Hollyoaks Actor Wants Corrie Role

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. After all the heaviness of EastEnders’ paedophile Tony King, time for lighter news.

Hollyoaks actor Gerard McCarthy has revealed that he’d would love a part in Coronation Street. The 27-year-old, who plays Kris Fisher, has expressed his wish to play an Irish relative of Corrie’s Connor family. Speaking to Inside Soap, he said: "I’d love to be part of the Connor family in Coronation Street – they are in desperate need of a real Irish member. And when I was growing up, I always wanted to play Jim McDonald’s long-lost son." Let’s see if Corrie take his ‘come and get me!’ call seriously. We’re definitely gonna need a few more additions to the Connor family because, as we all know by now, Liam Connor is due to be bumped off by evil businessman Tony ‘JR’ Gordon.

He’ll discover (with a little help from minx Rosie Webster, of course) that Liam’s been playing around with his fiancée Carla. As for the merry widow, there are rumours that the character could possibly be  exiting the soap next year too…I suppose that’s due to the fact that actress Alison King’s expecting. But hey, while we’re on the subject of Hollyoaks or ‘Hollywoodoaks’ as I like to call it, the Liverpool soap has become the first UK programme to launch its own selection of fragrances…unbelievable. The products, which have been in development for over a year, have had backing from the soap’s cast from the outset. According to reports, they’ve been involved in all aspects – from the packing and bottle design to the selection of the fragrances themselves.

Speaking of the venture, Lime Pictures managing director Sean Marley said: "Hollyoaks epitomises the aspirations and lifestyles of today’s young people." He added: "The fragrances will be an exciting and accessible extension of what is already one of the UK’s most successful youth brands." The female aroma is a ‘blend of sugared apple, white chocolate and sweet musk’, while the male scent provides ‘clean and spicy accords’.

I wonder if Emmerdale, Corrie and ‘Enders will be the next soaps to jump on the perfume bandwagon? Can you imagine some of the weird and wonderful aromas you’d get from fragrances that represent some of our favourite soaps? EastEnders’ would have to be a blend of pie, eel, fag ends, mash, liquor (alcohol) and liquor (the one for pouring over mash)… I’m sure they’d sell extremely well. But it looks like we’ll have to settle for the Hollyoaks fragrances for now. If you’re interested, they’ll be on sale in The Perfume Shop from September 30.

Official Sites 
Coronation Street

That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for  a full preview of your favourite soaps. Got a comment on  this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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6 Responses to Hollyoaks Actor Wants Corrie Role

  1. poppy says:

    why did you call it a liverpool soap?

  2. sian says:

    because its set in chester just outside liverpool!!!

  3. Stephaniee says:

    Well chester is right by me and im no where near liverpool.

  4. Katie Welch says:

    OK..the studio is in Liverpool, this is where a most of hollyoaks is filmed from.  However the SOAP is set in Chester.  If any scenes are needed in the city centre of Chester then they film on location in Chester.

  5. Soap Blogger says:

    Hollyoaks is indeed based in Chester, but mostly filmed in Liverpool which is why so many members of the press just refer to it as a \’Liverpool soap\’. Technically, it\’s a Chester-based soap – it appears to have been hijacked by Liverpool…

  6. kerry says:

    hi, Am i right in thinking then that Holloaks is filmed around the same place as Brookside was???

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