Wendy Richard Battles Cancer

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EastEnders w/e October 10

We start with the very sad news that Wendy Richard, best known for playing Pauline Fowler, has revealed that she is dying of cancer. She has had a long fight with the disease and, unless she makes a miraculous recovery, it looks like it will get the better of her. Our very best wishes to Wendy as she continues her fight against cancer. Moving on to another EastEnders legend now and I still can’t get over the fact that Nasty Nick Cotton will be back on Albert Square soon (Christmas to be exact). All we need now is for Ross Kemp to stop chasing after all those deadly gangsters so that Grant Mitchell can be back where he belongs: sorting out proper villains with his bruvver Phil. But back to this week’s action…Bianca’s desperately worried about Whitney so she asks Dr Merritt for help. Pat unveils a plaque that she’s had dedicated to Frank. Bradley’s spending the money he won on the horses on Dot.

Christian and Lee are becoming closer.  It’s the day of Jase’s funeral: Dawn and Billy struggle with their consciences. Garry tries to persuade Dawn to stay in Albert Square a little longer…but will she? Peggy asks Pat to help her find out what Archie’s up to. Bianca discovers that Tony didn’t take Whitney to the psychiatrist. Minty warns Garry not to get his hopes up about Dawn. Bianca comes up with a solution to help reach Whitney. Christian invites Lee to meet his ‘two best friends’ Jane and Roxy. Will the get together go well? Bianca and Whitney prepare to go on holiday and Tony manipulates the youngster, making her promise not to tell Bianca the truth. Jay turns up at The Vic with his bag, will Billy let him stay? Garry asks Dawn to come and live with him…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Billy offers a lifeline to Jay
Archie’s flirting with Suzy and manipulating Peggy
Danielle witnesses something she wishes she hadn’t

Emmerdale w/e October 10 

I think congratulations are in order for Emmerdale’s Chris Chittell who plays Eric Pollard. He picked up the Outstanding Achievement gong at the Inside Soap Awards last week (or as I’m calling it, the ‘Inside The Albert Square Soap Awards’ as Enders walked away with the night). Although it was Emmerdale’s only award, it was still nice that his work has been recognised. However, roll on Christmas I say. I can’t wait to see Hollywood come to Emmerdale via new signings Amanda Donohoe and Maxwell Caulfield. Back to this week’s drama…Jo apologises to Victoria for involving her in her troubles with Andy. Tim tells Katie and Matthew that he wants to expand his stud into Home Farm. Jasmine tells Shane she’s after some information on drug crime. Andy questions whether Jo’s really pregnant. Jo tells Debbie about her future plans concerning Sarah. Later, Andy’s life is hanging in the balance. Will he survive?

Brenda agrees to go for a meal with Doug. Elsewhere, Anna’s furious that Matthew’s chosen Carl over her. Can Anna wrestle back control from the Kings? Back from holiday, Bob’s intent on getting back to normal. Jamie and Louise are frustrated that Nicola’s gone on holiday leaving their wedding plans unmade. Elsewhere, Lily thinks her prayers have been answered when the factory raffle syndicate comes up trumps. Later, she gives Peter the winning raffle ticket; how will she cope with betraying her closest friends? Hang on a minute, are the writers of Corrie and Emmerdale talking to each other on fag breaks or something? This all sounds very much like what’s going on with Coronation Street’s Janice and Leanne Battersby. Wearing a borrowed postman uniform, Bob accompanies a nervous Jamie to the prison. Will Bob get to see his beloved wife?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Jake’s not amused that Jasmine’s cancelled their date
Matthew kisses Anna
Jo is urged to leave the village by Debbie

