Is It Curtains For Corrie’s Rosie Webster?

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. So, what’s going on in soapland this week? Well, let’s get to it…

Coronation Street w/e September 19

It looks like Weatherfield’s answer to Brad Pitt, aka John Stape, will finally be pushed to the limit this week by street vixen Rosie Webster. Y’see ‘Brad Pitt’ loses everything he cares about: his job, his girlfriend, his future…and who does he blame? Rosie Webster, of course. She’s the answer to all his ills – if we look hard enough, she may even be the reason for the collapse of Lehman Brothers or Andy Murray losing to Roger Federer. Never mind logic and reason, Stape locks a terrified Rosie in his car and drives like a man possessed through the streets of Weatherfield. He’s determined to teach her a lesson – what exactly does he have in mind? Is it the end of the road for Rosie? On with the show…Sinbad/Jerry is less than impressed that Teresa, the woman who makes Cilla Battersby-Brown look like a saint, has managed to wheedle her way back into the house through the kids. Fiz feels awkward about the fact that she’s back with John. And so she should. Fiz, when you next play hide-and-seek, don’t forget to look for your self-respect.

Becky is desperate for her and Jason to get a place of their own. Dev is worried when he gets a mysterious invitation to Prem’s house for dinner. Mel is dismayed when Sinbad/Jerry arrives at the police station and refuses to press charges. Harry pays Lloyd to spy on Clarissa, and she hires him to spy on Harry in return! Tom tells Liam that they’re launching their new range in New York…errrrrrr, surely that should be New Malden? Vernon’s delighted to get a call from a record producer. Janice is stunned to discover that the factory syndicate have won over £24,000 on the lottery. Will she keep news of the windfall to herself? Liam meets Carla at the factory…is he going to fall for her charms once more? Molly’s shocked when Tyrone returns from ‘visiting Jack’ full of spots. He tells her that he has a seafood allergy, but Aunty Pam’s not convinced….

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Harry is bored with Clarissa (we’re bored with him!)
Dev meets Nina
Liz decides to be nice to Vernon

Emmerdale w/e September 19

I’m still in shock about Emmerdale’s triumph at the TV Quick and TV Choice awards. Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel Thomas) was handed the Best Soap Actress trophy along with the Best Soap Storyline title for the cot death plot earlier this year. An actress from Emmerdale beating stars from Corrie and ‘Enders is big news as the TV Quick/TV Choice voters seem to be very pro-EastEnders…Let’s hope it’s enough to lift morale as there’s some more cast changes afoot down on the Dales if you believe reports. Actors Matthew Bose and Michael Jayston are reportedly set to leave. The pair, who play barman Paul Lambert and businessman Donald de Souza, have reportedly had enough. A show spokesperson confirmed the departures but dismissed speculation of low morale. Hmmmmm. Not sure I buy that. Anyway, back to this week’s drama: Marlon confides in Ashley about Donna’s anxiety and panic attacks. Andy fears his daughter sees him as a monster…How long before his darkest secret spreads further into the village? Nicola is excited about the book reading. Will Rodney pluck up the courage to confront his devious daughter?

Anna rings for an ambulance fearing that Donald’s had a heart attack. Donna covers her guilt when she announces to Marlon that she’s coming home. Can Donna continue to hide her true feelings for Ross? Andy’s stunned as Katie explains Debbie asked her whether he ever hit her when they were together. Anna warns a stunned Carl to keep away from her father. Donna warns Ross that there will be no repeat of their kiss. Eli can’t believe his luck when he finds a diamond ring in the back of the taxi and tells Marlon he’s planning to propose to Debbie. Jo feels guilty when Andy tells Sarah she’s going to have a baby brother or sister. Can Jo continue to mask her lies or will she be brought down to earth with a bump? Elsewhere, the whole village is turning against Nicola, can she weather the storm?

Also on Emmerdale:
Rodney is saddened at Nicola’s betrayal
Jo pretends to be pregnant
Carl rejoins King & Sons

EastEnders w/e September 19

So, Tony King has finally made his appearance on Albert Square and what a slimeball he’s already proving to be. I hope that ‘Biancaaaaaah’ finds out about him sooner rather than later, cos he’s already making my stomach churn. It’s not the first time the subject of familial child sex abuse and paedophilia has been explored on EastEnders. Fans will recall that Kat Slater’s uncle Harry had regularly molested and raped her, getting her pregnant at the age of thirteen with Zoe. This is a very serious subject and I hope EastEnders does it justice – most children are indeed abused by someone known to them rather than the ‘danger stranger’ scenario so raising awareness of this by any means is to be applauded.

