Jennifer ‘Too Busy To Eat’

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Heard the latest about Hollyoaks babe Jennifer Metcalfe aka Mercedes McQueen? Apparently she’s hit back at rumours about her drastic loss of weight in  recent months. Ms Metcalfe claims her character’s gripping storyline has left her too busy too eat, dismissing rumours that she has an eating disorder.

Jennifer told Closer magazine: "I’ve got a big storyline at the moment, so for the last couple of months I’ve been manic, filming in the evenings and at weekends. I’ve also been having work done on my house, so it’s been chaos. I didn’t have time to eat and whenever I did, I burnt it off straightaway."

The soap star – who split from footballer Jermaine Pennant in July – insisted, "I haven’t been on a heartbreak diet", but she admitted that even she was shocked by recent pictures published of herself looking thin on holiday in Spain. She said: "I knew I’d lost weight, and when I weighed myself I’d gone from my usual 8 1/2 stone to about 8 stone. Yes, I was looking a bit skinny, but I certainly didn’t have an eating disorder. "In fact, I’m very secure about my body."

Well, let’s just hope that Jennifer Metcalfe’s drastic weight loss is down to a hectic work schedule and not an eating disorder, cos I’m fed up of seeing pictures of matchstick-thin celebrities; it sends out such a negative message to young and impressionable viewers. Further more, can you imagine what would happen if the likes of Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole got wind of the new Jennifer Metcalfe ‘Hollywoodoaks’ Diet? They’d all be fighting to get a part on Hollyoaks, and we can’t have that, can we? Remember what happened when Mrs Beckham attempted a solo singing career? Can you imagine what would happen if she decided to have a go at acting? And how about the ever-shrinking Cheryl Cole? I can just about deal with watching her once a week on the X Factor, but five evenings a week on Hollyoaks? I don’t think so. Jennifer Metcalfe if you’re out there, please, please, please for the sake of your fans and lovers of good entertainment everywhere, we beg you, no more weight loss. 

That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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3 Responses to Jennifer ‘Too Busy To Eat’

  1. Cameron says:

    Coming from a  guy who is  battling and has battled anorexia and bulimia since I was 14, “Im too busy to eat” sounds like a typical eating disorder (ED) excuse.  Then again it might be true but come on.  She is not exactly going to say “Yes I have an ED.”  
    Generally people with any type of Ed hide it, are very protective of their disorder.  It comes with a lot of same and in denial: like any addiction.  I use the word “generally” because eating disorders are very unique diseases to each sufferer.  Yes there may be very similar symptoms but the causes are very distinctive.  That is one reason why they are hard to treat.
    "Well, let\’s just hope that Jennifer Metcalfe\’s drastic weight loss is down to a hectic work schedule and not an eating disorder, cos I\’m fed up of seeing pictures of match- stick- thin celebrities, it sends out such a negative message to the young impressionable viewers."

    Well to put a point across, if you are sick if mags that put pictures of very skinny women then why do you read them?  It creates a demand for such stories.
    Yes it does send a message out.  It says “if you get this thin you can get your pics in to the mags you love and read.”
    Thin is the new fat.  The situation is getting worse for people with anorexia.  Its harder to “come out,” (in my view) because of the hostile attitudes to the whole size zero issue that people feel very vocal about sharing.  Its also to do with the fact that the media cant distinguish the difference between ED and disordered eating.
     EDs are symptoms of much deeper problems.  They are illnesses. Disordered eating is just not eating correctly. It can mirror eating disordered behaviour but doesn’t come attached with all the mental crap that comes with an ED.

    "And how about the ever-shrinking Cheryl Cole. I can just about deal with watching her once a week on the X Factor, but five evenings a week on Hollyoaks…I don\’t think so"
    To back up my point, there was a big ginger haired lass on Hollyoaks years ago.  Now imagine if I said “I hope she doesn’t get any fatter, I can’t stand to watch her body 5 nights a week.  Look at her sending such a negative message to kids.”
    Creating revulsion about a body type is only going to make the sufferers feel worse. The tone in your article backs that up completely. From my own experience there was nothing that shredded my already fragile self esteem than bitchy remarks like “you look so sick and disgusting,” “wow an escapee from Auschwitz” or “I’m so sick of seeing how thin you are.”
    Comments that attack size zeroed people reflect back on to those who are truly suffering making life harder for them.  It ignores that those who are “scary skinny” are only doing so because they are under pressure to maintain such weights,  Its hard coping with being hungry all the time.  At least Demi Moore is honest about what its like (such as crying to sleep because you are that hungry). 
    If we are to create a more healthy culture we have to get to the roots of problems in society.  Bullying people with callous remarks, in to a health weight is not the way to go.  Positive reinforcement gets more results than punishment.

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello no name, thank you for telling us your story. Apologies if my comments seemed too harsh to you but I am seriously disturbed by the celebration of matchstick-thin celebrities in every celebrity magazine. Every feature seems to centre around weight and diet – who\’s got cellulite, who\’s lost two dress sizes, who\’s put on weight etc – little wonder women (and some men) have such a distorted image of their body and what it should be. And I don\’t have to buy them to see that – they advertise their content on the TV. I wish anyone battling an eating disorder the very best recovery…. 

  3. Acai says:

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