to actor Rob James-Collier. The Street hunk has left the building…will the grass be greener outside Corrie? Or should we expect to see him in Dancing On Ice soon?  

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Amber is looking forward to her night of romance with Darryl
Fiz and John continue to get closer
Steve is rattled when DC Hooch arrives on the street

Emmerdale w/e October 17

Don’t be surprised if you spot a tumbleweed or two tumbling through the old rural soap in a month or two. Dozens of extras have been given the sack. The show will cut 31 regulars from their staff, claiming it will give the soap a "more realistic feel". Some have appeared since 1972, back in the days when it was called Emmerdale Farm. The credit crunch is biting – even in our favourite soaps. What next though? Will Emmerdale’s farm animals be replaced by cardboard cut-outs? Lily worries the other factory workers when she goes AWOL. Pearl suspects the truth about the ticket but will Lily come clean? Jake and Shane come to blows and Jasmine is shocked to be accused of cheating.

A concerned Brenda heads over to the B&B and tells Jamie and Louise of Bob’s plans to break into the prison. At the Woolpack, Victoria overhears Diane telling Val that Andy was going to kill himself. Victoria is annoyed that Daz is going to Portugal and leaving her in the lurch. The Bishop tells Ashley the Emmerdale Church is likely to close and offers him a post in Leeds. Will Laurel and Ashley leave the village behind? Diane asks Jo whether she plans to stay on at the farm, and Jo confirms she’s staying. Brenda tells Gennie that she can’t lead Doug on as she doesn’t feel anything for him.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
People are talking about Andy and Jo and Victoria is shocked
The atmosphere is still tense between Jake and Jasmine
Andy hits rock bottom

EastEnders w/e October 17

I know I’m in the minority, but I’m still not warming to the Mitchell/Mitchell-Slater sisters. I just can’t see the point of them and they don’t compare one iota to the infamous Mitchell bruvvers. I honestly can’t tell you what they bring to EastEnders. Oh well. Anyway, Jack and Tanya return from France. Lauren is excited about running for class president but Jack, thinking of the impending move, tries to put her off the idea. Ronnie turns up at Joel’s door and is stunned when a little girl opens it…Christian tells Jane that he’s going away for a few days and urges her to tell Ian the truth about what she’s doing. Archie continues to taunt Ronnie about Joel. Jack and Tanya are disgusted by the state of Max who turns up drunk at the house. Jay’s happy about his move into The Vic, but is upset when he sees Dawn. Zainab’s worried that Tamwar’s looking at porn and Jay realises that Billy has arranged a meeting for him and Dawn to iron out their differences.

Bradley comes to blows with a drunken Max. It’s not a surprise really, is it? Tanya’s furious with Jack and, later on, he and Ronnie share a tender kiss…Ian’s becoming more and more suspicious about Jane’s ‘gym’ sessions. Danielle’s stressed after her police caution for handling stolen goods and Mo goes on the warpath. Ian knows the truth and Jane insists that Mrs Beale is a character she plays. She offers to do anything to prove her love for him, but Ian says that the one way she can prove that she loves him is by giving up comedy (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence – what planet are the Enders writers on?). Archie tries to rattle Sean about parenthood; Ronnie tells Roxy that she’s told Jack about having to give up baby Amy. She also admits that she still loves Jack…and I’m really trying to care.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Billy makes a huge effort with the social worker
Roxy worries that she’ll never get her figure back
Zainab is concerned about Tamwar and turns to Dot for advice

Hollyoaks w/e October 17

We’ve got Devastation Street in Coronation Street and Holy carnage in Hollyoaks after mad Niall blows up a church in which he is holding Tina, Michaela, Jacqui and Mercedes hostage. The explosion comes after Myra visits the church where she abandoned Niall as a baby and finds her daughters tied up inside. Ooooh! It all starts with Jacqui’s birthday – she’s very excited and when she gets various messages from her sisters telling her they can’t make it to her party, she thinks everyone’s winding her up; she’s completely unaware that it’s Niall sending all the texts. Jacqui takes the rare opportunity to look after Max, forcing Tony to look after Tan n Tumble while she’s away. The Osbornes get ready for a new life in Spain. Jack and Darren say an emotional goodbye as Newt sneaks out to say bye to Lauren. Niall continues with his plan to abduct the McQueen children. Myra’s worried that something serious has happened to her children when they disappear. Newt witnesses Jacqui being forced into a van by Niall. Myra rushes out to the church, unaware of the horror that’s about to unfold…