Anyway, more about EastEnders’ action this week: Whitney tells Pat and Bianca that she doesn’t want to be in the school play. Tanya insists that Jack’s medal should be framed. Abi confides in Max that she’s being bullied by Bernadette and Mo gives Callum a stern warning about Danielle. Ronnie’s adamant that she’s not going to be in the family photo with Archie and so we just know there’s a story there…but what? Tanya’s furious when she learns that Abi’s been excluded from school until the end of the week. Charlie’s cat allergy is still causing him trouble. Peggy’s happy that it’s the day of her family portrait but all doesn’t quite go to plan. It was never going to – this is EastEnders after all. Bradley and Stacey get a taste of parenthood…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Whitney confronts Tony
Tanya tries to figure out what’s wrong with Abi
Peggy continues to arrange the family photo

Hollyoaks w/e  September 19

Users are a bit upset that Hollyoaks didn’t do as well as expected in this year’s TV Quick and TV Choice awards. As I’ve said before, these awards have an EastEnders bias…or at least, the readership is dominated by EastEnders fans. If Hollyoaks is going to get any recognition, fans of the soap need to vote en masse – it’s as simple as that. Max’s departure, for example, was extremely poignant and the soap is covering important issues, such as HIV. I’d like to see it recognised more. Will it happen? We’ll see. This week on the soap, Calvin wakes up on the morning of his wedding and realises he has to tell Carmel the truth about Nige. There’s chaos as the McQueens get ready for the wedding. John Paul’s angry when he finds out about Kieron’s funeral. Michaela comes up with the perfect solution to get her sister down the aisle…

Carmel’s devastated when she discovers her groom hasn’t shown up. Warren panics when the police do a drugs raid on The Loft. Meanwhile, Mandy’s shocked when she arrives at The Loft to find all the wedding reception preparations destroyed. War breaks out between the Valentines and the McQueens as Carmel waits at the altar. Warren and Mandy wake up early in the Loft together. The McQueen family erect a gazebo in the front garden in memory of Kieron. Craig makes his feelings towards John Paul clear. The murder of Kieron begins to plague Niall. John Paul’s beer gets laced with drugs. Amy’s heading to hospital for a pregnancy scan, but is fearful the secret of the true date of conception of her baby will come out. Darren talks to Newt about his bullying and the two share a rare moment on the patio.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Craig comforts John Paul
Cindy winds Louise up about Warren and Mandy
Louise questions Warren about Mandy

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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7 Responses to Is It Curtains For Corrie’s Rosie Webster?

  1. Malcolm says:

    Eastenders – It is high time the subject of child abuse was properly aired. If this storyline gives just one child the courage to do something to stop it – or if it helps adults recognise the signs that it is occurring in their family – then that will be a major step forward. It seems that each time we have a controversial storyline, certain people want to sweep it under the carpet – just like the real crime itself. I wonder if some of those protesting about the storyline are, themselves, involved in child abuse. In any case, for those who who not want to view such material, there is always the "off" button…..

  2. Nabila says:

    I would just like to say how shocked i was when i saw katy brands show last nite, some of the "jokes" she made refering to the muslim community was just unbelievable, i dont understand why people complain about things such as eastenders and yet no-one finds that offensive.

  3. aimy says:

    i agree with louises comment on katy barnds show…what makes her think she has the right to display outrageous behavior on national television??? the show should be toned down and ifnot then axed!!
    as for eastenders…i think its a wonderful thing theyre doing…people who are complaining will soon realsie its all been worth the while when child abuse minimises …

  4. Sam says:

    i agree with waterbaby 100%

  5. ellie says:

    agee with waterbaby 🙂 100% two…

  6. Donna says:

    The issues being raised are very true and very close to home, ppl dont realise just how often this takes place and how many children out there do suffer like this from very young into there late teens….the effect this can have on them for the rest of their lives is unexplainable. Eastenders is doing a great job and I hope this has the desired effect and make thouse young people out there who suffer like this on a daily basis stand up, speak out and lock the peodophiles up that are doing this.

  7. Kerry says:

    Louise – regarding the Katy Brand show a warning was given before it was aired also remote controls are there for a purpose!!! . It was not just Muslims she was mocking either…! Also over the years other religions have been mocked but warnings have never been given before those shows!!!
    It should be across the board.

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