The Winners Of ‘The Albert Square Soap Awards’ Are……

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap.  Hey guys, it looks like the residents of Albert Square have gone and done it again. Not content with wiping the floor clean with Corrie at the TV Quick/TV Choice Awards, now they’ve gone and bagged nine gongs at the Inside Soap Awards…was there any point in the cast members of the other soaps turning up, I ask myself?

Anyway, Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey Branning, was named in three of EastEnders’ wins.  For the second year running, she won Best Actress and Best Couple alongside Charlie Clements, who plays her on-screen husband Bradley Branning. EastEnders also beat Coronation Street in the Best Storyline Award for Max and Stacey’s affair, while Rob Kazinsky aka Sean ‘Shout’ Slater came away with two awards; Sexiest Male and Best Actor…Best actor? All he does is shout!!! My poor eardrums. At least they’ll get some relief when he leaves Albert Square.

Corrie’s Alison King walked away with a gong for Best Bitch beating off competition from Hollyoaks/’Enders actress Gemma Bissex. EastEnders actress Rita Simons won the Best Newcomer and Corrie’s Kym Marsh took the gong for Best Dressed Soap Star (well, I suppose ‘Enders had to leave at least one award for our friends on’t Cobbles).

Hollyoaks actor Ellis Hollins came away with the award for Best Young Actor….well done kid. Anyone but annoying Ben Mitchell and I’m ‘appy. Although, I’d love to have seen EastEnders’ Jamie Borthwick, who plays Jay Brown, get the award cos he’s a great little actor. I reckon he’ll get the award next year for his brilliant acting surrounding the death of his on-screen Dad, Jase Dyer. I still haven’t got over that…it was sooooooooo sad.

So, the Inside Soap Awards definitely belonged to EastEnders….nine out of fifteen gongs!!! If they carry on like this, they’ll have to rename the awards ceremony ‘The Albert Square Soap Awards’. Anyway, one thing’s for sure, the producers of Coronation Street have really got their work cut for them if they’re gonna restore some pride back on the Cobbles of Weatherfield. But for now, it’s a huge pat on the back for EastEnders and commiserations to Coronation Street. Let’s just hope that 2009 will be a better year for them.  

Inside Soap Awards 2008

Best Soap – EastEnders Best Actress
Lacey Turner (EastEnders’ Stacey Branning)
Best Actor – Robert Kazinsky (EastEnders’ Sean Slater)
Sexiest Male – Robert Kazinsky (EastEnders’ Sean Slater)
Best Bad Boy – Jack P Shepherd (Coronation Street’s David Platt)
Best Bitch – Alison King (Coronation Street’s Carla Connor)
Best-dressed Soap Star – Kym Marsh (Coronation Street’s Michelle Connor)
Best Storyline – EastEnders’ Max and Stacey’s affair
Best Couple – EastEnders’ Bradley and Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner and Charlie Clements)
Best Newcomer – Rita Simons (EastEnders’ Roxy Slater)
Best Young Actor – Ellis Hollins (Hollyoaks’ Tom Cunningham)
Outstanding Achievement Award – Chris Chittell (Emmerdale’s Eric Pollard)  
Funniest Performance – Cheryl Fergison (EastEnders’ Heather Trott
Sexiest Female – Kara Tointon (EastEnders’ Dawn Swawnn)
Best Serial Drama – The Bill

That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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7 Responses to The Winners Of ‘The Albert Square Soap Awards’ Are……

  1. Emma says:

    I think it\’s Gemma Bissex 

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Ems, thanks! I read over these things and still manage to miss one.

  3. Sam says:

    Although the title of this topic made me laugh, i think bias works both ways. The fan\’s seem bias towards Eastenders but lets not forget how coronation street always seems to receive awards by these so-called professional critics at other awards shows, regardless of their lack of quality and usually far superior storylines done by other soaps. Maybe its because Coronation streets is 7495873490857 years old and the likes of Hollyoaks who have been  outstanding the last couple of years are fairly newt! Thats not fair either.

  4. Sam says:

    lol…newt, Freudian slip…that is an example of their brilliant story lines out at the moment and it is plural..theyve got so many issues going on..its must see tv :DWhere\’s Hollyoaks awards? lol If there\’s any justice they should be considered as being part of the big three, ousting Emmerdale least.

  5. Soap Blogger says:

    As usual Sam – great comments. Loved your Freudian slip!

  6. Janice says:

    Am I the onlyperson really disappointed with the results.  Come on Best Soap – Eastenders, you\’re havin a laugh, which is more than can be said about the programme.  It is sooooo depressing. Any Eastender I\’ve ever met is cheery, cheeky and happy. Market traders are full of the gift of the gab and really make your day with their saucy comments and jokes.  Eastenders cast are ALWAYS moaning, even Dot who used to inject some humour into theshow is always complaining.  There\’s never a wedding that goes off without a hitch, normally somebody dies or calls it off because they\’ve been cheating.  There\’s never a marriage that lasts.  Good grief, It\’s not exactly a great advert for marriage.  Even the kids all have serious problems.  Where else would you find kids who have been involved with guns, murderers and criminals.  Must be a requisite for any family on the show.  When Max & Co joined, I thought we\’d at last found a NORMAL family, boy was I wrong.  In today\’s climat of recession, credit crunch etc, couldn\’t the scriptwriters please give us a bit of light relief.  Show the East End of London how it really is.  Coronation Street at least has a happy medium.  They have a mixture of happy storylines and issues that real people can relate to.

  7. Patricia says:

    What great storylines Hollyoaks and Eastenders have, too many people put their heads in the sand when child abuse and aids are put to the fore. These two soaps are excellent and when I am travelling on the bus I can usually hear people discussing the previous nights episodes. What a shame that so many people turn their backs on people in awful situations it is not just strangers but families too. Emmerdale is great for portraying poor Jo as the battered wife, having helped some \’battered wives\’ I can assure you that this is a mild form of abuse but well played all the same. Corrie on the other hand is so funny how can anyone take it seriously so many things happening in such a small street Salfords answer to Dallas?

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