Coronation Street w/e October 10 

I really thought Liam Connor was a goner this week (hey, that rhymes!). Talk about staring death in the face. When Rob James-Collier finally leaves Coronation Street he should definitely have a word with Jack Osbourne. I hear he’s always on the look out for celebrities that like a bit of an adrenaline rush. So, everyone knows by now that Liam Connor will die? The question is…how? Pushing his fiancée’s bit of fluff off the top of a cliff obviously wasn’t good enough for evil Tony ‘JR’ Gordon, so it looks like another dastardly way will be employed instead. Liam, Tony, Carla and Maria are back from their weekend. Liam still can’t figure out why Tony asked him to be best man. And he’s not the only one; Carla’s also worried about Tony’s motives. John has an accident in his cab. Elsewhere, Sally tells the factory girls that the police think Rosie’s run off with the lottery money; Janice can hardly contain her guilt and Leanne is worried. Boring bookie Dan encourages Steve to go out on the town with him. Liam tells Carla the flirting has to stop. Roger wants Janice to splash some of her cash on a luxury weekend away. Becky goes on the rampage as Jason returns from Milan with his tail between his legs. The police turn up to arrest Becky and  the policeman heading the case is one of her old adversaries: DC Hooch (who on earth named him that??!?). Meanwhile over at the Websters’ house Sally and Kevin are stunned when a postcard from Rosie arrives. Nina’s annoyed when she finds Dev entertaining Tara at the flat. Liam and Carla are unable to fight their feelings for each other. Is the game up for the star-crossed lovers? Elsewhere, Steve’s stunned as Becky blackmails him. Dan puts two and two together after Janice’s arrest…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Jason tries to rekindle an old flame
Becky’s devastated by Jason’s betrayal
Tina’s had enough of Teresa and walks out of her job

Hollyoaks w/e October 10 

Did you hear the news soap fans? There’s a new serial in development thanks to the powers that be at BBC Three. They’re working on something, provisionally entitled Mirror, Mirror, and it’s rumoured that it will be aimed squarely at fans of Hollyoaks. This soap will be set in Manchester in a hair and beauty academy, and it’s being written by writers led by EastEnders and Casualty’s Daisy Coulam. Interesting times ahead…another soap to keep us all occupied. Frankie and Darren discover that Newt’s gone missing. Niall shows up at the flat unannounced and Tom’s pleased to see him. Steph finds Niall and Tom having a great time together; is Tom forgetting about Max too easily and replacing his big brother with the man who killed him? Surely not? Oh well, let’s wait and see. Michaela uses the fact that Amy needs help with her art project to get closer to Mike. Mandy and Louise put on an open day at The Loft to promote their new business, but when Louise turns up drunk, Mandy’s left holding the fort.

Michaela’s off to HCC to enrol on a journalism course. Niall’s desperately trying to get in contact with Steph. Amy inadvertently advises Michaela to take the plunge with her mystery man, not realising that it’s Mike. Gilly urgently needs help on a job decorating the new burger bar. Calvin’s worried that the police are going to find out about Nige. For the sake of Max, Russ and Tina are desperately trying to get on. Louise is delighted that she and Warren have everything back on track; she enlists Mandy to help her get the wedding plans underway. Myra encourages Mercedes not to dwell on Malachy or her HIV results. Warren’s secretly jealous as Louise suggests there’s chemistry between Dom and Mandy. 

Also on Hollyoaks:
Gilly and Zak toast their success with the ladies
Nancy comes to Russ’ rescue
Niall resolves to turn over a new leaf

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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5 Responses to Wendy Richard Battles Cancer

  1. Suzie Rhiannon says:

    This makes me really sad, I think Wendy Richards is a true star and I really hope that she can recover.  The acting world will be a sadder place without her.

  2. Jen says:

    So sorry to hear about Wendy Richards. She\’s been a part of the programme since its inception. She played Pauline in the days when I watched, if I remember correctly. Wish I could remember the bloke who played her husband. I enjoyed Eastenders in those days.

  3. thomas says:

    such sad news about wendy, i was brought up with her on tv, from the early 70s , hope she recovers and has the will to survive just like her character, the tv world and fans will miss her

  4. JOHN says:

    It is so sad to hear that Wendy Richards has cancer.  I remember her in Are You Being Served as the lovely Miss Brahms and as Pauline in Eastenders. Her husband in that was arthur played by Bill Treacher. Let\’s hope that she gets better or at least has some remission from her illness.

  5. Joyce says:

    I am sorry to hear about Wendy Richards that she is dying with cancer. I remember her in are you being served and also in eastenders. she is sadly missed in eastenders as she was the one who could sort out ian beale
    I wish her and her husband all the best.

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