The Osbornes are nervous as they prepare to leave for Spain, but with Newt missing, no-one’s going anywhere. Niall heads into the flat and discovers that Jack is alive. Niall tells Myra and the girls that the whole church is rigged with explosives and he’s going to destroy them; the church explodes, taking everyone down with it.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Darren’s delighted that The Dog is finally his
Cindy’s in a state of shock after seeing Jack
Frankie tells Cindy everything

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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9 Responses to Corrie’s Countdown To Liam’s Murder

  1. Unknown says:

    I really don\’t know why Liam is the street "hunk" I must be missing something, I personally don\’t think he can even act and all these "smoldering looks" with Carla are just embarrassing.  I\’ve never particularly liked him but when he complained about getting the sexiest male award instead of best actor at the soap awards I\’m afraid he sealed his fate. Good Riddance I say!!! 
    I think putting Tina and Norris together in the Kabin is inspired and will be a proper laugh, a bit like Roy and Becky. 

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Good points Patricia. Thanks!

  3. Dot says:

    Due to the current economic crisis (ime permanantly skint) can\’t go out, ive got into the Soaps recently.
    Ok, Corrie, what does Carla see in Liam or Tony? She needs to expand her social circle. Makes for good viewing so far this week though… I like Blanch why cant she have a torrid affair with Norris?   Eastenders – Roxys great very normal her sisters plain weird, dont like Jack, unreal storyline with Tania. Seans gorgeous. Wheres Bradleys ex wifes fella gone is their relationship over already?  Jays brilliant. Why would anyone ask Dot for advice on internet porn sites? Emmerdale – wife beating, very depressing. Hollyoaks – alot happens in a small place hey? Is nobody ugly there? Is Jack really dead? What the hell does  Darren see in the brunette witch? And that poor young lad Newt, he\’l be mentally scarred for life, so much for foster parents,  bet kids in care are terrified now that theyl get chosen for adoption!

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    Great comments wickedsoul. I\’m laughing my head off at the thought of Norris and Blanche having a torrid affair!

  5. Olwen says:

    This was not the Coronation Street story line I would expect, for a start there was too much of the Hen and Stag parties, which took up a lot of viewing so it became boring.  Instead of the impact it should have given, I found it very mediocre with no real punch and certainly not enough to bring tears at the loss of a favourite soap star.  One comment I must make is that \’Maria\’ played her part with conviction. The Acting of other characters could have been more convincing – I am afraid it was a let down for me after all the build up that was given to it.  From a real Fan of Coronation Street.

  6. Noreena says:

    Omg cant belive Liam (Corrie) is dead !
    Soo sad nearly startin cryin !Him and Carla were meant to be together ! Soo sad Carla shudve run away wit him then this wudnt ov happened !
    Carla was devasted ! Bastard Tony planned all this good she aint marying him andd stopped the wedding !
    Luv you Connors !

  7. Soap Blogger says:

    Olwen, my thoughts exactly.

  8. joe says:

    What I can,t understand about Liams death is What happened to the 2 tickets for the Man City v The Toon on monday night that Liam had and was going taking Ryan to. I,m sure Steve or Lloyd could of taken him,they missed a cracking game and could of had a good night out after it at the Bigg Market or in the Gate. See What that Scotch git made poor Ryan  miss

  9. kim says:

    I Think Corrie is pretty good at the moment, shame about Liam I liked him apart from that pathetic salford accent, Tony is great too, one of the few on there that can act.
    I just hope stape murders Rosie Webster in next episode, she is soooooo horrid, kill her John! 

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